EXECUTIVE ORDERS/IMMIGRATION/LABOR: “President Trump is signing an Executive Order to create a policy where Federal agencies will focus on United States labor in lucrative Federal contracts. It would be unfair for Federal employers to replace perfectly qualified Americans with workers from other countries… The Department of Labor will also finalize guidance to prevent H-1B employers […]

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BUSINESS/LABOR/TREASURY/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “….the Secretary of the Treasury and the Secretary of Labor to issue regulations that will provide flexibility so that in no way will Small Businesses be hurt. I encourage all Republicans and Democrats to come together and VOTE YES! I will always put….” –Donald Trump, Twitter.com, March 13, 2020 7:42 pm […]

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JOBS/LABOR/TRUMP EXECUTIVE ORDERS: “Executive Order 13495 of January 30, 2009 (Nondisplacement of Qualified Workers Under Service Contracts), which requires that successor Federal contractors in certain circumstances offer a right of first refusal of employment to employees employed under the predecessor contract, is hereby revoked… The Secretary of Labor (Secretary), the Federal Acquisition Regulatory Council, and […]

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JOBS/LABOR/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT/UNION: “One of the nation’s largest labor groups embraced Donald Trump at the start of his presidency, in hopes he would create construction jobs and retreat from proposals that might reduce workers’ wages. But now the two sides are on the brink of war, endangering a key bloc of Trump’s support in Midwestern […]

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BUSINESS/GOVERNMENT/LABOR/LGBTQ/RELIGION/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “U.S. businesses with federal government contracts would be allowed not to hire LGBT+ candidates on religious grounds under a proposed rule announced on Wednesday [8-14-19] by the U.S. Department of Labor. The policy change would state that government contractors, including universities, hospitals and corporations, can claim religious exemptions in employment decisions if […]

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LABOR/LGBTQ/RELIGION/SUPREME COURT/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “The Trump administration opened the door Wednesday [8-14-19] to permitting government contractors to discriminate against LGBT employees with a proposed rule that frames the issue as protecting companies’ religious beliefs. The Labor Department proposal follows a string of Supreme Court decisions that protected business owners’ rights to refuse service to gay […]

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LABOR/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT/TRUMP PEOPLE: “Eugene Scalia has a decades-long record of challenging Labor Department and other federal regulations, as well as a famous last name. The combination proved irresistible to President Donald Trump. Trump selected Scalia Thursday [7-18-19] to be his new labor secretary. If formally nominated and confirmed, he’ll join an administration that has […]

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LABOR/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT/TRUMP PEOPLE: “Eugene Scalia, whom President Trump intends to nominate as labor secretary, is often hired by companies when they are sued by workers, or when they want to push back against new employment laws and regulations. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce praised him as an ‘excellent choice,’ saying he would be a […]

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LABOR/NOMINATIONS/TRUMP PEOPLE: “I am pleased to announce that it is my intention to nominate Gene Scalia as the new Secretary of Labor. Gene has led a life of great success in the legal and labor field and is highly respected not only as a lawyer, but as a lawyer with great experience….”  –Donald Trump, Twitter.com, […]

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LABOR/NOMINATIONS/TRUMP PEOPLE: “….working with labor and everyone else. He will be a great member of an Administration that has done more in the first 2 ½ years than perhaps any Administration in history!” -Donald Trump, Twitter.com, July 18, 2019 7:22 pm […]

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LABOR/NOMINATIONS/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT/TRUMP PEOPLE: “President Trump said Thursday [7-18-19] that he would name Eugene Scalia as his next secretary of labor, tapping the longtime labor lawyer and son of the former Supreme Court justice Antonin Scalia for a position with vast responsibility over the American work force. The appointment is likely to be contested by […]

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LABOR/TRUMP PEOPLE: “….Alex was a great Secretary of Labor and his service is truly appreciated. He will be replaced on an acting basis by Pat Pizzella, the current Deputy Secretary.” –Donald Trump, Twitter.com, July 12, 2019 9:55 am […]

