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30,633. 11/15/2019

DEMS/ENVIRONMENT/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “……filth pouring into the Pacific Ocean is rapidly becoming an environmental hazard, is getting NOTHING DONE. She is a Do Nothing Democrat as Speaker, and will hopefully not be in that position very long. Approve USMCA, which has been sitting on her desk for months!”

Donald Trump,, November 15, 2019 8:48 am

30,512. 11/11/2019

ENVIRONMENT/EPA/TRUMP PEOPLE: “The Environment Protection Agency plans to limit the scientific research that the government can use to form public health regulations, The New York Times reported Monday. [11-11-19]. A draft of the EPA’s proposal obtained by the Times would require scientists to disclose their raw data, including confidential medical records, in order for the agency to consider a study’s conclusions. The move would complicate the enactment of new clean air and water regulations, which are largely rooted in academic studies that rely on confidentiality agreements because of personal health disclosures. The draft proposal obtained by the Times expands on a previous version championed by then-Administrator Scott Pruitt, who lost his job last year amid a lengthy list of ethics controversies. But unlike the earlier draft, the new plan would apply retroactively, halting the further use of studies already cited by the EPA that don’t comply with the new proposal, according to a separate EPA memo viewed by the Times.”

Paul LeBlanc, “New York Times: EPA plans to limit scientific research used in writing public health regulations,” CNN Politics,, November 11, 2019 11:50 pm

30,372. 11/8/2019

AFRICAN AMERICANS/DEMS/ENVIRONMENT/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “RT @TrumpWarRoom: ‘Democrats want to invest in green global projects. I want to invest in Black American communities.’ – @realDonaldTrump #…” 

Donald Trump,, November 8, 2019 4:52 pm

29,930. 10/26/2019

ENVIRONMENT/NANCY PELOSI/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “….We should all work together to clean up these hazardous waste and homeless sites before the whole city rots away. Very bad and dangerous conditions, also severely impacting the Pacific Ocean and water supply. Pelosi must work on this mess and turn her District around!” 

Donald Trump,, October 26, 2019 6:29 am

29,068. 10/4/2019

AGRICULTURE/ENERGY/ENVIRONMENT/EPA/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “The Trump administration Friday announced a sweeping package of changes to federal ethanol rules in an effort to make up with farmers furious with the president’s earlier decisions to exempt dozens of oil refineries from requirements to blend biofuels into the nation’s fuel supply. The package represents a win for ethanol and biodiesel producers — based largely in the Midwest — in their ongoing battle with oil refiners over the future of the Renewable Fuel Standard, a federal mandate for biofuels to make up a portion of the U.S. gasoline supply. While EPA will continue to hand out economic hardship waivers to small refiners, the deal announced Friday will require companies that own larger refineries to add more biofuels to their products to make up the difference. As a result, the 2020 mandate will require blending above the 15 billion gallons called for the laws that created the RFS, an EPA official said.”

Eric Wolff, “Trump administration tries to pacify farmers with major biofuels boost,” Politico, October 4, 2019 11:29 am

28,708. 9/25/2019

CLIMATE CHANGE/ENVIRONMENT/INTERIOR/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “The Interior Department is forcing key staff responsible for environmental reviews to move west as part of the Trump administration’s efforts to shrink the number of federal workers based in Washington, two people familiar with the plans told POLITICO. The move is the latest by the Trump administration to eliminate environmental positions from Washington, D.C. and comes after the Department of Agriculture’s decision to transfer researchers whose jobs included studying climate change to a new headquarters in Kansas City. As part of the ongoing reorganization of the Interior Department, half of the Bureau of Land Management’s national environmental review team would be scattered to states across the West, a move that could slow or undermine the approval of permits for oil and gas and renewable energy project developments as well as construction of recreational paths, according to the people.”

Ben Lefebvre, “Trump administration to move environmental review staff to states,” Politico, September 25, 2019 6:37 pm

28,358. 9/12/2019

ENVIRONMENT/EPA/OBAMA/REGULATIONS/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “The Trump administration will on Thursday [9-12-19] repeal one of the Obama era’s most sweeping environmental rules — a set of pollution protections for small streams and wetlands that had riled up opposition from coal miners, home developers, farmers and oil and gas drillers. The action creates instant doubts about the legal status of myriad seasonal or isolated wetlands and thousands of miles of waterways, including vast swaths of the arid West. And it clears the way for the Environmental Protection Agency to finish a follow-up regulation in the coming months that could leave most of the nation’s wetlands without any federal safeguards. EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler is poised to sign off on the repeal at the D.C. headquarters of the National Association of Manufacturers, one of the industry groups that had opposed the Obama administration’s Waters of the U.S. rule.”

