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2024 ELECTION/COLORADO/MAINE: “Former President Donald Trump sued Maine’s secretary of state Tuesday for disqualifying him from the state’s [2024 election] primary ballot because of his role in the Jan. 6, 2021, attack on the U.S. Capitol, opening another legal front in the saga over whether voters in some states will be barred from selecting the […]

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CLASSIFIED DOCUMENTS/JOE BIDEN: “Biden Obstructed with thousands of boxes loaded up with Classified documents, many stored in Chinatown, and you hear NOTHING about it. Why?” -Donald Trump, Truth Social, April 13, 2023 […]

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2020 ELECTION/INVESTIGATIONS: “STATEMENT ON JAN 6 COMMITTEE REFERRAL These folks don’t get it that when they come after me, people who love freedom rally around me. It strengthens me. What doesn’t kill me makes me stronger. Americans know that I pushed for 20,000 troops to prevent violence on Jan 6, and that I went on […]

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DEMS/ECONOMY: “Inflation just hit ANOTHER 40-year high of 9.1%, which is terrible for our Country. Fuel prices up 60%, Airfare up 34%, Eggs up 33%—how can people survive this? How can businesses survive this? Our Country is so weak right now because the Radical Left Democrats have no clue what they are doing. All they […]

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INVESTIGATIONS: “…Cassidy Hutchinson also forgot to tell the Unselects that she was desperate to go to Florida with certain others of the Trump staff, long after January 6th had come and gone. If I was so evil, why did she fight so hard to stay a part of the MAGA TEAM? This is all documented […]

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TRUMP PEOPLE: “Former Trump economic adviser Peter Navarro said he has been subpoenaed to testify before a federal grand jury this week and turn over documents related to the Jan. 6 riot, including ‘any communications with formal President Trump and/or his counsel or representative.’ Navarro made the claim in a lawsuit he filed Tuesday against […]

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2020 ELECTION: “Former president Donald Trump voiced regret Wednesday [April 6, 2022] over not marching to the U.S. Capitol the day his supporters stormed the building, and he defended his long silence during the attack by claiming House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and others were responsible for ending the deadly violence… The 45th president has repeatedly […]

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TRUMP POST-PRESIDENCY: “THEY SPIED ON THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES!” -Donald Trump, “Statement by Donald J. Trump, 45th President of the United States of America,” February 13, 2022 […]

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2020 ELECTION/ARIZONA: “Watch Arizona, some very interesting things are happening in Arizona, and we just had a great ruling, or actually the Senate, the State Senate of Arizona. Let’s see what they find, I wouldn’t be surprised if they found thousands and thousands and thousands of votes. So we’re going to watch that very close […]

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2020 ELECTION: “Well Rush [Limbaugh] thought we won [the 2020 election], and so do I by the way, I think we won substantially, and Rush thought we won and he thought it was over at 10:00, 10:30, it was over. And a lot of other people feel that way too, but Rush felt that way […]

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AMY CONEY BARRETT/CHUCK SCHUMER/GOP/QUOTE/SUPREME COURT/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “Get smart Republicans. FIGHT! RT @willchamberlain Republicans confirmed Justice Barrett, which they had the clear, lawful right to do, and in response Chuck Schumer said ‘EVERYTHING IS ON THE TABLE NOW.’ If that’s the case, why shouldn’t Republican legislators go to the wall for the President?“ ––Donald Trump, […]

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2020 ELECTION/QUOTE/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT/VOTER FRAUD: “‘We’ve seen in the last few months, unprecedented amounts of Voter Fraud.’ @SenTedCruz  True!“ [Editor’s Note: Twitter included the following notification at the bottom of the tweet: “This claim about election fraud is disputed.”] ––Donald Trump, Twitter.com, January 4, 2021 4:13 am […]

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2020 ELECTION/GEORGIA/MEDIA/QUOTE/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “‘Georgia election data, just revealed, shows that over 17,000 votes illegally flipped from Trump to Biden.’ @OANN This alone (there are many other irregularities) is enough to easily ‘swing Georgia to Trump’. #StopTheSteal @HawleyMO @SenTedCruz @Jim_Jordan“ [Editor’s Note: Twitter included the following notification at the bottom of the tweet: “This claim […]