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GOP/LABOR/SENATE/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT/TRUMP PEOPLE: “President Donald Trump and Senate Republicans are moving quickly to back up beleaguered Labor Secretary Alex Acosta. But pressure is rising from other corners of the White House, with acting White House chief of staff Mick Mulvaney privately urging the president to dismiss him. Mulvaney told Trump on Monday [7-8-19] that […]

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CABINET/LABOR/LEGAL/SEX ABUSE/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT/TRUMP PEOPLE: “President Donald Trump said Tuesday [7-9-19] that he feels ‘very badly’ for Labor Secretary Alex Acosta, as the embattled Cabinet official faces an onslaught of calls by Democratic lawmakers to resign for his role in brokering financier Jeffrey Epstein’s 2008 plea deal on sex abuse charges…Last year, former press secretary […]

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CABINET/LABOR/LEGAL/SEX ABUSE/TRUMP PEOPLE “Labor Secretary R. Alexander Acosta on Tuesday [7-9-19] faced fresh calls to resign, and rising pressure from inside the Trump administration, over his role in brokering a lenient plea deal over sex crimes for the New York financier Jeffrey E. Epstein as a federal prosecutor in Miami more than a decade ago. […]

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LABOR/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “Two years after President Donald Trump signed an executive order that he said would ‘create apprenticeships for millions of our citizens,’ not a single apprenticeship program has been created under the program, nor a single person trained. Apprenticeships rank so high as a priority for Labor Secretary Alexander Acosta that when he […]

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JOBS/LABOR/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “‘The President has a really good story to tell. We have unemployment lower than we’ve seen in decades. We have people who stopped looking for work coming back into the labor force. We are in a record growth period.’ Michael Steel @MSNBC (do you believe?)” –Donald Trump, Twitter.com, June 20, 2019 9:14 […]

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AFRICAN AMERICANS/CELEBS/CRIME/LABOR/LEGISLATION/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “President Trump on Thursday [6-13-19] took another turn advertising his administration’s work on criminal justice, one of the only bipartisan achievements he can campaign on and an issue he hopes will win over at least some African-American and centrist white voters. Mr. Trump praised the First Step Act, as the law […]

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ECONOMY/JOBS/LABOR/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “The unemployment rate fell to its lowest level in half a century last month, capping the longest streak of job creation in modern times and dispelling recession fears that haunted Wall Street at the start of the year. The Labor Department reported Friday [5-3-19] that employers added 263,000 jobs in April, well […]

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ECONOMY/FEDERAL RESERVE/LABOR/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “President Trump on Friday [4-5-19] called on the Federal Reserve to cut interest rates and take additional steps to stimulate economic growth, his latest attempt to put the traditionally independent central bank under his thumb. Speaking to reporters before traveling to the southwestern border, the president once again criticized the Fed’s […]

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ENTITLEMENTS/JOBS/LABOR/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “The Trump administration’s plans for food stamps could cost more than 750,000 people their benefits, and most of these folks are among the poorest of the poor. The administration wants to make more Americans work for their food stamps by limiting states’ ability to seek waivers from the current employment requirement. More […]

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ATTORNEY GENERAL/JEFF SESSIONS/JUSTICE DEPARTMENT/LABOR/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT/TRUMP PEOPLE: “President Donald Trump is considering former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi to replace fired Attorney General Jeff Sessions, sources familiar with the matter said. Trump fired Sessions on Wednesday without immediately naming a replacement, instead installing Sessions’ chief of staff Matthew Whitaker […]

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ECONOMY/JOBS/LABOR/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “Unemployment fell to its lowest level in nearly half a century in September even as job growth slowed, allowing President Donald Trump to present a mostly-favorable economic picture in the critical home stretch before the midterm elections. The Labor Department reported 134,000 new jobs in September, down from 270,000 in August. Wage […]

