CABINET/LABOR/TRUMP PEOPLE/ANDY PUDZER: “Southern California fast-food executive Andy Puzder on Thursday [3-9-17] blamed Democrats for the collapse of his nomination to be Labor secretary, even though he admitted he withdrew after being informed there was not enough support among Senate Republicans to confirm him.
‘I think the big problem here was the left and the Democrats really didn’t want a successful businessman who started out as a working-class kid. … That really was their worst nightmare for the Department of Labor,’ Puzder told Fox Business Network in his first public comments since withdrawing on Feb. 15.
‘So they were going to do anything they possibly could to try and keep me out of that office,’ he said.”

-Jim Puzzanghera, “Andy Puzder blames Democrats for collapse of his Labor secretary nomination,” The Los Angeles online, March 9, 2017