CLASSIFIED DOCUMENTS/FBI/TRUMP POST-PRESIDENCY: “A lawyer for Donald Trump refused to report to the National Archives that the former president had turned over all Oval Office documents as required out of concern that the claim was a lie.

Earlier this year, Trump returned 15 boxes of federal government records from his Mar-a-Lago resort home to the National Archives, and he directed one of his lawyers, Alex Cannon, to inform the agency that the boxes contained all the documents taken from his time in office…

Trump later directed a statement in February to aides saying that all his documents from his time in office had been returned to the National Archives and Records Administration. But federal agents later learned Trump still had government documents at Mar-a-Lago, including some records marked with the highest level of classification.”

-Coral Murphy Marcos, “Trump lawyer refused to report all Mar-a-Lago records had been turned in,” theguardian.com, October 4, 2022