AGRICULTURE/ENVIRONMENT/TRUMP EXECUTIVE ORDERS: “Recent advances in biotechnology have the potential to revolutionize agriculture and thereby enhance rural prosperity and improve the quality of American lives. Biotechnology can help the Nation meet its food production needs, raise the productivity of the American farmer, improve crop and animal characteristics, increase the nutritional value of crop and animal products, and enhance food safety. In order to realize these potential benefits, however, the United States must employ a science-based regulatory system that evaluates products based on human health and safety and potential benefits and risks to the environment. Such a system must both foster public confidence in biotechnology and avoid undue regulatory burdens…

It is the policy of the Federal Government to protect public health and the environment by adopting regulatory approaches for the products of agricultural biotechnology that are proportionate responses to the risks such products pose, and that avoid arbitrary or unjustifiable distinctions across like products developed through different technologies. Any regulatory regime for products of agricultural biotechnology should ensure public confidence in the oversight of such products and also promote future innovation and competitiveness. To support these goals, the Federal Government shall:

(a) base regulatory decisions on scientific and technical evidence, and take into account, as appropriate and consistent with applicable law, economic factors;

(b) review regulatory applications for products of agricultural biotechnology in a timely and efficient manner;

(c) ensure the transparency, predictability, and consistency of the regulation of products of agricultural biotechnology, to the extent permitted by law;

(d) as appropriate and consistent with applicable law, develop regulations and guidance through processes that provide fair notice to the public and allow for its participation;

(e) make regulatory determinations based on risks associated with the product and its intended end use; and

(f) promote trade in products of agricultural biotechnology by urging trading partners to adopt science- and risk-based regulatory approaches.”

-Donald Trump, “Executive Order on Modernizing the Regulatory Framework for Agricultural Biotechnology Products,” whitehouse.gov, June 11, 2019

[Note: Read the full Executive Order signed by Donald Trump.]