CORONAVIRUS/ECONOMY/JOE BIDEN: “And in terms of being able to open your restaurants, first of all, my deceased wife’s father was a restaurateur. After World War II he came home and became a very successful restaurateur. And I watched how hard he worked…

So we’ve got to provide for you the ability to open, and open safely, and there’s ways to do that, and it should not be a loan; it should be a guarantee. You should be in a position where you can have all that ventilation changed, all the dividers put up, all the social distancing that you need [for coronavirus], and make sure that your staff is safe as well, both indoors and out.

But it costs a lot of money to do that, and you should be able to get that money to be able to stay open, because it affects the ability of the economy to continue to grow. What people don’t realize is putting this money into the economy generates economic growth.”

-Joe Biden, “President-Elect Biden Hosts a Virtual Roundtable on the Impact of COVID-19,” YouTube.com, Dec. 2, 2020