Annie Snider, “Trump administration rolls back landmark water protections,” Politico, September 12, 2019 10:21 am

28,179. 9/6/2019

AUTO INDUSTRY/CALIFORNIA/ENVIRONMENT/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “The Trump administration is opening new fronts in its legal war with California and much of the auto industry over clean air rules, taking steps toward punishing two of the major opponents of the president’s efforts to roll back Obama-era regulations. The administration’s tactics include an expected effort to strip away California’s authority to set its own air pollution standards for cars and trucks, as well as a new Justice Department antitrust probe into four automakers that are voluntarily cooperating with the state’s clean air goals. The administration also warned California on Friday [9-6-19] that its attempt to circumvent the administration’s rollback of federal rules is illegal. All three actions represent a striking escalation of pressure from the administration, and come weeks afterPresident Donald Trump publicly rebuked the ‘politically correct Automobile Companies’ that are resisting his efforts to let them produce more gas-guzzling vehicles.”

Zack Colman, “Trump deepens legal war against California, automakers,” Politico, September 6, 2019 4:00 pm

28,151. 9/5/2019

AUTO INDUSTRY/CALIFORNIA/ENVIRONMENT/EPA/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “President Trump is strongly considering a plan to revoke California’s legal authority to set state tailpipe pollution standards that are stricter than federal regulations, according to three people familiar with the matter. The potential challenge to California’s authority, which would be a stinging broadside to the state’s governor and environmentalists, has been widely anticipated. But what’s notable is that the administration would be decoupling its challenge to California from its broader plan to weaken federal fuel economy standards, the latest sign that its plans for that rollback have fallen into disarray. Since the early months of the administration, the Environmental Protection Agency and the Transportation Department have been pursuing one of Mr. Trump’s most consequential attempts to weaken regulations designed to fight climate change: a sweeping rollback of Obama-era rules designed to cut the emissions of planet-warming greenhouse gases.”

Coral Davenport, “White House Prepares to Revoke California’s Right to Set Tougher Pollution Rules,” The New York Times online, September 5, 2019

28,134. 9/4/2019

ENVIRONMENT/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “7. The badly flawed Paris Climate Agreement protects the polluters, hurts Americans, and cost a fortune. NOT ON MY WATCH! 8. I want crystal clean water and the cleanest and the purest air on the planet – we’ve now got that!” 

Donald Trump,, September 4, 2019 4:08 pm

28,133. 9/4/2019

DEMS/ENVIRONMENT/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “6. The Democrats’ destructive ‘environmental’ proposals will raise your energy bill and prices at the pump. Don’t the Democrats care about fighting American poverty?”

Donald Trump,, September 4, 2019 4:08 pm

28,132. 9/4/2019

ENERGY/ENVIRONMENT/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “4. The U.S. now leads the world in energy production… BUT… 5. Who’s got the world’s cleanest and safest air and water? AMERICA!”

Donald Trump,, September 4, 2019 4:08 pm

28,131. 9/4/2019

CHINA/ENVIRONMENT/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT/WHO: “1. Which country has the largest carbon emission reduction? AMERICA! 2. Who has dumped the most carbon into the air? CHINA! 3. 91% of the world’s population are exposed to air pollution above the World Health Organization’s suggested level. NONE ARE IN THE U.S.A.!” 

Donald Trump,, September 4, 2019 4:08 pm

27,904. 8/29/2019

CLIMATE CHANGE/ENVIRONMENT/EPA/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “The move to rescind environmental rules governing emissions of methane, a powerful greenhouse gas, brings to 84 the total number of environmental rules that the Trump administration has worked to repeal. Officials at the White House, the Environmental Protection Agency and other agencies have called the regulations burdensome to the fossil fuel industry and other businesses. Half of those environmental rollback attempts, like the new methane reversal, will undercut efforts by previous administrations to reduce emissions and fight climate change. Many of these efforts have been challenged in the courts; whether the administration will succeed in achieving all of its goals is far from certain…One critical effort by the Trump administration was its announcement in 2017 that it would withdraw the United States from the Paris climate agreement.”

John Schwartz, “Major Climate Change Rules the Trump Administration Is Reversing,” The New York Times online, August 29, 2019

27,663. 8/21/2019

AUTO INDUSTRY/ENVIRONMENT/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “My proposal to the politically correct Automobile Companies would lower the average price of a car to consumers by more than $3000, while at the same time making the cars substantially safer. Engines would run smoother. Very little impact on the environment! Foolish executives!” 