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ECONOMY/LABOR/OBAMA/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “Worker pay gains in areas of the country that helped power Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential victory were substantially slower than in the rest of the country during the first year of his administration, new government data shows. In the 220 counties that flipped from voting for Democratic candidate Barack Obama in 2012 […]

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HOLIDAY/IVANKA/LABOR: “RT @IvankaTrump: Today, on #LaborDay, let’s also recognize the amazing stay-at-home parents across America, who seldom receive the credit t…” -Donald Trump, Twitter.com, September 3, 2018 12:57 pm […]

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LABOR/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “RT @WhiteHouse: In July, President Trump announced the Pledge to America’s Workers. In little more than a month since, MILLIONS of new oppo…” -Donald Trump, Twitter.com, September 3, 2018 12:50 pm […]

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LABOR/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT/UNION: “U.S. President Donald Trump on Labor Day hit back at Richard Trumka, president of the United States’ largest federation of labor unions, after Trumka said on Sunday [9-2-18] that the president’s policies had hurt American workers. Trumka, who is head of the American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations (AFL-CIO), […]

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HOLIDAY/JOBS/LABOR/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “Happy Labor Day! Our country is doing better than ever before with unemployment setting record lows. The U.S. has tremendous upside potential as we go about fixing some of the worst Trade Deals ever made by any country in the world. Big progress being made!” -Donald Trump, Twitter.com, September 3, 2018 6:28 […]

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DEMS/LABOR/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT/UNION: “Richard Trumka, the head of the AFL-CIO, represented his union poorly on television this weekend. Some of the things he said were so againt the working men and women of our country, and the success of the U.S. itself, that it is easy to see why unions are doing so poorly. A […]

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BUSINESS/LABOR/LEGAL/NEW YORK/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “New York on Monday [8-6-18] filed a lawsuit seeking to compel the Trump administration to turn over more information about a pilot program allowing employers to resolve violations of federal overtime and minimum wage laws without penalties. According to the lawsuit, filed against the U.S. Department of Labor by New York […]

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LABOR/NOMINATIONS/SUPREME COURT/TRUMP PEOPLE: “A federal appeals-court panel split in 2014 over a case involving a grisly theme-park death, ruling 2-1 that the Labor Department was on sound footing when it sanctioned SeaWorld Entertainment Inc. for safety violations after a trainer was attacked by a killer whale. The two judges upholding the sanction said that while […]

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COMMERCE/CRISIS/ECONOMY/EDUCATION/JOBS/LABOR/TECHNOLOGY/TRUMP EXECUTIVE ORDERS/UNION: “By the authority vested in me as President by the Constitution and the laws of the United States of America, and in order to provide a coordinated process for developing a national strategy to ensure that America’s students and workers have access to affordable, relevant, and innovative education and job training that will equip them […]

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LABOR/OBAMA ADMIN/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “The Labor Department is wiping an Obama-era rule off the books that sought to give labor unions and workers more insight into talks employers have with legal counsel about thwarting union organizing campaigns. The department rescinded on Tuesday [7-17-18] a 2016 regulation known as the ‘Persuader Rule,’ which was rolled back […]

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ECONOMY/JOBS/LABOR/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “Job growth decelerated in June, the government reported Friday [7-6-18], as employers struggled to find qualified workers to fill an abundance of job openings. The Labor Department reported 213,000 new jobs in June, down from 244,000 added in May. Unemployment ticked up to 4 percent after falling to 3.8 percent in May. […]

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CHINA/ECONOMY/FED/JOBS/LABOR/TRADE WAR/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “The U.S. economy created more jobs than expected in June, but steady wage gains pointed to moderate inflation pressures that should keep the Federal Reserve on a path of gradual interest rate increases this year. Nonfarm payrolls rose by 213,000 jobs last month as manufacturers stepped up hiring, the Labor Department […]

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EDUCATION/LABOR/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “The White House proposed a sweeping government reorganization Thursday [6-21-18] that would sharpen the focus on workforce training, consolidate government-assistance programs and shrink federal agencies. The plan, which would require approval from Congress, prompted immediate rebukes from Democrats and tentative responses from Republicans. It is unlikely Congress would move to enact far-reaching […]

