CLASSIFIED DOCUMENTS/JOE BIDEN/KARL ROVE: “Karl Rove was, as usual, wrong when he stated that then V.P. Biden’s HIGHLY CONFIDENTIAL papers, which were in his office for many years, were in any way similar to the Secret Service guarded, & otherwise very secure, Mar-a-Lago papers. Biden was not then President, had no power to declassify, & […]

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CLASSIFIED DOCUMENTS: “The National Archives put a trigger warning on the Constitution of the United States — did you know that — and the Bill of Rights, and other great documents that we have in our country, founding documents, considering them to be dangerous… They should give me immediately back everything that they’ve taken from […]

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CLASSIFIED DOCUMENTS/TRUMP ADMIN: “Donald Trump has identified yet another federal institution he wants to purge of qualified officials and stack with his lackeys: the National Archives. Since this summer, Trump has told close associates that he wants to gut the nonpartisan historical agency, which the former president believes is full of anti-MAGA subversives, two sources […]

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CLASSIFIED DOCUMENTS/FBI/TRUMP POST-PRESIDENCY: “A lawyer for Donald Trump refused to report to the National Archives that the former president had turned over all Oval Office documents as required out of concern that the claim was a lie. Earlier this year, Trump returned 15 boxes of federal government records from his Mar-a-Lago resort home to the […]

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CLASSIFIED DOCUMENTS/NORTH KOREA/OBAMA/TRUMP POST-PRESIDENCY: “The National Archives and Records Administration on Monday publicly released a small fraction of communications related to government documents removed by former President Donald Trump and his reported destruction of some White House records. The communications related to NARA’s efforts to recover those documents, which included letters to Trump from former […]

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TRUMP POST-PRESIDENCY: “The Radical Left controlled NARA (the National Archives and Records Administration), now becoming more famous than ever, placed a ‘Harmful Content Warning’ on The Constitution of the United States, labeling our Country’s governing document as ‘harmful,’ among other things. This Warning includes the Bill of Rights and the Declaration of Independence. Remember, this […]

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CLASSIFIED DOCUMENTS/DOJ/FBI: “A redacted version of the affidavit used to justify the August 8 search of Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago property was unsealed Friday [August 26, 2022]. The heavily blacked-out document nevertheless showed that, in the 15 boxes that Trump initially sent to the National Archives, 184 documents had classification markings, including 25 marked as top […]

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CLASSIFIED DOCUMENTS/DOJ/FBI/INTELLIGENCE: “President Donald J. Trump took more than 700 pages of classified documents, including some related to the nation’s most covert intelligence operations, to his private club and residence in Florida when he left the White House in January 2021, according to a letter that the National Archives sent to his lawyers this year. […]

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CLASSIFIED DOCUMENTS/OBAMA: “The National Archives and Records Administration issued a statement Friday in an attempt to counter misstatements about former president Barack Obama’s presidential records after several days of misinformation that had been spread by former president Donald Trump and conservative commentators… In its statement, NARA said that it obtained ‘exclusive legal and physical custody’ […]

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LAWSUIT/SUPREME COURT: “Now that the National Archives already released records to the House committee investigating the Jan. 6 attack, the Supreme Court of the United States unceremoniously jettisoned former President Donald Trump’s petition, which asked whether the committee’s records request ran afoul of the ‘Constitution or laws of the United States.’ […] In an order […]

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FAKE NEWS/HILLARY CLINTON/RUSSIA INVESTIGATION: “The National Archives did not ‘find’ anything, they were given, upon request, Presidential Records in an ordinary and routine process to ensure the preservation of my legacy and in accordance with the Presidential Records Act. If this was anyone but ‘Trump,’ there would be no story here. Instead, the Democrats are […]

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TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “Former President Donald Trump denied Thursday [February 10, 2022] that he had flushed documents down a toilet when he served in the White House… The detail, which comes from New York Times reporter Maggie Haberman’s forthcoming book, “Confidence Man,” was reported by Axios. Haberman tweeted, ‘Here’s some reporting from the book’s later […]

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TRUMP ADMIN: “Former President Donald Trump had to return 15 boxes of documents that were improperly taken from the White House, the National Archives said Monday [February 7, 2022]… [A]mong the items Trump had to return were correspondence with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un that Trump has described as ‘beautiful letters’ and a handwritten letter […]

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