Donald Trump,, August 21, 2019 8:38 am

27,369. 8/12/2019

CLIMATE CHANGE/ENVIRONMENT/ESA/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “The Trump administration on Monday [8-12-19] announced that it would change the way the Endangered Species Act is applied, significantly weakening the nation’s bedrock conservation law and making it harder to protect wildlife from the multiple threats posed by climate change. The new rules would make it easier to remove a species from the endangered list and weaken protections for threatened species, the classification one step below endangered. And, for the first time, regulators would be allowed to conduct economic assessments — for instance, estimating lost revenue from a prohibition on logging in a critical habitat — when deciding whether a species warrants protection. Critically, the changes would also make it more difficult for regulators to factor in the effects of climate change on wildlife when making those decisions because those threats tend to be decades away, not immediate. Over all, the revised rules appear very likely to clear the way for new mining, oil and gas drilling, and development in areas where protected species live.”

Lisa Friedman, “U.S. Significantly Weakens Endangered Species Act,” The New York Times online, August 12, 2019

27,361. 8/12/2019

ENVIRONMENT/ESA/INTERIOR/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “The Trump administration announced on Monday [8-12-19] it would change how it implements the Endangered Species Act, weakening protections that environmentalists say violate the law and make it easier for oil companies, real estate interests and the agriculture industry to develop land inhabited by vulnerable wildlife. The revisions announced in the new rule were a culmination of more than a year of efforts to loosen restrictions written to protect hundreds of species judged to be under pressure. The Interior Department has argued that a streamlining is necessary to update how it enforces the 1973 law, including allowing the federal government to begin to measure the economic costs of protecting some species…The revisions spearheaded by Bernhardt, who previously lobbied on behalf of oil and agriculture sectors, include preventing Interior’s Fish and Wildlife Service from automatically offering full endangered species protections to wildlife classified as ‘threatened’ and minimizing its consideration of climate change when analyzing a species.”

Ben Lefebvre, “Trump administration eases endangered species rules,” Politico, August 12, 2019 3:58 pm

27,233. 8/6/2019

BORDER/ENVIRONMENT/MEXICO/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT/WALL: “Environmentalists have asked a judge to stop a plan to replace existing vehicle barriers along the U.S.-Mexico border in Arizona, arguing the Trump administration unlawfully waived dozens of laws as part of the project that will ultimately damage wildlife habitat. The injunction request filed Tuesday seeks to halt work on 68 miles (109 kilometers) of replacement barriers at Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument, Cabeza Prieta National Wildlife Refuge and San Pedro National Conservation Area before the start of construction on Aug. 21…The barriers currently at the three sites block vehicles from passing but still allow wildlife to move through. Environmental groups said the 30-foot (9.1-meter) replacement bollards that the Trump administration plans to erect would prevent the cross-border migration of wildlife. The replacement barriers would negatively affect the movement of bighorn sheep and the endangered Sonoran pronghorn at Organ Pipe and Cabeza Prieta, the environmental groups argued.”

Jacques Billeaud, “Groups tries to stop Trump’s border-wall efforts in Arizona,” The Associated Press, August 6, 2019

26,740. 7/19/2019

ENVIRONMENT/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “With plastic straw bans gaining popularity to protect the environment, President Donald Trump on Friday [7-19-19] posed the question: What about other plastic dining items?…‘Everybody focuses on the straws.  There’s a lot of other things to focus on,’ he added. Trump’s comments coincided with the launch of Trump-branded plastic straws on his online store at $15 for a pack of 10. ‘Much like most liberal ideas, paper straws don’t work and they fall apart instantly,’ his campaign said. Plastic straw bans and restrictions have been proposed or enacted in U.S. cities including Seattle, Los Angeles, Miami and New York City as part of a growing movement to reduce single-use plastics such as cutlery, cups and bags. According to the United Nations, more than 60 countries have bans or taxes on single-use plastics. Plastic straws are one of the top contributors to marine pollution, environmental groups say. Starbucks plans to eliminate plastic straws at its stores globally by 2020.”

Steve Holland, “U.S. has ‘bigger problems’ than plastic straws – Trump,” Reuters, July 19, 2019 4:17 pm

26,374. 7/9/2019

ENVIRONMENT/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “‘With President Trump at the helm, not only is America getting great again, but he’s going to make our estuaries, our rivers, our water – everything better – the things he is doing, and done, are just helping America tremendously.’ Thank you to Bruce Hrobak @foxandfriends” 

Donald Trump,, July 9, 2019 7:38 am

26,366. 7/8/2019

DEMS/ENVIRONMENT/EPA/OBAMA/POLLS/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “President Donald Trump praised his own environmental record on Monday [7-8-19] and attacked the Obama administration’s ‘relentless war’ on U.S. energy. But a close look at his rhetoric reveals he is taking credit for pollution reductions that have taken place under previous presidents — and undertaking an aggressive agenda of weakening air and water pollution rules…The speech comes amid a reelection effort in which Trump’s environmental record is a prime point of attack for Democrats who have identified climate change as one of their signature issues. A Washington Post-ABC News poll released over the weekend found that 62 percent of people disapprove of Trump’s work on climate change while just 29 percent approve. Environmental advocates say the Trump administration’s track record shows his disregard for the work of the EPA, an agency he said during his campaign he would reduce to “little bits.”

