BIDEN-HARRIS ADMIN/CLIMATE CHANGE/TRUMP ADMIN: “We will bring America back into the Paris Agreement and put us back in the business of leading the world on climate change. The current Administration reversed the Obama-Biden fuel-efficiency standards and picked Big Oil companies over the American workers. Our Administration will not only bring those standards back — we […]

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CLIMATE CHANGE/JOE BIDEN: “Five years ago today, the world gathered to adopt the Paris Agreement on climate change. And in 39 days, the United States is going to rejoin it. We’re going to rally the world to push our progress further and faster and tackle the climate crisis head-on.“ ––Joe Biden, Twitter.com, December 12, 2020 […]

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CLIMATE CHANGE/G20/TRUMP ADMIN: “To protect American workers, I withdrew the United States from the unfair and one-sided Paris Climate Accord, a very unfair act for the United States. The Paris Accord was not designed to save the environment. It was designed to kill the American economy. I refuse to surrender millions of American jobs and […]

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CLIMATE CHANGE/GREEN NEW DEAL: “The Green New Deal would be an economic disaster for our nation. Certainly for this state. Biden and Harris have a pledge to join and rejoin the Paris… Look, do you know about Paris? The Paris Climate Accord. One of the great disasters of all time. Just call up France, ‘How’s […]

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CLIMATE CHANGE: “I withdrew from the job killing Paris Climate Accord. So nice of them to tell us that we can’t use our energy. That was an accord. You know what that was going to do? Destroy our country. That’s what that was going to do… Biden has vowed to rejoin this horrible agreement, a […]

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CLIMATE CHANGE: “I want crystal clean water and air. I want beautiful clean air. We have now the lowest carbon— If you look at our numbers right now, we are doing phenomenally. But I haven’t destroyed our businesses. Our businesses aren’t put out of commission. If you look at the Paris Accord, it was a […]

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CLIMATE CHANGE: “Now our opponents are pledging to rejoin the job-killing Paris Climate Accord, a disaster for our country. It was meant to hurt us, it was meant really to take advantage of us. We would have spent trillions of dollars. You would have ended up closing a lot of your plants and factories. I […]

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CLIMATE CHANGE/DEMS: “Now the Democrat party is pledging to rejoin the disastrous Paris Climate Accord. You want to spend a lot of money for nothing? Eviscerating your state’s economy, you will spend a trillion dollars and what it is really, it takes away your power, it takes away your energy. You’ll be closing your plants […]

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CHINA/CLIMATE CHANGE/ENVIRONMENT: “China’s carbon emissions are nearly twice what the U.S. has, and it’s rising fast. By contrast, after I withdrew from the one-sided Paris Climate Accord, last year America reduced its carbon emissions by more than any country in the agreement. Those who attack America’s exceptional environmental record while ignoring China’s rampant pollution are […]

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CLIMATE CHANGE: “But one of the things I got you out of is this thing sounds so good but it’s so bad. It’s a rip off of our country. The so-called Paris Climate Accord. It’s a disaster, a death sentence. It’s a death sentence for your energy jobs. I took it out. I withdrew from […]

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CLIMATE CHANGE/PIPELINES/TPP: “Days after taking office, we shocked the Washington establishment and withdrew from the last administration’s job-killing Trans-Pacific Partnership. I then immediately approved the Keystone XL and Dakota Access pipelines, ended the unfair and very costly Paris climate accord and secured, for the first time, American energy independence.” -Donald Trump in an Aug. 27, […]

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AOC/CLIMATE CHANGE/GREEN NEW DEAL: “To fully restore American prosperity, we must stop the radical left-wing movement that would destroy our country… They want to rejoin the disastrous Paris Climate Accord, where you’ll pay billions and billions of dollars for the privilege of getting ripped off by other countries; and inflict a socialist takeover of the […]

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CLIMATE CHANGE/DEMS/ECONOMY: “If these far-left politicians ever get into power, they will demolish not only your industry, but the entire U.S. economy. Their stated agenda includes rejoining the Paris Climate Accord, spending billions and billions of dollars in order to make us non-competitive and seeking an even higher level of restrictions; mandating net-zero carbon emissions […]

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CLIMATE CHANGE/ENVIRONMENT/KEYSTONE/PIPELINES/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “I withdrew from the one-sided, energy-destroying Paris Climate Accord. It was a disaster. It cost us billions of dollars, and it would have made us a noncompetitive nation. We cancelled the Obama administration’s job-crushing Clean Power Plan. You know all about that. I approved the Keystone XL and the Dakota Access […]

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BERNIE SANDERS/CLIMATE CHANGE/JOE BIDEN: “Under the ‘unity’ platform Joe Biden published with socialist Bernie Sanders, they are proposing — and this is all in writing; it’s done; they agreed — they are proposing to reenter the job-killing, unfair Paris Climate Accord, which will cost our country trillions of dollars — trillions and trillions of dollars […]

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CLIMATE CHANGE/JOE BIDEN: “Biden wants to massively re-regulate the energy economy, rejoin the Paris Climate Accord, which would kill our energy totally. And you’d have to close 25 percent of your businesses and kill oil and gas development.” -Donald Trump, “Remarks by President Trump on the Rebuilding of America’s Infrastructure: Faster, Better, Stronger | Atlanta, […]

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CLIMATE CHANGE: “And it was going to cost us hundreds and hundreds of millions of dollars for the privilege of being involved in the Paris Climate Accord. And you just have to look at what took place this year in Paris and France, where money was being sent to countries all over the world and […]

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CHINA/CLIMATE CHANGE/JOE BIDEN: “As Vice President, Biden was a leading advocate of the Paris Climate Accord, which was unbelievably expensive to our country. It would’ve crushed American manufacturers while allowing China to pollute — pollute the atmosphere with impunity. Yet one more gift from Biden to the Chinese Communist Party.” -Donald Trump, “Remarks by President […]

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CLIMATE CHANGE/JOE BIDEN: “I would immediately rejoin the Paris Climate Accord, which I helped put together. I would call the 100 nations — over 100 nations, but the 100 major polluters to the United States in the first 100 days to up the ante and make it clear that, in fact, we would — in […]

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CLIMATE CHANGE/JOE BIDEN: “My fellow Americans, we have to once again lead the world. Donald Trump’s America First policies made America alone. And the fight against climate change, we have to rally the rest of the world to act and act now. Rejoin the Paris Climate Accord on day one. Make it clear to our […]

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CLIMATE CHANGE/ENVIRONMENT/FRANCE: “How is the Paris Environmental Accord working out for France? After 18 weeks of rioting by the Yellow Vest Protesters, I guess not so well! In the meantime, the United States has gone to the top of all lists on the Environment.” -Donald Trump, Twitter.com, Mar. 16, 2019 5:22 pm […]

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CLIMATE CHANGE: “As President, I can put no other consideration before the wellbeing of American citizens. The Paris Climate Accord is simply the latest example of Washington entering into an agreement that disadvantages the United States to the exclusive benefit of other countries, leaving American workers — who I love — and taxpayers to absorb […]

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