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CDC/CHINA/CORONAVIRUS/COVID-19/FAKE NEWS/QUOTE: “The number of cases and deaths of the China Virus is far exaggerated in the United States because of @CDCgov’s ridiculous method of determination compared to other countries, many of whom report, purposely, very inaccurately and low. ‘When in doubt, call it Covid.’ Fake News!“ ––Donald Trump, Twitter.com, January 3, 2021 2:14 am […]

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2020 ELECTION/GOP/JOE BIDEN/QUOTE/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “…And after they see the facts, plenty more to come…Our Country will love them for it! #StopTheSteal RT @burgessev [Senator Ted] Cruz [R-TX] leads senators in joint statement: ‘we intend to vote on January 6 to reject the electors from disputed states as not ‘regularly given’ and ‘lawfully certified’ (the […]

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2020 ELECTION/JOE BIDEN/MEDIA/OBAMA/QUOTE/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT/VOTER FRAUD: “‘Barack Obama was toppled from the top spot and President Trump claimed the title of the year’s Most Admired Man. Trump number one, Obama number two, and Joe Biden a very distant number three. That’s also rather odd given the fact that on November 3rd, Biden allegedly racked up […]

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2020 ELECTION/DEMS/GOP/JOE BIDEN/MEDIA/PENNSYLVANIA/QUOTE/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT/VOTER FRAUD: “‘A group of Republican lawmakers in Pennsylvania say 200,000 more votes were counted in the 2020 Election than voters (100% went to Biden). State Representative Frank Ryan said they found troubling discrepancies after an analysis of Election Day data.’ @FoxNews This is far…. …more votes than is needed by […]

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2020 ELECTION/PENNSYLVANIA/QUOTE/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT/VOTER FRAUD: “‘Breaking News: In Pennsylvania there were 205,000 more votes than there were voters. This alone flips the state to President Trump.’“ [Editor’s Note: Twitter included the following notification at the bottom of the tweet: “Election officials have certified Joe Biden as the winner of the U.S. Presidential election.”] ––Donald Trump, […]

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2020 ELECTION/ARIZONA/QUOTE/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “Thank you Mark. Big numbers found in Arizona.We must win for our Country! RT @MarkFinchem Patriots, recharge. ‘Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the LORD your God will be with you wherever you go.’ Joshua 1:9 NIV” ––Donald Trump, […]

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CORONAVIRUS/COVID-19/MEDIA/QUOTE/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT/VACCINES: “‘The President was responsible for those direct payments to Americans in the Covid-19 Relief Bill.’ @kilmeade @foxandfriends And the Moderna vaccine has already started rolling out. Very smooth distribution!“ ––Donald Trump, Twitter.com, December 21, 2020 12:51 am […]

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CHINA/CORONAVIRUS/COVID-19/FAKE NEWS/HOLIDAY/MEDIA/QUOTE/TECHNOLOGY/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT/UK/VACCINES: “The entire WORLD is being badly hurt by the China Virus, but if you listen to the Fake News Lamestream Media, and Big Tech, you would think that we are the only one. No, but we are the Country that developed vaccines, and years ahead of schedule! RT @itvnews [Boris Johnson:] […]

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2020 ELECTION/MEDIA/QUOTE/RAND PAUL/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “TRUE! RT @SaraCarterDC .@RandPaul: ‘The fraud happened. The election in many ways was stolen’“ [Editor’s Note: Twitter included the following notification at the bottom of the tweet: “This claim about election fraud is disputed.”] ––Donald Trump, Twitter.com, December 16, 2020 8:10 am […]

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2020 ELECTION/LAWSUIT/MEDIA/QUOTE/SUPREME COURT/TEXAS/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “‘Justices [Samuel] Alito and [Clarence] Thomas say they would have allowed Texas to proceed with its election lawsuit.’ @seanhannity  This is a great and disgraceful miscarriage of justice. The people of the United States were cheated, and our Country disgraced. Never even given our day in Court!“ [Editor’s Note: Twitter […]

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2020 ELECTION/DEMS/MEDIA/QUOTE/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “‘Don’t the voters have to know what the Federal prosecutor’s know. The establishment failed us. The media, congressional leaders, the Democrat Party? No wonder 74 (a pres. record) million Americans voted for Donald Trump, & they still don’t believe the outcome of this election… ….The American people deserve answers, better late […]

