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32,100. 1/18/2020

IOWA/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT/WOMEN: “RT @TeamTrump: Thank you to all the GREAT women who came out to support President @realDonaldTrump in Iowa! Best moments from the trip bel…”

Donald Trump,, January 18, 2020 8:38 am

32,099. 1/18/2020

TRUMP AS PRESIDENT/WOMEN: “RT @mercedesschlapp: Honored to join @LaraLeaTrump @kayleighmcenany @ashleyhayek on the #WomenForTrump bus tour. Meeting amazing Iowan wome…”

Donald Trump,, January 18, 2020 8:37 am

32,094. 1/18/2020

TRUMP AS PRESIDENT/WOMEN: “RT @ashleyhayek: First stop in the Hawkeye State! Women for Trump are excited to show support for @realDonaldTrump – a great panel with @La…”

Donald Trump,, January 18, 2020 8:04 am

31,959. 12/31/2019

LEGISLATION/SENATE/TRUMP PEOPLE/WOMEN: “RT @SenJohnKennedy: The Senate needs to reauthorize the Violence Against Women Act, and I am proud to cosponsor @SenJoniErnst’s bill that g…”

Donald Trump,, December 31, 2019 8:07 pm

31,255. 12/5/2019

LAWSUIT/MEDIA/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT/WOMEN: “A former Playboy model who has said she had an affair with Donald J. Trump before he was president sued Fox News on Thursday [12-5-19], saying that Tucker Carlson, one of the network’s hosts, had intentionally defamed her on his television show. The model, Karen McDougal, said Mr. Carlson had falsely accused her of extortion last year when he said that she ‘approached Donald Trump and threatened to ruin his career and humiliate his family if he doesn’t give them money.’ Ms. McDougal said in the lawsuit, which was filed in New York State court in Manhattan, that she never threatened Mr. Trump. She is seeking damages from Fox News for harming her reputation, but she does not name Mr. Carlson as a defendant. The network is responsible for his comments, she said, and his accusations were reckless and easy to verify as false.”

Nicholas Bogel-Burroughs, “Karen McDougal, Who Claimed Trump Affair, Sues Fox News,” The New York Times online, December 5, 2019

31,015. 11/25/2019

TREASURY/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT/WOMEN: “RT @WhiteHouse: President Trump signed the Women’s Suffrage Centennial Commemorative Coin Act! @USTreasury will issue $1 coins commemorat…”

-Donald Trump,, November 25, 2019 8:05 pm

30,380. 11/9/2019

IVANKA/WOMEN: “RT @IvankaTrump: An impactful day in Morocco, where we furthered all 3 pillars of #WGDP 🇺🇸🇲🇦⬇️ 💫 Women Prospering in the Workforce 💫 Women…”

Donald Trump,, November 9, 2019 6:44 am

29,778. 10/22/2019

NASA/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT/WOMEN: “RT @NASA: ‘You’re doing an incredible job,’ says @POTUS to @Astro_Christina and @Astro_Jessica during today’s #AllWomanSpacewalk. Tune in t…”

Donald Trump,, October 22, 2019 9:08 am

29,698. 10/20/2019

IVANKA/WOMEN/WORLD BANK: “RT @IvankaTrump: Thru #WGDP’s partnership w/ @WorldBank, #WeFi, $2.6 Billion will be mobilized for women entrepreneurs in 26 developing cou…”

Donald Trump,, October 20, 2019 1:01 am

27,977. 8/31/2019

TRUMP PEOPLE/VOTING/WOMEN: “RT @MarshaBlackburn: If it wasn’t for one convincing mother, the 19th Amendment may not have been ratified. Harry T. Burn, a state represen…” 

Donald Trump,, August 31, 2019 7:06 am

27,973. 8/31/2019

TRUMP PEOPLE/VOTING/WOMEN: “RT @SenateGOP: On this day 99 years ago, the 19th Amendment was adopted to our Constitution, securing for women the right to vote. Today…” 

Donald Trump,, August 31, 2019 7:06 am

27,549. 8/17/2019

TRUMP AS PRESIDENT/WOMEN: “RT @WhiteHouse: Thanks to President @realDonaldTrump, we’re the first country with comprehensive legislation on women’s leadership in polit…” 

