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29,524. 10/15/2019

HISPANICS/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “RT @CortesSteve: As Hispanic Heritage Month wraps up, please see my interview with @LaraLeaTrump about the #TrumpBoom and the benefits fo…” 

Donald Trump,, October 15, 2019 10:08 pm

28,816. 9/28/2019

HISPANICS/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “RT @PressSec: Hispanic Americans enrich our culture and are true examples of the AMERICAN SPIRIT! #HispanicHeritageMonth…”

Donald Trump,, September 28, 2019 6:55 am

28,536. 9/18/2019

HISPANICS/RALLY/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT/TRUMP PEOPLE: “Some wore it proudly emblazoned across their chest: Latinos for Trump, though they would rarely use the ethnic term to describe themselves. A few forcefully emphasized that they were Hispanic, wielding it as if were a badge that proved they could not be racist, even as they said racism was a manufactured problem. For many, their identity was something of an afterthought. President Trump came to New Mexico Monday night for a rally aimed at demonstrating his support among Hispanic voters, and many did come to hear him — enthusiastically waiting for hours in the blazing sun. Some said they were political loners among friends and family who were ardent Democrats. Others came from a long line of Republican voters…In New Mexico, Hispanics make up 47 percent of the population — more than in any other state in the country. (In California, the figure is about 40 percent.) Mr. Trump is deeply unpopular with most Hispanics in New Mexico, and those who do support him are unlikely to have a decisive electoral effect there. But brown faces were not hard to find at this week’s rally, held in Rio Rancho, a suburb of Albuquerque.”

Jennifer Medina, “Most Latinos Don’t Back Trump. But Some Wear Their Support Proudly.,” The New York Times online, September 18, 2019

28,408. 9/14/2019

HISPANICS/TEXAS/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “RT @GOPChairwoman: Our data shows @realDonaldTrump’s approval among Hispanic Americans in Texas has increased by 20% since 2016. That mea…”

Donald Trump,, September 14, 2019 3:59 pm

27,314. 8/9/2019

DEMS/HISPANICS/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT/TRUMP PEOPLE: “Julián Castro on Friday [8-9-19] defended his brother’s tweeting out a list of constituents who have donated to President Donald Trump, lambasting local businesses that he said profit ‘off the backs of Hispanic customers’ while supporting a president who has vilified that same community…Castro’s remarks came amid controversy that erupted after Rep. Joaquin Castro (D-Texas) listed the names of more than 40 donors who gave maximum contributions to Trump’s campaign. Following the tweet, Trump called Joaquin Castro the ‘lesser brother of a failed presidential candidate (1%) who makes a fool of himself every time he opens his mouth.’ Julián Castro, the former Obama Cabinet secretary and former mayor of San Antonio, reiterated Friday that his brother published no personal information about the donors, which is publicly available.”

David Siders, “Julián Castro defends brother’s shaming of Trump donors,” Politico, August 9, 2019 11:46 am

26,029. 6/26/2019

HISPANICS/MIKE PENCE: “RT @mike_pence: Latino Americans know that it was freedom, not socialism, that gave us the most prosperous and powerful nation in the histo…” 

Donald Trump,, June 26, 2019 5:41 am

25,999. 6/25/2019

HISPANICS/MIKE PENCE/TRUMP PEOPLE: “RT @mike_pence: Looking forward to being in Miami today to kick off the @TeamTrump Latino Coalition! Under @realDonaldTrump more Hispanic A…”

Donald Trump,, June 25, 2019 6:59 am

25,966. 6/24/2019

CENTRAL AMERICA/ELECTION/FOREIGN POLICY/HISPANICS/IMMIGRATION/JOE BIDEN/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “Former Vice President Joe Biden criticized President Trump’s ‘racist invective’ and called for a pathway to citizenship for undocumented immigrants, and a new foreign policy direction in Latin America and the Caribbean as part of his presidential campaign’s first glimpse of his immigration policy. Biden’s announcement, which appeared Monday [6-24-19] in a Miami Herald op-ed, was as much a broad outline of his immigration and foreign policy ideas as it was a critique of Trump administration policies…The op-ed comes just days after Hispanic leaders and grassroots groups criticized Biden for skipping a National Association of Latino Elected Officials conference in Miami and for saying relatively little about issues of specific importance to Latino voters. The op-ed drops just two days before the Democratic presidential candidates square off in Miami for their first debate. In a nod to South Florida’s politically active Latin American and Caribbean communities, Biden also took Trump to task for ending Temporary Protective Status of immigrants, many of whom hail from Nicaragua, Haiti and El Salvador and who have large communities in Florida.”