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CORONAVIRUS/COVID-19/JOE BIDEN/OBAMA ADMIN/QUOTE/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT/VACCINES: “The Swine Flu (H1N1), and the attempt for a vaccine by the Obama Administration, with Joe Biden in charge, was a complete and total disaster. Now they want to come in and take over one of the ‘greatest and fastest medical miracles in modern day history.’ I don’t think so!“ […]

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2020 ELECTION/GEORGIA/JOE BIDEN/MEDIA/QUOTE/RALLY/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “‘People are upset, and they have a right to be. Georgia not only supported Trump in 2016, but now. This is the only State in the Deep South that went for Biden? Have they lost their minds? This is going to escalate dramatically. This is a very dangerous moment in […]

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2020 ELECTION/MEDIA/QUOTE/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “‘10% of voters would have changed their vote if they knew about Hunter Biden.’ Miranda Devine @nypost @TuckerCarlson But I won anyway!“ [Editor’s Note: Twitter included the following notification at the bottom of the tweet: “This claim about election fraud is disputed.”] ––Donald Trump, Twitter.com, December 9, 2020 2:37 pm […]

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2020 ELECTION/MEDIA/QUOTE/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “‘If you’re looking for Election Rigging, look no further. That’s what this is. They kept information from the public in order to influence the outcome of the Election. They RIGGED it.’ @TuckerCarlson“ [Editor’s Note: Twitter included the following notification at the bottom of the tweet: “This claim about election fraud is […]

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BIDEN PEOPLE/INVESTIGATIONS: “In a statement released by the Biden-Harris transition team, Hunter Biden, the president-elect’s son, said Wednesday [Dec. 9, 2020] he was recently informed he is under federal investigation over a tax matter… His announcement that his taxes are under investigation will likely further fuel Republican speculation of financial impropriety from Hunter Biden, which […]

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2020 ELECTION/DEMS/QUOTE/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “They got caught because we were leading by so much more than they ever thought possible. Late night ballot ‘dumps’ went crazy! RT @MajorPatriot The wheels are coming off. Trump’s inspired massive MAGA tsunami turnout forced them to cheat so big they lost their minds in a fraud frenzy. Their Unconstitutional […]

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2020 ELECTION/QUOTE/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “So much truth to this! RT @Rothbard1776 BREAKING: @SidneyPowell1 ‘I would warn any state right now that thinks they’re going to certify this election to re-think it VERY SERIOUSLY, because what they’re certifying is their own fraud, and their own complicity in fraud. I might even mount a class action suit […]

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GOVERNMENT/JOE BIDEN/QUOTE: “My dad used to say, ‘Joey, I don’t expect the government to solve my problems. But I expect it to understand my problems.’ Folks out there aren’t looking for a handout — they just need help. They’re in trouble through no fault of their own, and they need us to understand.“ ––Joe Biden, […]

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2020 ELECTION/DOJ/FAKE NEWS/MEDIA/QUOTE/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT/WILLIAM BARR: “The Fake News refuses to report this! RT @CBS_Herridge #Election2020results From a DOJ spokesperson: ‘Some media outlets have incorrectly reported that the Department has concluded its investigation of election fraud and announced an affirmative finding of no fraud in the election. That is not what the Associated Press reported […]

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2020 ELECTION/GEORGIA/MEDIA/QUOTE/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT/VOTER FRAUD: “Rigged Election. Show signatures and envelopes. Expose the massive voter fraud in Georgia. What is Secretary of State [Brad Raffensperger] and @BrianKempGA afraid of. They know what we’ll find!!! RT @BrendanKeefe ‘It. Has. All. Gone. Too. Far,’ says @GabrielSterling with Georgia Sec of State after a Dominion tech’s life was […]

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2020 ELECTION/MEDIA/QUOTE/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “Suppression Media! RT @JamesOKeefeIII BREAKING: Special Correspondent @JamieGangel Details How @CNN Should Cover Up Trump’s Contested Election Claims On 9am Call ‘News organizations have to be very careful & very responsible about not giving @realDonaldTrump too much of a platform on his not conceding…’ #CNNTapes“ ––Donald Trump, Twitter.com, December 1, 2020 […]