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JOBS/LABOR/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT/TWITTER: “President Trump broke years of presidential protocol on Friday [6-1-18] morning by posting a tweet that signaled a strong jobs report was on its way from the Labor Department an hour before the report was released. The Bureau of Labor Statistics routinely releases its monthly employment report on the first Friday of […]

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JOBS/LABOR/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT/TWITTER: “President Donald Trump, breaking with longstanding practice surrounding sensitive economic data, tweeted early Friday [6-1-18] that he was ‘looking forward’ to the release of the Labor Department’s employment figures, which subsequently showed a sharp gain in payrolls and another decline in the jobless rate. Mr. Trump was briefed on the data on […]

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IMMIGRATION/JOBS/LABOR/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT/TRUMP PEOPLE: “The Trump administration is examining ways U.S. industries could hire more immigrant workers on a temporary basis, White House economic adviser Larry Kudlow said on Friday [6-1-18], as data showed the United States unemployment rate at an 18-year low…Earlier on Friday, Labor Department data showed job growth accelerated in May and […]

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ECONOMY/FEDERAL RESERVE/JOBS/LABOR: “Strong hiring is drawing people into the U.S. labor market, a healthy mix that suggests the economy can run strong without overheating and forcing the Federal Reserve to curb growth with aggressive interest-rate increases. Nonfarm payrolls rose a seasonally adjusted 313,000 last month, the strongest monthly gain since July 2016, the Labor Department […]

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ECONOMY/INFRASTRUCTURE/LABOR/TARIFFS/TRADE DEALS/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “President Donald Trump burnished his tough-on-trade image last week by declaring he would impose tariffs on U.S. steel and aluminum imports. But the move could undermine another part of his ‘America First’ economic agenda: Rebuilding U.S. infrastructure. Tariffs on imported aluminum and steel could drive up the cost of infrastructure investments, […]

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LABOR/NAFTA/TRADE DEALS: “U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer and aides have been consulting with American unions and congressional Democrats over the past few weeks to assemble new proposals aimed at boosting Mexican workers’ rights and wages in talks to overhaul the North American Free Trade Agreement. The intensifying consultations with labor are part of a gambit […]

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CONFLICT OF INTERESTS/LABOR: “The National Labor Relations Board on Monday [2-26-18] made it easier for companies that franchise their brands, such as McDonald’s Corp, to be held liable for labor law violations. The U.S. board overturned its own recent decision limiting corporate liability on the grounds that one of its members, appointed by President Donald […]

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LABOR/SUPREME COURT: “Public-employee unions face a reckoning Monday [2-26-18] when the Supreme Court hears a long-anticipated lawsuit seeking to strip them of the power to bill collective-bargaining costs to employees who don’t want to pay. The case arrives at the court as a dispute between a state employee in Springfield, Ill., and the union that […]

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LABOR/SUPREME COURT: “The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday [2-26-18] will consider for the second time in two years whether to choke off a critical funding stream for public-employee unions, potentially reducing organized labor’s influence in the workplace and at the ballot box. The nine justices will hear a challenge backed by anti-union groups to the […]

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CONFLICT OF INTEREST/LABOR/NOMINATIONS/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “President Donald Trump’s nominee to chair the independent agency tasked with adjudicating mine safety cases is a lawyer who has defended coal companies with safety violations. Marco Rajkovich was nominated in January to chair the Federal Mine Safety and Health Review Commission, an independent board responsible for deciding cases under […]

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DREAMERS/IMMIGRATION/LABOR/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “They clean federal office buildings in Washington and nurse the elderly in Boston. They are rebuilding hurricane-wrecked Houston. The Atlanta Falcons’ new stadium, plumbing and heating systems at Fannie Mae’s new headquarters, the porterhouse at Peter Luger Steak House and even the Disney World experience have all depended, in small part or […]