Marc Caputo, “Biden blasts Trump’s ‘racist invective’ in immigration plan roll-out,” Politico, June 24, 2019 6:00 am

25,903. 6/20/2019

ELECTION/FLORIDA/HISPANICS/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “Donald Trump will make Miami the jumping off point for his 2020 outreach to Hispanic voters, a prized portion of the electorate in a prized state, Florida, which is key to his reelection effort. Vice President Mike Pence will roll out ‘Latinos for Trump’ in Miami on Tuesday, a day before Democrats land in the city for their first debates and a week after the president kicked off his 2020 reelection campaign in Orlando. The activity has underscored what’s already apparent: Florida and its 2.2 million Hispanics voters are key to Trump’s bid to remain in the White House. Trump’s first-term policies have drawn heavy backlash from Hispanic communities, but his campaign hopes a healthy economy and branding Democrats as socialists can move some of those critics into his column. For Trump, next week’s launch is less about winning Florida’s Hispanic-heavy communities, but making sure Democrats don’t run up the margins too much.”

Matt Dixon, “Trump, wooing Hispanic voters, starts in Miami,” Politico, June 20, 2019 5:17 pm

25,877. 6/19/2019

DEMS/ELECTION/HISPANICS/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “Donald Trump wants his Democratic competitors for the White House to introduce themselves to the American public next week on his terms. Ahead of the first two Democratic presidential primary debates next Wednesday [6-19-19] and Thursday [6-20-19], the president and his political team are angling to dominate the news cycle with carefully released tidbits meant to keep the public hooked on the machinations of the commander in chief. This will range from the president sitting down for an extended interview with an anchor from Noticias Telemundo, who is also a moderator of the Democratic debates, to an announcement by the vice president next Tuesday [6-25-19] in Miami — where the Democrats are holding their debates — that unveils a list of prominent Latino and Hispanic supporters. And on the night of the first debate, Trump himself might live-tweet the debates as he flies on Air Force One to Japan for the G-20.”

Nancy Cook, “Trump’s plan for the Dem debates: Make it about him,” Politico, June 19, 2019 6:59 pm

25,582. 6/10/2019

DEMS/ELECTION/HISPANICS/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “Democratic presidential candidates are squandering a critical early opportunity to mobilize Latino voters ahead of 2020, potentially easing Donald Trump’s path to reelection, according to leading Latino political operatives in battleground states. Interviews with more than a dozen strategists and organizers revealed rising alarm at the lack of attention being paid to Latinos in swing states where they could decide the outcome of the Democratic primary and the general election. Trump is counting on a slice of the Latino electorate to back him, announcing aggressive outreach plans to keep states like Florida in his column. But if Democrats fail to counter those efforts — by energizing younger Latinos and reaching members of the community who feel estranged by the president — those voters may simply sit out the election, the operatives told POLITICO. Nevada, for example, is wide open for the taking. But despite the state’s envied third spot on the Democratic primary calendar, operatives on the ground say White House hopefuls are all but ignoring the voting bloc that could put them over the top.”

-Laura Barron-Lopez, “Latino leaders sound alarms over Trump reelection in 2020,” Politico, June 10, 2019 9:13 am

24,748. 5/8/2019

DRUGS/HISPANICS/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “Big announcement today: Drug companies have to come clean about their prices in TV ads. Historic transparency for American patients is here. If drug companies are ashamed of those prices—lower them!”

Donald Trump,, May 8, 2019 4:01 pm

24,646. 5/5/2019

HISPANICS/JOBS/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “RT @ericbolling: Hispanic Unemployment hit a record low today! Here’s a clip of a big Special ‘AMericA’ airing today I chatted with a gro…”

Donald Trump,, May 5, 2019 9:48 am

24,297. 4/24/2019

ELECTION/FLORIDA/GOP/HISPANIC/IMMIGRATION/LEGISLATION/SANCTUARY CITIES/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “Florida Republicans once worried that hardline immigration policies would alienate Hispanic voters and cost the party the nation’s biggest swing state. Then came Donald Trump, who carried Florida in 2016. Two years later, Gov. Ron DeSantis won election running as a Trump clone. Now the GOP-led Legislature is heeding DeSantis’ call and is poised to pass legislation cracking down on so-called sanctuary cities. The bill would mark a triumph for a wing of the party that has pushed to call the bluff of moderates and Democrats who have long predicted that anti-immigration policies would mean electoral catastrophe for Republicans…Democrats and advocates for immigrants have sharply criticized the proposed legislation, which would ban ‘sanctuary’ or ‘safe’ cities, municipalities that limit cooperation with federal immigration officials. They’ve invoked the national controversy over immigration at the U.S.-Mexico border by labeling the measure a ‘family separation bill,’ a callous political ploy and ‘spiritual evil.’”