Donald Trump,, August 17, 2019 4:48 pm

27,128. 8/1/2019

LEGAL/NEW YORK/TRUMP BUSINESS/WOMEN: “The Manhattan District Attorney’s Office sent subpoenas to the Trump Organization and American Media Inc. on Thursday as part of an investigation into the hush money paid to two women who alleged affairs with President Donald Trump. The subpoena to the Trump Organization is seeking communications between the company and representatives for Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougal, the women who alleged they had affairs with Trump more than a decade ago, according to a person familiar with the matter. AMI also received a subpoena, according to a second person. Prosecutors are looking into whether the Trump Organization filed any false business records in how it accounted for the reimbursement of the payments to Michael Cohen, a source familiar with the matter told CNN. Marc L. Mukasey, attorney for the Trump Organization, said on Thursday, ‘This is a political hit job. It’s just harassment of the President, his family and his business, using subpoenas and leaks as weapons. We will respond as appropriate.’ AMI did not comment on its subpoena from the Manhattan DA’s office.”

Kara Scannell, “Manhattan DA subpoenas Trump Organization and AMI in Stormy Daniels hush money investigation,” CNN Politics,, August 1, 2019 10:19 pm

27,100. 8/1/2019

LEGAL/NEW YORK/TRUMP BUSINESS/WOMEN: “State prosecutors in Manhattan subpoenaed President Trump’s family business on Thursday [8-1-19], reviving an investigation into the company’s role in hush-money payments made during the 2016 presidential campaign, according to people briefed on the matter. The subpoena, issued by the Manhattan district attorney’s office, demanded the Trump Organization provide documents related to money that had been used to buy the silence of Stormy Daniels, a pornographic film actress who said she had an affair with Mr. Trump. The inquiry from the district attorney’s office, which is in early stages, is examining whether any senior executives at the company filed false business records about the hush money, which would be a state crime, the people said…The investigation will focus on a $130,000 payment Michael D. Cohen, the president’s lawyer and fixer at the time, gave Ms. Daniels. Mr. Cohen also helped arrange for a tabloid media company to pay the Playboy model Karen McDougal, a second woman who said she had had an affair with the president.”

Ben Protess and William K. Rashbaum, “Manhattan D.A. Subpoenas Trump Organization Over Stormy Daniels Hush Money,” The New York Times online, August 1, 2019

26,780. 7/20/2019

JOBS/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT/WOMEN: “RT @danielledsouzag: The unemployment rate for women is the lowest it’s been in 50 years under the Trump Administration. Discussing Women f…”

Donald Trump,, July 20, 2019 6:02 pm

26,778. 7/20/2019

DEMS/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT/WOMEN: “RT @JessieJaneDuff: Meet ‘The REAL Squad’. We are #WomenForTrump. Women stand with President @realDonaldTrump and nothing will stop @Team…”

Donald Trump,, July 20, 2019 6:01 pm

26,777. 7/20/2019

TRUMP AS PRESIDENT/WOMEN: “RT @danielledsouzag: Incredibly honored to be part of the Women for Trump Coalition, which launched this morning in Pennsylvania. My goal i…” 

Donald Trump,, July 20, 2019 6:01 pm

26,776. 7/20/2019

TRUMP AS PRESIDENT/WOMEN: “RT @danielledsouzag: Our squad is better🇺🇸 @deneenborelli @JessieJaneDuff @mercedesschlapp @kayleighmcenany @CissieGLynch @kimguilfoyle @La…”

Donald Trump,, July 20, 2019 6:00 pm

26,766. 7/20/2019

MILITARY/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT/WOMEN: “RT @pulte: Pulte awards President Trump’s retweet Recipient, a Female Combat Veteran and Single Mom, with $30,000 ($20k Brand New Car!) and…”

Donald Trump,, July 20, 2019 6:12 am

26,735. 7/19/2019

DEMS/JUSTICE DEPARTMENT/MICHAEL COHEN/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT/WOMEN: “House Democrats want to know whether a decades-old Justice Department prohibition on indicting a sitting president played a role in federal prosecutors’ decision not to criminally charge President Donald Trump over hush money payments that he directed his fixer to pay to women. The prohibition, laid out in a 2000 memo by the Justice Department Office of Legal Counsel, was also a key factor in former special counsel Robert Mueller’s decision to refrain from considering whether to charge Trump with obstruction of justice for his repeated attempts to thwart the investigation of Russian interference in the 2016 election. Now Democrats on the House Oversight Committee say the federal prosecutors based in the Southern District of New York should disclose whether they made a similar analysis. The president’s longtime lawyer and fixer Michael Cohen was jailed earlier this year, in part for his role in hush payments to women accusing Trump of extramarital affairs, and he implicated the president in the scheme.”