Alex Guillen, Annie Snider and Eric Wolff, “Fact Check: Trump’s environmental rhetoric versus his record,” Politico, July 8, 2019 6:04 pm

26,353. 7/8/2019

CAMPAIGN/ENVIRONMENT/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “Reviewing new polling data, consultants working for President Trump’s 2020 campaign discovered an unsurprising obstacle to winning support from two key demographic groups, millennials and suburban women. And that was his record on the environment. But they also saw an opportunity. While the numbers showed that Mr. Trump was ‘never going to get’ the type of voter who feels passionately about tackling climate change, a senior administration official who reviewed the polling said, there were moderate voters who liked the president’s economic policies and ‘just want to know that he’s being responsible’ on environmental issues. So for nearly an hour in the East Room on Monday [7-8-19] afternoon, Mr. Trump sought to recast his administration’s record by describing what he called ‘America’s environmental leadership’ under his command…Experts watching the speech said many of the president’s claims were not based in fact. Those achievements that were real, they said, were the result of actions taken by his predecessors.”

Katie Rogers and Coral Davenport, “Trump Saw Opportunity in Speech on Environment. Critics Saw a ‘“1984” Moment.’,” The New York Times online, July 8, 2019

26,051. 6/26/2019

AUTO INDUSTRY/CANADA/CLIMATE CHANGE/ENVIRONMENT/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “Canada has signaled a willingness to buck one of President Trump’s most significant environmental rollbacks — a major weakening of auto pollution standards — by signing a clean-car deal with California, the state leading the fight against the rollback. Wednesday’s [6-26-19] Agreement, which pledges to advance the use of clean and electric cars, lacks binding specifics. Nevertheless, Canada’s decision to publicly align itself with California and its climate-change policies inserts the government of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau into a high-profile battle being waged over Mr. Trump’s weakening of rules designed to combat climate change…Traditionally, Canada has aligned its auto emissions standards with federal rules in the United States. However, several analysts said they saw Wednesday’s announcement as a clear step toward a more concrete shift in which Canada could potentially switch to the environmentally stricter standards of California and other states. Such a move could undercut Mr. Trump’s efforts to weaken environmental policy by creating a much larger market for cleaner cars, thereby making it more economically viable for auto manufacturers to build cars to the higher standards.”

Coral Davenport, “Canada Signals a Willingness to Challenge Trump on His Clean-Car Rollback,” The New York Times online, June 26, 2019

25,992. 6/25/2019

BUSINESS/CHILE/ENVIRONMENT/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT/TRUMP BUSINESS: “In the waning months of the Obama administration, a Chilean conglomerate was losing a fight with the United States government over a copper mine that it wanted to build near a pristine wilderness area in Minnesota. The election of President Trump, with his business-friendly bent, turned out to be a game-changer for the project. Beginning in the early weeks of Mr. Trump’s presidency, the administration worked at a high level to remove roadblocks to the proposed mine, government emails and calendars show, overruling concerns that it could harm the Boundary Waters, a vast landscape of federally protected lakes and forests along the border with Canada. Executives with the mining company, Antofagasta, discussed the project with senior administration officials, including the White House’s top energy adviser, the emails show. Even before an interior secretary was appointed to the new administration, the department moved to re-examine leases critical to the mine, eventually restoring those that the Obama administration had declined to renew.”

Hiroko Tabuchi and Steve Eder, “A Plan to Mine the Minnesota Wilderness Hit a Dead End. Then Trump Became President.,” The New York Times online, June 25, 2019

25,744. 6/14/2019

ENVIRONMENT/REGULATIONS/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “President Donald Trump on Friday [6-14-19] announced plans to slash the formal system for advising regulators on nearly every area of federal policy. The President signed an executive order directing each agency to ‘terminate at least one-third of its current’ advisory committees by the end of September. The order comes as the administration seeks to overhaul the way federal decisions are made and to overturn many decisions of its predecessors, particularly Obama-era environmental rules. Early in his administration, Trump directed agencies to repeal two regulations for every new one created, and his Office of Management and Budget has asserted new authority over traditionally independent agencies. Most recently, the Forest Service proposed a system to streamline its environmental review process that would eliminate from many decisions the current avenues for public input. The federal advisory committee system was formed in the 1970s to provide structure and greater transparency around the government’s job of seeking expert advice.”

Gregory Wallace, “Trump’s latest government overhaul aims to cut advisory panels by one-third,” CNN Politics,, June 14, 9:19 pm