Gary Finest, “Florida GOP goes full Trump on immigration under DeSantis,” Politico, April 24, 2019 3:35 pm

21,623. 1/5/2019

HISPANICS/JOBS/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “’Jobs up big, plus 312,000. Record number working. Manufacturing best in 20 years (Previous administration said this could not happen). Hispanic unemployment lowest ever. Dow plus 747 (for day).’ @DRUDGE_REPORT”

-Donald Trump,, January 5, 2019 8:00 pm

18,027. 8/21/2018

HISPANICS/ICE/RACISM/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “It was supposed to be a White House salute to the heroism of immigration agents who put their lives on the line to protect Americans. But on Monday [8-20-18], President Trump appeared to have something else on his mind: the ethnicity of one of the men he was honoring. ‘Speaks perfect English,’ Mr. Trump blurted out as he encouraged Adrian Anzaldua, a Hispanic-American Border Patrol agent and dog handler from Texas, to join him onstage in the East Room. Mr. Anzaldua recently arrested a smuggler in Laredo who had tried to bring 78 people into the United States illegally inside a truck trailer…If Mr. Anzaldua was offended, he did not show it. He smiled and strode to the lectern, then offered a brief account of how he received an alert about the truck, ‘ran the dog’ to search it, then opened the latch to reveal “a lot of subjects.’ The episode was the latest example of the president making a racially tinged remark in public, this time during an event devised to spotlight his tough immigration agenda. It came only days after a former aide, Omarosa Manigault Newman, claimed in a tell-all book that Mr. Trump had been caught on tape using a racial slur to refer to African-Americans, a charge that he has denied but that his press secretary did not flatly rule out.”

Julie Hirschfeld Davis, “Trump Says Hispanic-American Border Patrol Agent ‘Speaks Perfect English’,” The New York Times online, August 21, 2018

16,826. 7/8/2018

HISPANICS/JOBS/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “RT @CortesSteve: Today’s report: Hispanic jobs hit another record, unemployment at an all-time low. Of 9 months in history under 5% jobless…”

-Donald Trump,, July 8, 2018 9:55 am

16,815. 7/7/2018

HISPANIC/JOBS/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “RT @Scavino45: “Hispanic-Latino Unemployment Rate Hits Lowest Level on Record in June”

-Donald Trump,, July 7, 2018 7:06 am

14,729. 4/16/2018

ECONOMY/HISPANICS/TAXES/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “President Donald Trump said Monday [4-16-18] the Republican tax law and his push to slash regulations are driving one of the ‘greatest booms’ to the U.S. economy and helping Hispanic workers. Trump praised the strength of the economy at a business round-table in a predominantly Latino Miami suburb, telling the audience the country is ‘starting to really rock’ with businesses coming back to the country and corporations facing fewer regulations. Trump was joined by local business owners in the Miami area and members of his Cabinet, underscoring the importance of the tax law and the business climate to Republicans’ midterm election hopes. Florida has long been one of the nation’s campaign battlegrounds and will be among several states contested by both parties in the fight to control Congress. The event included testimonials from Florida Sen. Marco Rubio, a one-time campaign rival who praised the administration’s handling of Cuba and Venezuela, and several Cuban business leaders. Trump did not publicly respond to the ABC News interview by former FBI Director James Comey, keeping focused instead on the economy.”

-Zeke Miller, “Trump says tax law, US economy helping Hispanics,” The Associated Press, April 16, 2018 11:45 pm

5,206. 11/5/2015

HISPANICS/POLITICAL FIGURES: “Rubio lied about my meeting w/ Hispanic activists. I didn’t change my opinion but treated them w/ respect. Shame!”

 – 11/5/2015, Donald Trump,, 11/5/2015

5,129. 8/11/2015

CAMPAIGN/DONALD ON DONALD/HISPANICS: “I’m [Donald Trump] leading in the Hispanic vote, and I’m going to win the Hispanic vote. I’m also leading in the regular vote.”

 – Birch Run, Michigan, Aug 11, 2015, Donald Trump, Transcript, 8/11/2015