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31,968. 12/31/2019

CENTRAL AMERICA/IMMIGRATION/TRUMP BUSINESS: “For years, the Trump Organization used undocumented workers to tend to its hotels, golf courses and other properties, even as Donald Trump railed against the threat of illegal immigration as both a candidate and president. This year, faced with a public reckoning after some of those workers came forward, the organization has been cracking down. Dozens have been fired. The company vowed to follow what was already a widespread industry practice of using E-Verify checks to confirm employment eligibility. Leaders issued messages to laborers that they would need to show proof that they could work. Immigrants from places like El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and Mexico have left their jobs. Then, on Monday, after harvests were complete at Trump Winery in Virginia, the organization fired several more.”

Mike Baker, “Firings at Trump Property Cap Year of Purging Undocumented Workers,” The New York Times online, December 31, 2019

31,600. 12/11/2019

ICE/IMMIGRATION/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “Arrests and deportations of undocumented immigrants inside the United States dropped in the past year, according to government data released on Wednesday [12-11-19], a sharp contrast to the ‘millions’ of deportations that President Trump promised this summer. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents arrested about 143,000 immigrants in the country’s interior from October 2018 to September 2019, 10 percent less than they did the previous fiscal year. That is the lowest level of arrests since Mr. Trump took office, ICE officials said Wednesday. Deportations from the interior also declined 10 percent, to 85,958 from 95,360. Matthew Albence, the acting director of ICE, attributed the declines in enforcement to the reallocation of resources to the border with Mexico, where a surge in asylum-seeking migrants has taxed federal resources.”

Zolan Kanno-Youngs, “Promises Aside, Deportations Under Trump Dropped in Last Year,” The New York Times online, December 11, 2019

31,056. 11/27/2019

DRUGS/FOREIGN POLICY/IMMIGRATION/MEXICO/TERRORISM/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “A border wall. Mass deportations. Punishing tariffs. A halt to foreign aid. An end to a decades-old trade deal. For years, President Trump has pressured or wielded threats against Mexico, hoping to force a policy change, excite his political base, or both. This week, he did it again, announcing that he planned to designate Mexican drug trafficking groups as terrorist organizations. Mr. Trump, who made the remarks in an interview with the former Fox News host Bill O’Reilly, didn’t specify which of the mosaic of criminal groups he intended to slap with the label. But the reaction in Mexico has been swift — and negative — as the nation considered the implications. Mexican officials have suggested that the terrorist designations could challenge their nation’s sovereignty, and the foreign minister, Marcelo Ebrard, is seeking high-level talks with Trump administration officials about the matter.”

Kirk Semple and Lara Jakes, “Mexican Leader Draws Line on Trump Terrorist Plan: ‘Interventionism: No’,” The New York Times online, November 27, 2019

30,055. 10/30/2019

IMMIGRATION/REFUGEES/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “On his first day in this small college town cradled between the Flathead and Lolo national forests, Funugo Nsanzinfura made sure to submit the paperwork necessary for his daughter, Faith, and her mother, Ayingeneye, to join him in the growing community of Congolese refugees here. Since that day in 2018, he has cooked for students, prepared livestock at a market and bathed the disabled residents of a group home, stashing away what he could to reunite his family in Missoula, 8,400 miles and worlds away from the Ugandan refugee camp where he grew up. But the Trump administration’s move to slash the number of refugees admitted into the United States in the next 11 months by nearly a half has already canceled several planned refugee flights — including three this week — stranding more than 400 people cleared for transport and leaving Mr. Nsanzinfura in despair.”

Zolan Kanno-Youngs, “These Refugees Escaped Congo, but Trump’s Policies May Strand Loved Ones,” The New York Times online, October 30, 2019

29,985. 10/29/2019

IMMIGRATION/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “RT @KerriKupecDOJ: [email protected]: ‘Nationwide injunctions undermine our entire immigration system. It is not job of judges to impose th…”

Donald Trump,, October 29, 2019 6:36 am

29,771. 10/22/2019

DHS/IMMIGRATION/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “RT @FrancoOrdonez: Immigration Hardliners Fight For Cuccinelli To Be Next DHS Secretary : NPR

Donald Trump,, October 22, 2019 9:02 am

29,544. 10/16/2019

CENTRAL AMERICA/IMMIGRATION/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “Guatemala, Honduras & El Salvador have all signed historic Asylum Cooperation Agreements and are working to end the scourge of human smuggling. To further accelerate this progress, the U.S. will shortly be approving targeted assistance in the areas of law enforcement & security.” 

