BELARUS/JOE BIDEN: “Although President Trump refuses to speak out on their behalf, I continue to stand with the people of Belarus and support their democratic aspirations. I also condemn the appalling human rights abuses committed by the Lukashenka regime… As President, I will also work with our European partners and allies to lay out a […]

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BELARUS/JOE BIDEN: “For more than six weeks, the people of Belarus have courageously stood up to a dictator to demand their democratic rights and freedoms. Rather than accept their calls for new elections, Alexander Lukashenka has met these peaceful expressions of freedom with brutal violence — by unleashing his thugs to beat, detain, torture, rape, […]

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BELARUS/JOE BIDEN: “31 years after they joined hands to demand freedom from Soviet oppression, citizens of the Baltic states formed a human chain in solidarity with Belarusians fighting to throw off the chains of dictatorship. We stand with the people of Belarus as we stood with the Baltic nations.” -Joe Biden, Twitter.com, Aug. 23, 2020 […]

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BELARUS/ELECTION/JOE BIDEN/RUSSIA: “The brave citizens of Belarus are showing their voices will not be silenced by terror or torture. The U.S. should support Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya’s call for fair elections. Russia must be told not to interfere—this is not about geopolitics but the right to choose one’s leaders.” -Joe Biden, Twitter.com, Aug. 19, 2020 11:32 am […]

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BELARUS/PROTESTS: “You have to understand me: I like seeing democracy. Democracy is a very important word. It doesn’t seem like it’s too much democracy there, in Belarus. But we are speaking to lots of people. And we’ll be speaking, at the appropriate time, to Russia. And we’ll be speaking to other people that are involved. […]

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BELARUS/ELECTION/JOE BIDEN: “After suffering systematic repression for the past 26 years under the authoritarian regime of President Alexander Lukashenka, the people of Belarus are demanding their voices be heard… I stand with those who are calling for a transparent and accurate vote count and the release of all political prisoners… My administration will never shy […]

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