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32,186. 1/22/2020

ECONOMY/JOBS/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “Making great progress in @Davos. Tremendous numbers of companies will be coming, or returning, to the USA. Hottest Economy! JOBS, JOBS, JOBS!”

Donald Trump,, January 22, 2020 1:48 am

32,159. 1/22/2020

ECONOMY/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “RT @MariaBartiromo: [email protected] No better place on Earth to invest than US @MorningsMaria @FoxBusiness”

Donald Trump,, January 22, 2020 12:24 am

32,157. 1/22/2020

ECONOMY/SWITZERLAND/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “RT @Scavino45: A great day for the United States of America at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland! ‘AMERICA is thriving. AMERI…”

-Donald Trump,, January 22, 2020 12:23 am

32,153. 1/22/2020

ECONOMY/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT/TRUMP PEOPLE: “RT @seanhannity: @realDonaldTrump ‘We Will Never Let Socialists Destroy Our Economy or Wreck Our Country’

Donald Trump,, January 22, 2020 12:13 am

32,144. 1/20/2020

ECONOMY/MEDIA/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “’It’s about the Economy, stupid’, except when it comes to Trump. The fact is, the Fake News Media hates talking about the Economy, and how incredible it is!”

Donald Trump,, January 20, 2020 8:45 pm

32,097. 1/18/2020

ECONOMY/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “RT @realDonaldTrump: ‘Trade Deals Drive Stocks To Record Highs.’ @FoxNews”

Donald Trump,, January 18, 2020 9:57 am

32,093. 1/18/2020

ECONOMY/TRADE DEALS/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “’Trade Deals Drive Stocks To Record Highs.’ @FoxNews”

Donald Trump,, January 18, 2020 8:35 am

32,092. 1/18/2020

ECONOMY/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “’Day after day, really good news on the economy. By the way, this didn’t just happen by accident, it’s the result of a lot of the policies that Donald Trump has put into place. Obviously, the Tax Cut, and now we have these two BIG trade deals.’ @StephenMoore Great future growth!”

Donald Trump,, January 18, 2020 8:33 am

31,983. 1/1/2020

ECONOMY/OBAMA/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “RT @GOPChairwoman: ‘Wages are advancing at about a 3.7 percent annual pace after falling to 2.5 percent during the final years of the Obama…”

Donald Trump,, January 1, 2020 9:48 pm

31,937. 12/31/2019

ECONOMY/NAFTA/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT/USMCA: “RT @TeamTrump: [email protected] is strengthening our trade deals: ✅Replaced outdated NAFTA ✅USMCA will add $68B to U.S. economy & create…”

Donald Trump,, December 31, 2019 5:27 pm

31,773. 12/13/2019

ECONOMY/JOBS/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “Record Stock Market & Jobs!”

Donald Trump,, December 13, 2019 8:53 am

31,692. 12/12/2019

ECONOMY/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “RT @WhiteHouse: 🚨 The blue-collar, middle-class Trump Boom demolished ‘expert’ predictions… AGAIN!…”

Donald Trump,, December 12, 2019 8:50 am

31,523. 12/10/2019

ECONOMY/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT/USMCA: “RT @MikeKellyPA: Promises made, promises kept! USMCA is a big win & will further boost America’s economy. Thank you to @POTUS @realDonaldT…”

Donald Trump,, December 10, 2019 6:24 pm

31,489. 12/10/2019

ECONOMY/IMPEACHMENT/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “To Impeach a President who has proven through results, including producing perhaps the strongest economy in our country’s history, to have one of the most successful presidencies ever, and most importantly, who has done NOTHING wrong, is sheer Political Madness! #2020Election”

Donald Trump,, December 10, 2019 7:37 am

31,463. 12/9/2019

ECONOMY/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “The best Economy ever!

Donald Trump,, December 9, 2019 10:15 am

31,415. 12/8/2019

ECONOMY/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “RT @RepMarkGreen: [email protected] is delivering huge wins for our economy. ✅ Jobs growing an average of 205,000/month ✅ Unemployment at…”

Donald Trump,, December 8, 2019 6:09 pm

31,389. 12/8/2019

ECONOMY/IMPEACHMENT/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “RT @WarRoom2020: OH MY JOBS! – U.S. Economy Adds 266,000 Jobs in November #WarRoomImpeachment

Donald Trump,, December 8, 2019 4:17 pm

31,388. 12/8/2019

ECONOMY/IMPEACHMENT/JOBS/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “RT @WarRoom2020: Canada Just Lost the Equivalent of 650,000 Jobs as Trump’s Economy Roars #WarRoomImpeachment

Donald Trump,, December 8, 2019 4:17 pm

31,360. 12/8/2019

DEMS/ECONOMY/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “RT @TVNewsHQ: Watch Fox’s @JesseBWatters: ‘The Dems are losing it.. Trump’s driving the left crazy! The economy is posting blowout numbers,…”

Donald Trump,, December 8, 2019 2:44 pm

31,332. 12/7/2019

ECONOMY/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “Our Economy is the envy of the World!”

Donald Trump,, December 7, 2019 1:55 pm

31,316. 12/6/2019

ECONOMY/IMPEACHMENT/JOBS/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “RT @newsmax: Trump economist Steve Moore tells Newsmax TV: Strong jobs data undercuts any impeachment argument http…”

Donald Trump,, December 6, 2019 10:18 pm

31,309. 12/6/2019

ECONOMY/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “RT @RepMarkMeadows: Wow. Non-stop impeachment barrage. And America’s economy and @realDonaldTrump keep delivering big time wins anyway. htt…”

Donald Trump,, December 6, 2019 10:03 pm

31,285. 12/6/2019

DEMS/ECONOMY/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “Without the horror show that is the Radical Left, Do Nothing Democrats, the Stock Markets and Economy would be even better, if that is possible, and the Border would be closed to the evil of Drugs, Gangs and all other problems! #2020”

Donald Trump,, December 6, 2019 11:00 am

31,283. 12/6/2019

ECONOMY/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “’This is a blowout. Look at these manufacturing numbers, a blowout.’ @MariaBartiromo” 

Donald Trump,, December 6, 2019 10:05 am

31,279. 12/6/2019

ECONOMY/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “Stock Markets Up Record Numbers. For this year alone, Dow up 18.65%, S&P up 24.36%, Nasdaq Composite up 29.17%. ‘It’s the economy, stupid.’”

Donald Trump,, December 6, 2019 8:16 am