Donald Trump,, October 16, 2019 1:44 pm

29,520. 10/15/2019

COURTS/ENTITLEMENTS/IMMIGRANTS/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “A federal judge in Chicago had joined three others nationwide in temporarily blocking President Donald Trump’s policy to deny green cards to many immigrants who use Medicaid, food stamps and other government benefits. Judge Gary Feinerman granted a temporary injunction Monday [10-14-19] night blocking the new rules hours before they would have taken effect. It followed rulings by federal judges Friday in California, New York and Washington. The Chicago Tribune reports that Cook County and the Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights sued to block the new rules, claiming the public benefits rule ‘would have imposed real and irreparable harm to Cook County and the people who call it home.’ Ken Cuccinelli, acting director of U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, has expressed confidence that the administration will eventually prevail.”

AP Staff, “Judge in Chicago Latest to Block Trump Green Cards Policy,” Associated Press, October 15, 2019

29,517. 10/15/2019

IMMIGRATION/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “At a suburban supermarket a few days ago, Warda Abdi, a Somali-American, was approached by a white woman she had never met, who said: ‘We love you guys. We want you to be here.’ A far different message was left on Friday on the voice mail of Mukhtar M. Ibrahim, a journalist in Minnesota who was born in Somalia: ‘Go back to where you came from,’ the caller said, ending the message with a racial slur. It has been nearly a week since President Trump visited Minneapolis for a campaign rally. There, the president boasted to thousands of cheering supporters about curbing the flow of refugees into the country, and labeled Representative Ilhan Omar, a Somali refugee, ‘a disgrace.’ When he described how Somalis had previously come to Minnesota in large numbers, some in the crowd booed. Protesters and supporters who traded angry taunts outside the rally have long since gone home, and the arena has gone back to hosting basketball. Still, the president’s rhetoric about this city’s large Somali-American population has lingered, bringing forth new displays of compassion but also of hostility.”

Mitch Smith and Christina Capecchi, “Trump Rally Turns Spotlight on Minnesota’s Somali Community,” The New York Times online, October 15, 2019

29,077. 10/4/2019

IMMIGRATION/POLAND/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “I have just officially nominated Poland for entry into the Visa Waiver Program. With this decades long-awaited announcement, we are in the final steps of the process which, when complete, would grant Polish nationals visa-free business and tourism travel to the U.S. & vice versa.” 

Donald Trump,, October 4, 2019 5:02 pm

28,403. 9/14/2019

IMMIGRATION/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “RT @realDonaldTrump: Great news about the work we are doing on illegal immigration!

Donald Trump,, September 14, 2019 2:15 pm

28,385. 9/13/2019

IMMIGRATION/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “Great news about the work we are doing on illegal immigration!

Donald Trump,, September 13, 2019 5:08 pm

28,381. 9/13/2019

DEMS/IMMIGRATION/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “Illegal Immigration costs the USA over 300 Billion Dollars a year. There is no reason for this, and things are being set in motion to have this number come WAY DOWN. Democrats could end Loopholes and it would be a whole lot easier, and faster. But it will all happen anyway!….” 

Donald Trump,, September 13, 2019 9:41 am

28,375. 9/13/2019

COURTS/IMMIGRATION/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “The nation’s immigration judges lost a key leader this week, the latest in a string of departures at the top of the system amid a backlog of cases and a migrant crisis at the southwestern border. The official, David Neal, said that he would retire from his position as head of the judges’ appeals board effective Saturday [9-14-19]. ‘With a heavy heart, I have decided to retire from government service,’ Mr. Neal wrote in a letter sent to the board Thursday [9-12-19] and obtained by The New York Times. He gave no reason for his abrupt departure and asked his colleagues to ‘keep true to your commitment to fairness and justice.’ No replacement has been announced, and a Justice Department spokesman declined to comment, citing a policy to not do so on personnel matters.”