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LABOR/LEGAL/POLITICS/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “Not long before a deluge of sexual harassment claims engulfed Capitol Hill, congressional Republicans and President Donald Trump quietly repealed safeguards to protect hundreds of thousands of American workers from such harassment. Their target was an August 2016 regulation issued by the Obama Labor Department that required businesses to disclose certain labor […]

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DRUGS/LABOR: “The number of U.S. deaths at work from unintentional drug and alcohol overdoses jumped more than 30% in 2016, according to new government data, showing that the nation’s struggle with a deadly opioid epidemic is migrating to the workplace. The Bureau of Labor Statistics’ National Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries said Tuesday that 217 […]

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LABOR: “The National Labor Relations Board overturned an Obama-era ruling that potentially made it easier for contractors and workers at franchised businesses to form unions and collectively bargain with big corporations. The board, which is now controlled by Republicans, reversed itself on the 2015 case known as Browning-Ferris Industries. Browning-Ferris concerned a recycling center staffed […]

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LABOR/LEGAL/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “The Labor Department will appeal a judge’s ruling that struck down an overtime-pay rule authored by the Obama administration, a move designed to preserve the Trump administration’s authority to reshape the rule to its own liking. By filing the appeal, the department is seeking to maintain Secretary Alexander Acosta’s ability to establish […]

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GOP/LABOR/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “At the largest meeting of organized labor next week, U.S. unions are shutting out politicians so they can determine who their friends are. The question for labor unions is how to deal with a Republican White House that many of its members oppose but whose policies also appeal to significant elements of […]

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BUSINESS/LABOR: “The Labor Department is enlisting the help of corporate executives, labor unions and governors to develop its policy of expanding the use of apprenticeships in the U.S. The department will announce 23 members of the president’s apprenticeship task force on Monday, charging them with crafting a plan to expand use of the training strategy […]

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ECONOMY/LABOR: “A closely watched measure of manufacturing activity in the U.S. reached a 13-year high in September, as strong demand and order growth rode out a severe hurricane season. The Institute for Supply Management said Monday [10-2-17] that its index of manufacturing activity climbed to 60.8 last month from 58.8 in August, hitting its highest […]

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ECONOMY/LABOR: “Thank you @ShopFloorNAM. An honor to be with you today. Great news! Manufacturers report record-high economic optimism in 2017. #TaxReform https://t.co/4sgMWGotOF” -Donald Trump, Twitter.com, September 29, 2017 03:02pm […]

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LABOR/SUPREME COURT: “The Supreme Court on Thursday [9-28-17] agreed to hear a case that could deal a crushing blow to organized labor. It was one of 11 cases the justices added to the court’s docket from the roughly 2,000 petitions seeking review that had piled up during the court’s summer break. In the labor case, […]

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LABOR/NAFTA/TRADE DEALS: “The Trump administration on Tuesday [9-26-17] introduced a proposal aimed at boosting labor standards among the member countries in the North American Free Trade Agreement, but it earned an immediate rebuke from union officials for falling short. At the current round of Nafta renegotiations, which are set to end Wednesday, U.S. negotiators put […]

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EPA/HILLARY CLINTON/LABOR/STATE/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “Hillary Clinton on Monday [9-18-17] urged federal employees who disagree with the Trump administration to stay in their jobs if they can, condemning what she called the ‘disregard, even contempt, among many in this administration about what federal workers know and what they’ve done, and the advice they can give.’ The […]

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DONALDISM/JOBS/LABOR: “We are building our future with American hands, American labor, American iron, aluminum and steel. Happy #LaborDay! https://t.co/lyvtNfQ5IO” -Donald Trump, Twitter.com, September 4, 2017 11:38am […]

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LABOR/MEXICO/NAFTA: “Emma Palacios started working in factories in this city on the Texas border in 1994, the year the North American Free Trade Agreement came into effect. Ever since, she says, it has been easy to find work at the scores of U.S.-owned factories that opened here. What’s proved harder to find is decent pay. […]