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ANTHONY FAUCI/CORONAVIRUS/COVID-19/EDUCATION/MEDIA/QUOTE/SHUTDOWN/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “‘The president was RIGHT when he said get the kids back in school—Now Dr. Fauci says, You know what, I’m looking at the data—the kids should be in school.‘@kilmeade https://twitter.com/i/status/1333777626222170113″ ––Donald Trump, Twitter.com, December 1, 2020 3:19 am […]

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2020 ELECTION/DEMS/MEDIA/QUOTE/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “‘Democrats suffered crushing down-ballot loss across America.’ @nytimes. This is true. All statehouses won, and in Washington we did great. So I led this great charge, and I’m the only one that lost? No, it doesn’t work that way. This was a massive fraud, a RIGGED ELECTION!“ [Editor’s Note: Twitter included […]

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2020 ELECTION/LAWSUIT/MEDIA/OBAMA/PENNSYLVANIA/QUOTE/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT/VOTER FRAUD: “Thanks [radio personality] Mark [Levin]. It’s all a continuation of the never ending Witch Hunt. Judge [Matthew] Brann, who would not even allow us to present our case or evidence, is a product of Senator Pat ‘No Tariffs’ Toomey of Pennsylvania, no friend of mine, & Obama – No wonder. […]

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2020 ELECTION/CORRUPTION/MILITARY/QUOTE/SPACE FORCE/TAXES/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT/VA/VOTER FRAUD/WALL: “‘President Trump has done many great things (biggest tax & regulation cuts in history, Space Force, rebuilding our military, fixing the V.A., the Wall), but perhaps the most important of all will be what he is doing now, exposing the massive corruption in our Electoral Process.’“ [Editor’s Note: Twitter […]

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2020 ELECTION/GOP/LAWSUIT/QUOTE/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT/VOTER FRAUD: “A Rigged Election! RT @GOP ‘We will not be intimidated…We are going to clean this mess up now. President Trump won by a landslide. We are going to prove it. And we are going to reclaim the United States of America for the people who vote for freedom.’—Sidney Powell“ [Editor’s […]

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2020 ELECTION/JOE BIDEN/MEDIA/PENNSYLVANIA/QUOTE/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT/VOTER FRAUD: “‘Evidence of voter fraud continues to grow, including 20,000 dead people on the Pennsylvania voters roll and many thousands all over the Country. Now, there has been an artificial number of votes in favor of Joe Biden.’ @OANN“ [Editor’s Note: Twitter included the following notification at the bottom of […]

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2020 ELECTION/MICHIGAN/QUOTE/VOTER FRAUD: “Well, it’s really quite simple. You just can’t have more votes than people! RT @joshdcaplan Michigan Republican Chair Laura Cox praises blocking of certifying Wayne County election results: ‘The people of Michigan deserve to know what happened in Wayne County… This action will allow more time for us to get to the […]

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2020 ELECTION/BIDEN TRANSITION/MIKE POMPEO/QUOTE/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “That’s why Mike was number one in his class at West Point! RT @nowthisnews Sec. of State Pompeo outright denies the election results: ‘There will be a smooth transition to a second Trump administration’ https://twitter.com/i/status/1326226501222719489″ ––Donald Trump, Twitter.com, November 10, 2020 2:59 pm […]

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2020 ELECTION/MEDIA/QUOTE/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “‘I don’t care what state you’re in, this computer voting system is wide open to fraud and intervention.’ @LouDobbs True, and wait until you see what’s coming!“ [Editor’s Note: Twitter included the following notification at the bottom of this tweet: “This claim about election fraud is disputed.”] ––Donald Trump, Twitter.com, November […]

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BIDEN TRANSITION/DEFENSE/TRUMP ADMIN: “Several loyalists to President Donald Trump were promoted to top roles in the Defense Department on Tuesday after officials resigned following the unceremonious ouster of Defense Secretary Mark Esper… Trump announced Monday that he had fired Esper as defense secretary and said Christopher Miller, who headed the counterterrorism center, would serve as […]

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CORONAVIRUS/COVID-19/FDA/MEDIA/PHARMA/QUOTE/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT/VACCINES: “‘President Trump told us for some time we would be getting a Vaccine by the end of the year and people laughed at him, and here we are with Pfizer getting FDA approval by the end of this month. He was right.’ @MariaBartiromo“ ––Donald Trump, Twitter.com, November 10, 2020 2:01 am […]