Katie Benner, “Top Immigration Judge Departs Amid Broader Discontent Over Trump Policies,” The New York Times online, September 13, 2019

28,322. 9/11/2019

IMMIGRATION/REFUGEES/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “Chhaya Chhoum’s journey to the Bronx began in the forced labor camp where the Khmer Rouge, during its genocidal rule in 1970s Cambodia, had forced her parents to wed. Her mother, who was 18, fled with her family, carrying her infant through jungle trails to refugee camps in Thailand. But the camps offered neither safety nor a future. So the family began a second journey: applying for refugee resettlement in the United States. By the time they were brought to New York, Ms. Chhoum had spent almost seven years in the camps. The family thrived in the Bronx. Her mother became a mental health worker, a leader in the community. And as an adult, Ms. Chhoum founded an organization, Mekong NYC, that provides services for Southeast Asian refugees and their families…But stories like Ms. Chhoum’s may soon become far rarer. The White House is considering plans to slash refugee resettlement numbers to a fraction of historic levels or even to zero, all but ending the program.”

Amanda Taub and Max Fisher, “Trump’s Refugee Cuts Threaten Deep Consequences at Home and Abroad,” The New York Times online, September 11, 2019

28,242. 9/9/2019

BORDER/COURTS/IMMIGRATION/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “A federal judge on Monday [9-9-19] issued a nationwide order barring a Trump administration policy that denies asylum to migrants crossing the border unless they have already tried and failed to obtain asylum in another country along the way, a rule that effectively bans claims for most Central Americans fleeing persecution and poverty. Judge Jon S. Tigar of the United States District Court for the Northern District of California reinstated a nationwide injunction preventing implementation of the new asylum policy in response to a federal appeals court ruling that had limited his original ruling’s scope to border states in the West. Judge Tigar made findings, as outlined by the appellate judges, that applying the injunction across the country was necessary to maintain a ‘uniform immigration policy’ and prevent ‘uneven enforcement.’”

Sarah Mervosh, “Judge Reinstates Nationwide Injunction on Trump Asylum Rule,” The New York Times online, September 9, 2019

28,162. 9/6/2019

DREAMERS/IMMIGRATION/SUPREME COURT/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “The Immigration Law Institute’s Christopher Hajec says, ‘The Supreme Court has to look st whether DACA is lawful. What they are looking at now is whether Trump’s recision of DACA is lawful. Must consider lawfulness of DACA itself. Looks very odd that President Trump doesn’t…..” 

Donald Trump,, September 6, 2019 7:08 am

28,156. 9/5/2019

BORDER/IMMIGRATION/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT/WALL: “RT @DaveNYviii: President Trump Border Update 500 Miles of Wall Complete by Close of 2020 Irregular Migration Reduced by 50% #BuildTheWal…”

-Donald Trump,, September 5, 2019 7:06 am

28,140. 9/4/2019

DHS/HOUSE OF REPS/IMMIGRATION/INVESTIGATIONS/PARDONS/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “The House Judiciary Committee on Wednesday [9-4-19] subpoenaed the Department of Homeland Security for documents connected to President Donald Trump’s alleged offer to pardon officials who break the law while carrying out his immigration agenda. Trump has denied making such an offer, and his allies have reportedly claimed his closed-door comments — revealed in media reports — were jokes. But Democrats say they want to see the records from inside the department, particularly as the Judiciary Committee weighs the prospect of impeachment…Nadler said his panel will also hold hearings in the coming months related to the issue of pardons as it continues its sweeping investigation into possible obstruction of justice, corruption and abuses of power by the president. The New York Democrat added that the ‘troubling pattern of obstruction of justice would represent a continuation of the misconduct identified in the Mueller report.’”

Kyle Cheney, “Judiciary panel issues subpoena on Trump’s alleged offer to pardon DHS officials,” Politico, September 4, 2019 5:52 pm

28,139. 9/4/2019

FLORIDA/IMMIGRATION/NATURAL DISASTERS/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT/TRUMP PEOPLE: “Florida Sens. Marco Rubio and Rick Scott asked President Donald Trump on Wednesday [9-4-19] to waive some visa requirements for citizens of the Bahamas, which was devastated by Hurricane Dorian. In a letter to Trump, Rubio and Scott requested that the administration make it easier for citizens of the Bahamas to seek shelter with their families in the United States, in the aftermath of the Category 5 hurricane that left at least seven dead and devastated much of the island nation…Both senators also noted Florida’s strong ties to the Bahamas and said Floridians ‘are eager to help their family and friends in the Bahamas.’ About 20,000 Bahamians reportedly live in South Florida. Hubert Minnis, prime minister of the Bahamas, said Tuesday [9-3-19] that the country was ‘in the midst of one of the great national crises in our country’s history.’”