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FEDERAL RESERVE/LABOR: “Eric Rosengren, president of the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston, said increasingly tight labor markets should keep the U.S. central bank on its path to gradually raise rates and start slowly shrinking its portfolio of bonds and other assets, despite a surprising pause in inflation pressures this spring. In an interview, Mr. Rosengren […]

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ALEXANDER ACOSTA/LABOR: “The Labor Department will begin the process reconsidering rules around when workers are eligible for overtime pay, potentially undoing one of the Obama administration’s major labor-policy changes. A request for information to solicit comments on the rule will be published Wednesday [7-26-17], the department announced Tuesday. That information will aid the department, now […]

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DEFENSE/DHS/ECONOMY/ENERGY/JOBS/LABOR/MANUFACTURING/MILITARY/NATIONAL SECURITY/TRUMP EXECUTIVE ORDERS: “By the authority vested in me as President by the Constitution and the laws of the United States of America, it is hereby ordered as follows: Section 1. Policy. A healthy manufacturing and defense industrial base and resilient supply chains are essential to the economic strength and national security of the […]

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IMMIGRATION/LABOR/TRUMP BUSINESS: “President Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Club in Florida has asked permission to hire 70 foreign workers this fall, attesting — in the middle of the White House’s ‘Made in America Week’ — that it cannot find qualified Americans to serve as cooks, waiters and housekeepers. Those requests were made to the Department of Labor in […]

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LABOR/NAFTA/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “A day after the Trump administration unveiled its objectives for renegotiating the North American Free Trade Agreement, U.S. businesses and a major labor coalition sparred over the merits of an international arbitration system embedded in the agreement with Canada and Mexico. The arbitration provision, contained in Nafta’s Chapter 11 and known as […]

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LABOR/LOBBYING/NAFTA/WTO: “The U.S. dairy lobby is ratcheting up the pressure on Canada as talks to renegotiate NAFTA draw closer, demanding concessions the Canadian government looks unwilling to grant, according to people familiar with the file. The result could be a brawl that sours efforts to modernize the North American Free Trade Agreement, under which Canada […]

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LABOR/NAFTA/TRADE DEALS: “U.S. labor union leaders and Democratic lawmakers on Monday [7-17-17] reminded U.S. President Donald Trump they expect him to keep election campaign promises to protect American workers in NAFTA talks, but they stopped short of demanding termination of the 1994 trade pact with Canada and Mexico. Their comments came hours before U.S. Trade […]

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JOBS/LABOR: “U.S. job growth surged more than expected in June and employers increased hours for workers, signs of labor market strength that could keep the Federal Reserve on course for a third interest rate hike this year despite sluggish wage gains. Non-farm payrolls jumped by 222,000 jobs last month, driven by hefty gains in healthcare, […]

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LABOR/TRUMP FAMILY/WOMEN/IVANKA: “First daughter and presidential adviser Ivanka Trump penned a response to a Wall Street Journal editorial titled ‘The Ivanka Entitlement’ that called her paid leave plan messy, arguing in her letter that the plan would benefit women nationwide. In the letter, published Tuesday [7-4-17] in the Journal, Trump defended the plan and argued that […]

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LABOR/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT/WOMEN: “Women working in the White House earn an average salary of 80 cents for every dollar paid to their male colleagues, a CNN analysis found. That’s a gender pay gap wider than the national average of 82 cents on the dollar, according to the Labor Department. The average salary among men working […]

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GOP/LABOR/NOMINATIONS/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “President Donald Trump selected a second Republican, labor-law attorney William Emanuel, to fill a vacant seat on the National Labor Relations Board, the agency refereeing disputes between unions and businesses. The president announced his intent to nominate Mr. Emanuel late Tuesday [6-27-17]. If Mr. Emanuel and Mr. Trump’s earlier choice, Washington attorney […]