Kyle Cheney, “Dems ask whether DOJ memo prevented prosecuting Trump for hush payments,” Politico, July 19, 2019 2:49 pm

26,704. 7/18/2019

INVESTIGATIONS/JUSTICE DEPARTMENT/LEGAL/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT/WOMEN: “Federal prosecutors’ decision to end an investigation into hush money payments to women claiming affairs with Donald Trump relied at least in part on long-standing Justice Department policy that a sitting president cannot be charged with a crime, a person familiar with the matter said Thursday [7-18-19]. The Justice Department told a federal judge on Monday that it had ‘effectively concluded’ its investigation into efforts to silence the women in the final months of the 2016 campaign, but did not explain why it had done so. Prosecutors have said the payoffs violated a federal law that restricts campaign donations.  A person familiar with the case, who was not authorized to discuss it publicly, said it was unclear whether prosecutors made a determination that they had sufficient evidence to bring a case against Trump or anyone other than his former personal lawyer, Michael Cohen, who pleaded guilty last year. But the Justice Department’s opinion that a president cannot be indicted factored into the decision to end the probe, the person said.” 

Kevin Johnson and Kristine Phillips, “Prosecutors weighed DOJ policy blocking indictment of a sitting president in closing Trump hush-money probe,” USA Today, July 18, 2019 5:53 pm

26,697. 7/18/2019

DEMS/MINORITIES/RACISM/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT/WOMEN: “President Donald Trump’s series of attacks this week against four Democratic women – all minorities – has stirred outrage but it’s far from the first time he has stoked racial tensions. Trump has created controversy for years with incendiary rhetoric that is often directed at people of color – from his branding of the Central Park Five as ‘muggers and murderers’ to his peddling of the false ‘birther’ conspiracy against then-President Barack Obama to his denigrating of a former African-American aide as a ‘dog.’ Here are a dozen times when Trump has fueled racial tensions: ‘The Squad’ Trump’s attacks against four liberal Democratic congresswomen – all women of color – started Sunday with a series of tweets in which he suggested they should ‘go back’ to their country of origin. The remarks were met with a barrage of criticism, but Trump refused to back down, saying they ‘hate our country’ and that ‘if they don’t like it, let them leave.’ Three of the congresswomen – Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez; Rep. Ayanna Pressley, D-Mass.; and Rep. Rashida Tlaib, D-Mich. – were born in the United States.”

Michael Collins and Christal Hayes, “From the ‘Central Park Five’ to ‘the squad’: A dozen times Donald Trump has stoked racial tensions,” USA Today, July 18, 2019 3:34 pm

26,693. 7/18/2019

CHILDREN/IMMIGRATION/LATINOS/RACISM/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT/WOMEN: “The United States 2016 election, when President Donald Trump was voted into office, may have been tied to a rise in premature births among Latina women across the US, according to a new study. In the nine months beginning with November 2016, about 3.2% to 3.6% more preterm births to Latina women occurred above the levels of preterm births that would have been expected had the election not occurred, suggests the study, published in the medical journal JAMA Network Open on Friday [7-19-19]. Birth outcomes have long been used in medical research as indicators of acute stress among populations of women, and preterm birth in particular is linked with maternal stress, the researchers noted in their study…The study showed only an association between premature births among Latina women and the election, not that the election directly caused any negative birth outcomes. To determine that, more research would be needed.”

Jacqueline Howard,  “A rise in premature births among Latina women may be linked to Trump’s election, study says,” CNN Politics,, July 18, 2019 1:12 pm

26,662. 7/17/2019

COURTS/INVESTIGATIONS/MICHAEL COHEN/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT/WOMEN: “A judge on Wednesday [7-17-19] ordered the release of documents relating to hush-money payments by Donald Trump’s former personal lawyer Michael Cohen to two women who said they had sexual encounters with the president and disclosed that federal prosecutors had ended their investigation of the matter. U.S. District Judge William Pauley in Manhattan ordered that the documents, used by prosecutors to obtain a search warrant for Cohen’s home and office last year, must be unsealed by 11 a.m. (1500 GMT) on Thursday [7-18-19], declaring the issue of ‘national importance.’ Cohen, 52, pleaded guilty in 2018 to directing payments of $130,000 to adult film star Stormy Daniels and $150,000 to Playboy model Karen McDougal to avert a scandal shortly before the 2016 presidential election. Trump has denied having the encounters more than a decade ago with Daniels and McDougal. Pauley said because prosecutors had informed him that their investigation of the payments was over, there was no reason to keep the documents secret.”

Brendan Pierson, “Judge orders release of documents related to hush payments by Trump’s ex-lawyer,” Reuters, July 17, 2019 10:25 am