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2020 ELECTION/BRITAIN/CORRUPTION/JOE BIDEN/OBAMA/QUOTE/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT/VOTER FRAUD: “‘We believe these people are thieves. The big city machines are corrupt. This was a stolen election. Best pollster in Britain wrote this morning that this clearly was a stolen election, that it’s impossible to imagine that Biden outran Obama in some of these states. ….Where it mattered, they […]

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2020 ELECTION/MICHIGAN/PENNSYLVANIA/QUOTE/SUPREME COURT/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT/VOTER FRAUD/VOTING: “‘We should look at the votes. We’re just beginning the tabulation stage. We should look at these allegations. We’re seeing a number of affidavits that there has been voter fraud. We have a history in this country of election problems. In Pennsylvania you had an order by a… ….Supreme […]

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2020 ELECTION: “The simple fact is this election is far from over. Joe Biden has not been certified as the winner of any states, let alone any of the highly contested states headed for mandatory recounts, or states where our campaign has valid and legitimate legal challenges that could determine the ultimate victor.” -Trump Campaign, […]

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2020 ELECTION/PENNSYLVANIA/QUOTE/SUPREME COURT/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT/VOTING: “‘This is what we know. We have to go back to the state level and how this morass came to be in the first instance. The [Pennsylvania] Governor, [Tom] Wolf, and the State Supreme Court, flagrantly violated the Constitution of the U.S. The power to set these rules and regulations […]

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JOE BIDEN/TERRORISM: “After tonight’s horrific terrorist attack in Vienna, Austria, Jill and I are keeping the victims and their families in our prayers. We must all stand united against hate and violence.“ ––Joe Biden, Twitter.com, November 2, 2020 3:50 pm […]

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2020 ELECTION/ENERGY/FRACKING/JOBS/JOE BIDEN/OIL/PENNSYLVANIA/QUOTE/TEXAS: “‘A Biden win would mean the end of Fracking in Pennsylvania, Texas, and everywhere else. Millions of jobs would be lost, and Energy prices would soar.’ @OANN And we would no longer be Energy Independent!!!“ ––Donald Trump, Twitter.com, October 30, 2020 7:20 pm […]

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JOE BIDEN/PRE-EXISTING CONDITIONS/SOCIAL SECURITY: “We’re going to make sure you keep the protections for people with pre-existing conditions. We’re going to protect Social Security and Medicare, which they’ve been trying to cut for years. Meanwhile, the social security actuary, the guy who runs it, says the plan like Donald Trump says he wants to institute […]

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2020 ELECTION/MEDIA/QUOTE/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT/VOTING: “Thank you to Dave Rubin, author of ‘Don’t Burn This Book’, just announced on @foxandfriends that he is voting for your favorite President, me. ‘I think Donald Trump has done a lot of good. When I see an American flag, I see Trump support.’“ ––Donald Trump, Twitter.com, October 29, 2020 3:35 […]

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JOE BIDEN/QUOTE: “‘History says, don’t hope On this side of the grave. But then, once in a lifetime The longed-for tidal wave Of justice can rise up, And hope and history rhyme.’ – Seamus Heaney“ ––Joe Biden, Twitter.com, October 29, 2020 3:34 am […]

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2020 ELECTION/ENDORSEMENT/MEDIA/QUOTE/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “Thank you very much to the great @WashTimes for the wonderful Endorsement of the job I have done as President. ‘His record of achievement in his first term is unmatched by any president in modern times. A second term is likely to bring more successes and a stronger America.’“ ––Donald Trump, […]

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2020 ELECTION/CORONAVIRUS/COVID-19/JOE BIDEN/MIKE PENCE/QUOTE/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “President Trump and his administration may have quit on the American people — but I can promise you I never will. RT @kylegriffin1 [White House Chief of Staff] Mark Meadows admits: ‘We are not going to control the pandemic.’ Meadows refused to answer questions about why Pence continues to […]

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2020 ELECTION/FLORIDA/HOUSE OF REPS/QUOTE/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “So true! RT @RepMattGaetz ‘We have a warrior, and he’s a good guy, but he loves to fight, and he loves this state, and he loves fighting for Florida, and he loves fighting for our country. And his name is Representative Matt Gaetz.’ -President @realDonaldTrump“ ––Donald Trump, Twitter.com, October […]