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LABOR/NOMINATIONS/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “President Donald Trump tapped attorney Marvin Kaplan to fill a vacant seat on the National Labor Relations Board, taking a first step toward securing Republican control of the agency refereeing disputes between unions and business for the first time in nearly a decade. The president announced his intent to nominate Mr. Kaplan, […]

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LABOR/TRUMP EXEC ORDERS: ” ‘Expanding Apprenticeships in America’ The order calls for the establishment of the Task Force on Apprenticeship Expansion, led and appointed by the labor secretary, which will ‘identify strategies and proposals to promote apprenticeships, especially in sectors where apprenticeship programs are insufficient.’ Apprenticeships, defined in the order as paid work with an […]

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JOBS/LABOR/TRUMP EXEC ORDER: “President Donald Trump will sign an executive order on Thursday [6-15-17] that looks to expand apprenticeships and job-training programs by giving more freedom to third-party companies and schools, according to two senior White House officials. The new program, which will cost $200 million and take some authority away from the Department of […]

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DEMS/GOP/LABOR/NOMINATIONS/POLITICS: “Five months into President Donald Trump’s administration, the federal agency that referees disputes between unions and business is still controlled by Democrats, complicating the White House’s effort to roll back government oversight of the labor market. National Labor Relations Board decisions during President Barack Obama’s tenure resulted in some big victories for labor, including […]

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COMMERCE/LABOR/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “The Trump administration intends to unveil this week a plan to trim regulations it believes constrain U.S. manufacturing growth, potentially affecting environmental permits, worker safety and labor rules, an administration official said. The U.S. Commerce Department’s regulations ‘hit list’ recommendations follow more than three months of study and consultation with industry on […]

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LABOR/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “President Donald Trump next week will make expansion of apprenticeship programs the center of his labor policy, aimed at filling a record level of open jobs and drawing back Americans who have left the workforce. Apprenticeships are an underused form of workforce training in the U.S. compared with European countries and have […]

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LABOR/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT/TRUMP PEOPLE/ALEXANDER ACOSTA: “When President Donald Trump took office, many in the financial industry were confident that a looming retirement-savings rule they had opposed for years would soon be dead. To their dismay, the core principle of the rule was implemented Friday [6-9-17]. The resilience of the so-called fiduciary rule is partly attributable […]

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LABOR/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT/TRUMP PEOPLE/ALEXANDER ACOSTA: “The Labor Department began taking steps Wednesday [6-7-17] to roll back high-profile Obama administration policies, days ahead of President Donald Trump’s planned visit to the department to outline worker-training initiatives. Labor Secretary Alexander Acosta told members of Congress Wednesday the department would begin rewriting overtime regulations within weeks, while also […]

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IMMIGRATION/LABOR/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “President Donald Trump said he would seek to keep his tough immigration enforcement policies from harming the U.S. farm industry and its largely immigrant workforce, according to farmers and officials who met with him. At a roundtable on farm labor at the White House last month, Trump said he did not want […]

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LABOR: “U.S. labor costs recorded their biggest gain since 2007 in the first quarter, suggesting wage growth was picking up as the labor market nears full employment. The Employment Cost Index, the broadest measure of labor costs, increased 0.8 percent, the largest increase since the fourth quarter of 2007, after rising 0.5 percent in the […]

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CABINET/LABOR/TRUMP PEOPLE/ALEXANDER ACOSTA: “R. Alexander Acosta, the dean of Florida International University College of Law and a former United States attorney, was confirmed as labor secretary by the Senate on Thursday [4-27-17], becoming the only Latino in President Trump’s cabinet. The confirmation of Mr. Acosta, 48, completes Mr. Trump’s cabinet and comes at a crucial […]

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CABINET/LABOR/TRUMP PEOPLE/ANDREW PUZDER/ALEXANDER ACOSTA: “President Donald Trump’s second choice for labor secretary, law school dean Alexander Acosta, stands in contrast to his first pick, fast-food executive Andy Puzder… Mr. Trump tapped Mr. Acosta for the job less than 24 hours after Mr. Puzder stepped aside last month over personal controversies. The choice of the lawyer […]

