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31,193. 12/4/2019

DEMS/RUSSIA/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “RT @CongressmanHice: [email protected] have thrown every accusation at @POTUS @realdonaldtrump they can conjure: — Russian collusion — Obs…”

Donald Trump,, December 4, 2019 7:01 pm

31,159. 12/3/2019

DEMS/RUSSIA/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT/UKRAINE: “RT @Jim_Jordan: ‘Jordan: Democrats didn’t admit they were wrong about Russia, just moved on to Ukraine’ @TuckerCarlson…”

Donald Trump,, December 3, 2019 6:58 pm

30,994. 11/24/2019

DEMS/IMPEACHMENT/RUSSIA/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “‘The whole Russia thing was a Hoax, and the Ukraine thing is a Hoax, and the Democrats are a Joke. This is a disaster for them!’ @DevinNunes @FoxNews The Do Nothing Democrats are hurting our Country, and they don’t care!”

Donald Trump,, November 24, 2019 5:16 pm

30,932. 11/22/2019

DEMS/GOP/RUSSIA/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “RT @ByronYork: Schiff says when Republicans use phrase ‘Russia hoax,’ they are denying Russian interference. Untrue. Obvious fact: When Rep…”

Donald Trump,, November 22, 2019 8:26 pm

30,929. 11/22/2019

INVESTIGATIONS/RUSSIA/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “RT @RepMarkMeadows: Potentially huge. Stay tuned… ‘Horowitz reportedly finds evidence FBI lawyer falsified FISA doc’…” 

Donald Trump,, November 22, 2019 8:25 pm

30,906. 11/22/2019

2016 ELECTION/RUSSIA/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “RT @GeraldoRivera: Re #CollusionHoax it’s not @realDonaldTrump denying #Russia interfered w our 2016 election. It’s Democrats & house media…”

Donald Trump,, November 22, 2019 12:24 am

30,892. 11/21/2019

DEMS/ELECTION/RUSSIA/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “RT @GOPLeader: [email protected] just called out Democrats for their lies about Republican support in holding Russia accountable for election m…” 

Donald Trump,, November 21, 2019 3:51 pm

30,552. 11/13/2019

KURDS/RUSSIA/SYRIA/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT/TURKEY: “U.S. President Donald Trump on Wednesday [11-13-19] pushed Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan to walk away from the purchase of a Russian missile defense system, calling it a ‘very serious challenge’ to bilateral ties, even though he described a meeting between the two leaders as ‘wonderful.’ After the much anticipated meeting at the White House to address a crisis in relations, Trump said he was ‘a great fan’ of the Turkish leader and that they had a ‘productive’ encounter. But both leaders fell short of explaining in concrete terms how they would overcome the mounting differences they have on numerous issues, from Erdogan’s incursion in Syria against America’s Kurdish allies to Turkey’s purchase of the Russian S-400 missile defense system…Washington says Ankara’s purchase of the Russian system is not compatible with NATO defenses and also poses a threat to the F-35 ‘stealth’ fighter jet Lockheed Martin is developing.”

Humeyra Pamuk, Alexandra Alper, “Despite ‘wonderful’ meeting, Trump and Erdogan fail to resolve conflicts,” Reuters, November 13, 2019 9:58 am

30,336. 11/6/2019

2016 ELECTION/DEMS/E-MAILS/RUSSIA/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “President Trump was more personally involved in his campaign’s effort to obtain Democratic emails stolen by Russian operatives in 2016 than was previously known, phone records introduced in federal court on Wednesday [11-6-19] suggested. Federal prosecutors disclosed the calls at the start of the criminal trial of Roger J. Stone Jr., Mr. Trump’s longtime friend, who faces charges of lying to federal investigators about his efforts to contact WikiLeaks during the 2016 campaign. Russian intelligence officers had funneled tens of thousands of emails they stole from Democratic computers to WikiLeaks, which released them at critical points during the presidential race. The records suggest that Mr. Trump spoke to Mr. Stone repeatedly during the summer of 2016, at a time when Mr. Stone was aggressively seeking to obtain the stolen emails from Julian Assange, the founder of WikiLeaks.”