Marianne Levine, “Rubio, Scott ask Trump to waive visa requirements for Bahamians,” Politico, September 4, 2019 5:46 pm

28,128. 9/4/2019

BORDER/IMMIGRATION/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “The number of migrants caught crossing the southwest border continued a sharp decline in August, according to preliminary figures obtained by POLITICO. Border Patrol arrested roughly 51,000 migrants in August, a 30 percent drop from the previous month. The latest figures signal that counter-migration measures instituted by the Trump administration may be reducing the number of border crossers. Border arrests rose from July to August in eight of the last 10 years, which suggests the current drop is not related to recent historical patterns. President Donald Trump has made reducing illegal immigration a major focus of his administration and nascent reelection campaign, with mixed results. The number of migrants arrested at the border soared in the spring to the highest monthly levels in more than a decade. At the peak, Border Patrol arrested nearly 133,000 migrants at the southwest border, the biggest monthly total since March 2006.”

Ted Hesson, “Border arrests continued to drop in August amid Trump crackdown,” Politico, September 4, 2019 2:46 pm

28,053. 9/2/2019

DHS/HEALTHCARE/IMMIGRATION/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “The Trump administration on Monday [9-2-19] announced that it would reconsider its decision to force immigrants facing life-threatening health crises to return to their home countries, an abrupt move last month that generated public outrage and was roundly condemned by the medical establishment. On Aug. 7, the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services, without public notice, eliminated a ‘deferred action’ program that had allowed immigrants to avoid deportation while they or their relatives were undergoing lifesaving medical treatment. The agency, part of the Department of Homeland Security, had sent letters informing those who had asked for a renewal, which the immigrants must make every two years, that it was no longer entertaining such requests. The letters said that the immigrants must leave the country within 33 days, or face deportation. On Monday, the agency said in a statement that while limiting the program was ‘appropriate,’ officials would ‘complete the caseload that was pending on August 7.’”

Miriam Jordan, “Faced With Criticism, Trump Administration Reverses Abrupt End to Humanitarian Relief,” The New York Times online, September 2, 2019

28,029. 9/1/2019

IMMIGRATION/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “RT @WhiteHouse: ‘It is disheartening that families continue to put their lives and the lives of their children at risk of drowning and heat…”

Donald Trump,, September 1, 2019 9:03 am

27,878. 8/28/2019

EDUCATION/IMMIGRATION/STATE/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “Cottey College, a women’s college in Nevada, Mo., accepted six students from Ethiopia this year, and officials were disappointed when two of them were denied visas. They were puzzled by the reason: The students, the State Department said, did not have strong enough ties to their home country and might not return. ‘At the age of 17 or 18?’ Megan Corrigan, international education coordinator for the college, said on Wednesday. Unexpected denials and long delays have become increasingly common for international students and scholars seeking visas, raising concerns among college officials who see a threat to the diversity and enrichment of their campuses, and causing anxiety for students who may have spent years preparing to study in the United States — only to have their hopes dashed…University officials say the number of visas going through extended security checks has spiked under the Trump administration. The government has cracked down on international students who overstay their visas, issuing harsher penalties on violators.”

Anemona Hartocollis, “International Students Face Hurdles Under Trump Administration Policy,” The New York Times online, August 28, 2019

27,876. 8/28/2019

BORDER/IMMIGRATION/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT/TRUMP PEOPLE/WALL: “President Trump’s signature campaign promise to build a wall along the southwestern border is far behind schedule. So he has told his aides to get the job done by whatever means necessary, including by seizing land on the Mexican frontier. The president has repeatedly suggested during meetings on immigration policy that aides ‘take the land’ and ‘get it done,’ according to a person who has heard him say it. The Washington Post first reported that Mr. Trump had brought up the land seizures and had floated the idea of offering pardons to aides willing to break the law, a suggestion he has made previously when exploring ways to fulfill his campaign promises. On Wednesday [8-28-19], a senior administration official insisted that Mr. Trump had never seriously raised pardons or asked anyone to break the law. The president had been joking, the official said — ‘he winks when he does it.’”

Katie Rogers and Zolan Kanno-Youngs, “Trump Tells Aides ‘Take the Land’ as Impatience Grows on Border Wall,” The New York Times online, August 28, 2019