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CRIME/HOUSING/WOMEN: “We’re going to be appointing very pro crime judges, but they want to destroy your suburbs. You know, the rule, the regulation that I just terminated. They want to build low income projects in the suburbs. They’ve been doing it. They’ve been destroying suburbs. We’re not doing it anymore.

Somebody said ‘suburban women, how’s Trump doing?’ But do you remember last time too? They said women don’t like Trump. I said, ‘I think they do. I think they do.’ They said women don’t, and then we did great with women. And remember that great. Was that one of the greatest evenings ever? Four years ago. That was one of the greatest.”

-Donald Trump via PBS NewsHour, “WATCH LIVE: Trump speaks at campaign event in Winston-Salem, North Carolina,” YouTube.com, Sep. 8, 2020