CLASSIFIED DOCUMENTS/JOE BIDEN/KARL ROVE: “Karl Rove was, as usual, wrong when he stated that then V.P. Biden’s HIGHLY CONFIDENTIAL papers, which were in his office for many years, were in any way similar to the Secret Service guarded, & otherwise very secure, Mar-a-Lago papers. Biden was not then President, had no power to declassify, & […]

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2020 ELECTION/KARL ROVE: “Everyone is so tired of watching Karl Rove on Fox News. He has played the game for decades, but all he and his buddies want to do is take your money and run. He’s totally ineffective and does not represent the MAGA Movement in any way, shape, or form. He called me […]

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KARL ROVE/TRUMP POST-PRESIDENCY: “Donald Trump issued a lengthy rant about veteran Republican Karl Rove after the strategist criticised him. Mr Rove wrote about the ‘muted enthusiasm’ for the ex-president in the Wall Street Journal after only 68 per cent of his supporters at CPAC said they wanted him to run again in 2024. Now Mr […]

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GOP/KARL ROVE/LIZ CHENEY: “If the Republican Party is going to be successful, they’re going to have to stop dealing with the likes of Karl Rove and just let him float away, or retire, like Liddle’ Bob Corker, Jeff ‘Flakey’ Flake, and others like Toomey of Pennsylvania, who will soon follow. Let’s see what happens to […]

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CELEBS/POLITICAL FIGURES: “… Rove’s ad campaign has made Ashley Judd a totally credible candidate. Be careful Mitch! [6:06:31 PM] If Mitch McConnell wants to win his election, he’d better get rid of jinxed Karl Rove and fast…[6:06:34 PM] Ashley Judd has just thanked Karl Rove for all the attention he has given her—unreal!—how stupid can […]

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CAMPAIGN/CELEBS/OBAMA/POLITICAL FIGURES: “Is @karlrove incompetent? 400 million dollars down the drain and not 1 victory! [9:00:23 AM] @karlrove Ashley Judd ad makes her and Obama look great…nobody wastes money like Karl Rove! [9:02:15 AM] See the Ashley Judd ad by @karlrove and you will definitely vote for her and love Obama. [9:03:51 AM] @karlrove is […]

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CAMPAIGN/POLITICAL FIGURES: “Why are people giving money to Karl Rove when he just wasted $400M without any victories? Use your head. [1:49:04 PM] Karl Rove is a total loser. Money given to him might as well be thrown down the drain. [1:49:30 PM] Karl Rove’s strategy and commercials were the worst I have ever seen […]

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GOP/KARL ROVE/TEA PARTY: “If Karl Rove & @GOP Establishment continue to attack the Tea Party, who delivered in 2010, then there will be a 3rd Party in 2016.” [03:31:15 PM]  – 2/4/2013, Donald Trump, Twitter.com, Trumptwitterarchive.com, 2/4/2013 […]

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