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CABINET/LABOR/TRUMP PEOPLE/ALEXANDER ACOSTA: “In 2008, three years after R. Alexander Acosta had decamped from the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division for the United States attorney’s post in South Florida, the Justice Department’s in-house investigator laid out a damning conclusion: Under Mr. Acosta’s watch, his office had repeatedly violated federal law and department policies by weighing […]

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CABINET/LABOR/TRUMP PEOPLE/ANDY PUDZER: “Southern California fast-food executive Andy Puzder on Thursday [3-9-17] blamed Democrats for the collapse of his nomination to be Labor secretary, even though he admitted he withdrew after being informed there was not enough support among Senate Republicans to confirm him. ‘I think the big problem here was the left and the […]

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CABINET/LABOR/TRUMP PEOPLE/ALEXANDER ACOSTA: “President Donald Trump’s nominee for labor secretary, Alexander Acosta, filed financial disclosure and ethics paperwork, clearing the way for his confirmation hearing Wednesday [3-8-17]. The paperwork released by the Office of Government Ethics on Thursday [3-9-17] showed an uncomplicated financial situation for the law school dean who served in three Senate-confirmed positions […]

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CABINET/LABOR/TRUMP PEOPLE/ALEXANDER ACOSTA: “President Trump moved quickly on Thursday [2-16-17] to replace his first choice for labor secretary, choosing R. Alexander Acosta, a Florida law school dean and former assistant attorney general for civil rights. Mr. Acosta would be the only Hispanic in Mr. Trump’s cabinet… In Mr. Acosta, Mr. Trump chose a nominee with […]

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CABINET/LABOR/TRUMP PEOPLE/ANDREW PUDZER: “Andrew Puzder has withdrawn as President Donald Trump’s choice for labor secretary. Puzder, the CEO of the company that owns the Hardee’s and Carl’s Jr. fast food chains, faced fierce opposition mostly from Democrats in part related to his position on labor issues as well as the fact that he employed an […]

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CABINET/LABOR/TRUMP PEOPLE/ANDREW PUDZER: “Andy Puzder withdrew himself from consideration to become Labor secretary in a new personnel blow to the White House, after Republican support in the Senate disintegrated over personal issues that dogged the fast-food executive leading up to a planned confirmation hearing. His swift withdrawal came just a day after Mike Flynn, President […]

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CABINET/LABOR/TRUMP PEOPLE/ANDREW PUDZER: “Labor Secretary nominee Andrew Puzder’s confirmation could be in jeopardy following the release of a 1990 episode of The Oprah Winfrey Show in which Puzder’s ex-wife makes claims of domestic abuse against him. A clip from the episode, which is currently being reviewed in the Senate, was published by Politico on Wednesday […]

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CABINET/ELIZABETH WARREN/LABOR/TRUMP PEOPLE/ANDREW PUDZER: “Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) sent Labor secretary nominee Andy Puzder a lengthy list of questions as top Senate Democrats trained their fire on the fast-food executive ahead of his confirmation hearing this week in hopes of knocking off the last of their top targets among President Trump’s Cabinet choices. Puzder, the […]

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CABINET/LABOR/TRUMP PEOPLE/ANDREW PUZDER: “Labor secretary nominee Andy Puzder pledged that, if confirmed, he would divest his multimillion-dollar stake in CKE Restaurants Inc. — the fast food company he has headed since 2000 — and sell a wide array of other holdings, according to federal financial disclosure and ethics forms. Puzder also promised not to participate […]

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LABOR/TRUMP MEMORANDA: “Presidential Memorandum on Fiduciary Duty Rule… The Department of Labor’s (Department) final rule entitled, Definition of the term ‘Fiduciary’; Conflict of Interest Rule-Retirement Investment Advice, 81 Fed. Reg. 20946 (April 8, 2016) (Fiduciary Duty Rule or Rule), may significantly alter the manner in which Americans can receive financial advice, and may not be […]

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