Sharon LaFraniere, “Stone Trial Links Trump More Closely to 2016 Effort to Obtain Stolen Emails,” The New York Times online, November 6, 2019

30,264. 11/4/2019

INVESTIGATIONS/MIKE POMPEO/RUSSIA/STATE/TRUMP PEOPLE/UKRAINE: “As President Trump’s first C.I.A. director, Mike Pompeo was briefed by agency officials on the extensive evidence — including American intercepts of conversations between participants — showing that Russian hackers working for the government of Vladimir V. Putin had interfered in the 2016 American presidential campaign. In May 2017, Mr. Pompeo testified in a Senate hearing that he stood by that conclusion. Two and a half years later, Mr. Pompeo seems to have changed his mind. As Mr. Trump’s second secretary of state, he now supports an investigation into a discredited, partisan theory that Ukraine, not Russia, attacked the Democratic National Committee, which Mr. Trump wants to use to make the case that he was elected without Moscow’s help…Mr. Pompeo’s spreading of a false narrative at the heart of the Ukraine scandal is the most striking example of how he has fallen off the tightrope he has traversed for the past 18 months: demonstrating loyalty to the president while insisting to others he was pursuing a traditional, conservative foreign policy.” 

Edward Wong and David E. Sanger, “Pompeo Faces Political Peril and Diplomats’ Revolt in Impeachment Inquiry,” The New York Times online, November 4, 2019

30,104. 10/31/2019

DEMS/RUSSIA/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “RT @RepMarkMeadows: Washington Democrats made every effort to take down this President with a fake Russian collusion scandal It failed Th…”

Donald Trump,, October 31, 2019 3:18 pm

29,846. 10/24/2019

MILITARY/RUSSIA/SYRIA/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT/TURKEY: “A ceasefire in northeast Syria seems to be holding ‘by and large’, as major powers gather in Geneva ahead of the first meeting of Syria’s Constitutional Committee next week, the U.N. Special Envoy told Reuters on Thursday [10-24-19]. Geir Pedersen said that envoys from 7 Arab and Western states backing the opposition, known as the ‘small group’, which includes the United States, are due to meet in the Swiss city on Friday [10-25-19]. Senior officials from the so-called Astana three – Russia, Iran and Turkey – were expected in coming days, but he awaited confirmation. The major powers would not participate directly in the ‘Syrian-owned, Syrian-led’ constitutional effort, or the opening public ceremony, but they supported the process, he said. Talks are on track despite Turkey’s cross-border offensive launched on Oct. 9 after President Donald Trump ordered U.S. forces out of northeast Syria.”

Stephanie Nebehay, “Syria ceasefire holding ahead of Constitutional Committee: U.N. envoy tells Reuters,” Reuters, October 24, 2019 9:55 am

29,799. 10/23/2019

JOE BIDEN/RUSSIA/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT/UKRAINE: “RT @MattWhitaker46: I still have a lot more questions about #HunterBiden and his dealings in #Ukraine and #Russia. My video on @FoxBusines…”

Donald Trump,, October 23, 2019 6:59 am

29,694. 10/19/2019

DEMS/HILLARY CLINTON/RUSSIA/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “So now Crooked Hillary is at it again! She is calling Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard ‘a Russian favorite,’ and Jill Stein ‘a Russian asset.’ As you may have heard, I was called a big Russia lover also (actually, I do like Russian people. I like all people!). Hillary’s gone Crazy!”

Donald Trump,, October 19, 2019 9:41 pm

29,681. 10/19/2019

DEMS/HILLARY CLINTON/RUSSIA/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “Crooked Hillary Clinton just called the respected environmentalist and Green Party candidate, Jill Stein, a ‘Russian Asset.’ They need a Green Party more than ever after looking at the Democrats disastrous environmental program!”

Donald Trump,, October 19, 2019 2:47 pm

29,462. 10/14/2019

IMPEACHMENT/RUDY GIULIANI/RUSSIA/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT/UKRAINE: “President Donald Trump’s former top Russia aide Fiona Hill told House impeachment investigators on Monday [10-14-19] that she had at least two meetings with a National Security Council lawyer about Rudy Giuliani’s efforts to convince Ukrainian officials to investigate the president’s political rivals, according to a person who was in the room for the testimony. Hill told lawmakers and aides that then-national security adviser John Bolton, after learning of Giuliani’s efforts, told her to speak with lawyer John Eisenberg, the person said. Hill testified that she met with Eisenberg briefly on July 10, the same day she attended a meeting with Ukrainian officials at the White House. Hill said she had a longer meeting with Eisenberg on July 11, the person added…The person, who was not authorized to speak publicly about Hill’s testimony, said Hill became passionate more than once about Russia’s interference in the 2016 election.”