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2020 ELECTION/JOE BIDEN/KAMALA HARRIS/MEDIA/MIKE PENCE/QUOTE/SUPREME COURT/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT/VOTING: “Pence: Voters Know Biden and Harris ‘Are Going to Pack the Court‘ https://breitbart.com/clips/2020/10/23/pence-voters-know-biden-and-harris-are-going-to-pack-the-court/ via @BreitbartNews. With the Radical Left. Can’t let this happen. VOTE!“ ––Donald Trump, Twitter.com, October 24, 2020 6:18 am […]

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2020 ELECTION/HEALTHCARE/JOE BIDEN/MEDIA/OBAMACARE(ACA)/QUOTE/SUPREME COURT/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT/VOTING: “Vote like your health care is on the ballot — because it is. http://iwillvote.com RT @sahilkapur Trump tells @60Minutes in footage he released that he wants to see the Supreme Court wipe out Obamacare. ‘I hope that they end it.’“ ––Joe Biden, Twitter.com, October 22, 2020 7:25 am […]

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2020 ELECTION/CORONAVIRUS/COVID-19/QUOTE/SPORTS/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT/VOTING: “The GREAT Bobby Bowden, one of the best coaches EVER in College Football, on his full recovery from Covid-19 ‘….America is the greatest country this side of heaven. I’ve had a chance to get a lot of wins in my life, but I really wanted to win this one because I […]

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2020 ELECTION/JOE BIDEN/KAMALA HARRIS/OBAMA/QUOTE/VOTING: “‘If we pour all our efforts into these 13 days, if we vote up and down the ticket like never before, then we will not only elect Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, we will also leave no doubt about what this country that we love stands for.’ — @BarackObama http://iwillvote.com“ ––Joe Biden, […]

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ANTHONY FAUCI/CORONAVIRUS/COVID-19/EDUCATION/JOE BIDEN/QUOTE/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “Yesterday, @realDonaldTrump decided to attack Dr. Fauci once again, calling him a ‘disaster’ and public health experts ‘idiots.’ Meanwhile, he still has no plan to beat this virus. Waving a white flag and saying, ‘it is what it is’ is unacceptable when thousands are dying each week, when businesses are […]

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2020 ELECTION/JOE BIDEN/MEDIA/QUOTE/TECHNOLOGY/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT/TWITTER: “Twitter Shuts Down Entire Network To Slow Spread Of Negative Biden News https://babylonbee.com/news/twitter-shuts-down-entire-network-to-slow-spread-of-negative-biden-news via @TheBabylonBee Wow, this has never been done in history. This includes his really bad interview last night. Why is Twitter doing this. Bringing more attention to Sleepy Joe & Big T“ ––Donald Trump, Twitter.com, October 16, […]

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TRUMP BUSINESS/TRUMP TAXES: Donald Trump: “And just so you understand, when you have a lot of real estate, I have real estate, you know a lot of it. Okay? Right down the road, Doral, big stuff, great stuff. When I decided to run, I’m very underlevered, fortunately, but I’m very underlevered. I have a very, […]

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DRUGS: “Let’s be clear about this. Donald Trump has tried for almost four years, he says he wants to lower the drug price. Okay? But he hadn’t done a single thing to do it. In fact, the House of Representatives passed a bill that Debbie supported that would bring down prescription drug costs across the […]

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MEDIA/QUOTE/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT/TWITTER: “Thank you, so nice! RT @KatiePavlich ‘I don’t care about the tone of his tweets nor if his opponents think he’s rude. I’ve seen that he is a patriot who genuinely loves the United States of America and its people.’” ––Donald Trump, Twitter.com, October 13, 2020 1:00 am […]

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CORONAVIRUS/COVID-19/MEDIA/NEW YORK/QUOTE: New York Governor Andrew “Cuomo Dodges on Whether Sending COVID Patients into Nursing Homes Was a Mistake https://breitbart.com/clips/2020/10/12/cuomo-dodges-on-whether-sending-covid-patients-into-nursing-homes-was-a-mistake/ via @BreitbartNews. He really blew it. Could have put people in Convention Center or Hospital Ship. Didn’t have a clue!!!“ ––Donald Trump, Twitter.com, October 12, 2020 10:24 am […]

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