1. Curated quotes:
The quotes on this site are curated, which means that the quotes are individually reviewed to ensure that they fit our posting criteria.

2. Posting criteria:
Quotes posted are intended to shed light on who Donald Trump, his family, friends and associates are, how they think and act, and the positions of social policy they have taken, inferred or may take in the future. We also post quotes from others who seem to support or contradict such quotes or positions.

3. Quotes not out of context:
Although some quotes will be small and taken from many words, the quote used should not be out of context.

4. Quote sources:
The sources of our quotes are usually from the general media, Tweets, written and published papers, different documents, newspaper articles and lawsuits. Some quotes are taken off web sites, but those instances are few given that the author or writer of such quotes can be difficult or impossible to ascertain. We usually don’t use Wiki quotes as it is difficult if not impossible to find the author of Wiki quotes.

5. Dates:
All quotes will show a day, month and year.

6. Dating quotes:
Quotes are dated, when they occurred. For example, when a main stream publication (for example the Wall Street Journal) mentioned on January 3, 2017, that Dr. Smith made a specific quote on Feb. 8, 2005, our attribution posted on that quote would be:

February 8, 2005 [when said at a press luncheon]. By Susie Jones, in her article,
– “Dr. Smith says it all”, Wall Street Journal, Jan 3, 2017.

7. Notes:
Any note added in addition to the quote will be in brackets, with the word “Note:” in bold red, and the explanation in black text, italicized.

8. Errors:
When we find errors in our postings, we will work to correct them within days of we being so notified.

9. Authenticity:
The only quotes posted are ones that we reasonably believe are accurately reproduced and authentic.

10. Our methodology is evolving:
This methodology will be further flushed out over the coming months, however additions to the methodology should little change the initial points above.