Andrew Desiderio and Kyle Cheney, “Trump’s former Russia aide met with White House lawyer over Giuliani,” Politico, October 14, 2019 12:10 am

29,237. 10/8/2019

GOP/INVESTIGATIONS/RUSSIA/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT/UKRAINE: “To his allies, President Donald Trump never did anything to warrant the investigation into Russian collusion in the 2016 election. But this is not Russia. This time, some of those same allies say, Trump brought the Ukraine investigation on himself. One said it‘s ‘unseemly,’ while others called it a ‘naive’ and ‘stupid’ mistake, to ask a foreign leader for a political favor…High-level Trump supporters who have stood by the president for years are growing increasingly unsettled by his latest strategy of dismissing the latest fight as Russia 2.0. Half-a-dozen senior Republicans, including those who both talk directly to Trump and advise him on everything from campaign strategy to policy to communications to fundraising, said in interviews that they fear the president’s plan to tie Russia and Ukraine could be ineffective because it dismisses the seriousness of the allegations and the fact that he admitted his actions.”

Anita Kumar, “An avoidable, unforced error’: Trump’s Ukraine trap starts worrying allies,” Politico, October 8, 2019 5:00 am

29,193. 10/7/2019

CHINA/MILITARY/RUSSIA/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT/WAR: “I was elected on getting out of these ridiculous endless wars, where our great Military functions as a policing operation to the benefit of people who don’t even like the USA. The two most unhappy countries at this move are Russia & China, because they love seeing us bogged…..” 

Donald Trump,, October 7, 2019 10:20 am

29,109. 10/4/2019


Donald Trump,, October 4, 2019 11:11 pm

28,926. 9/30/2019

ELECTION/RUSSIA/SANCTIONS/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “The United States issued new economic sanctions on Monday [9-30-19] against seven Russians linked to an internet troll factory in what Secretary of State Mike Pompeo called a warning to foreigners who seek to interfere in American elections. The penalties were announced as Congress is investigating whether President Trump tried to enlist Ukraine’s leader in a political smear campaign against one of his top Democratic challengers in 2020, former Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr…The Treasury Department said the sanctions sought to punish attempts to influence the 2018 midterm elections, in which Democrats won control of the House. Early last year, the Justice Department indicted 13 Russians and companies linked to the Internet Research Agency on charges of meddling in the 2016 presidential election.”

Lara Jakes, “With Sanctions on Russians, U.S. Warns Against Foreign Election Meddling,” The New York Times online, September 30, 2019

28,268. 9/10/2019

DEMS/IRAN/NORTH KOREA/NUCLEAR/RUSSIA/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “Next week, Democrats in Congress will have a golden opportunity to take a strong and principled stand against President Trump’s dangerous moves to resurrect the nuclear arms race. So far, Trump has set a treacherous course for U.S. nuclear policy. He is tearing down arms control treaties that were carefully constructed over decades with bipartisan support. He is building new weapons at tremendous cost that will increase nuclear threats to the world. He has impulsively threatened nations (North Korea) with nuclear attack and has pushed others (Iran) to resume nuclear activities that they had ended. Trump has been in office for less than three years, and the world is already a more dangerous place. Far from earning our trust on nuclear policy, he has given us reason to be deeply concerned. Unfortunately, the executive branch has sweeping authority when it comes to nuclear weapons.”

William J. Perry and Tom Z. Collina, “How to Starve Trump’s Lust for Nukes,” Politico, September 10, 2019

28,194. 9/7/2019

RUSSIA/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “Russia and Ukraine just swapped large numbers of prisoners. Very good news, perhaps a first giant step to peace. Congratulations to both countries!”

Donald Trump,, September 7, 2019 8:48 am

28,030. 9/1/2019

RUSSIA/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “RT @realDonaldTrump: ….for the most ridiculous claim of all, that Russia, Russia, Russia, or Russian oligarchs, co-signed loan documents…” 

Donald Trump,, September 1, 2019 9:04 am

27,907. 8/29/2019

MEDIA/RUSSIA/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “….for the most ridiculous claim of all, that Russia, Russia, Russia, or Russian oligarchs, co-signed loan documents for me, a guarantee. Totally false, as is virtually everything else he, and much of the rest of the LameStream Media, has said about me for years. ALL APOLOGIZE!” 

Donald Trump,, August 29, 2019 6:31 am

27,580. 8/18/2019

INVESTIGATIONS/RUSSIA/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “RT @MariaBartiromo: Lindsey Graham on IG investigation into Russia probe: I want the American people to see what happened…”

Donald Trump,, August 18, 2019 1:24 pm