ATTORNEY GENERAL/GUANTANAMO/TRUMP PEOPLE/JEFF SESSIONS: “Attorney General Jeff Sessions thinks Guantanamo Bay is a ‘very fine place’ to send recently captured terrorists, and said he’d recommend President Trump to do so.
The top law enforcement official added he was opposed to shuttering the controversial Cuban prison — a staple promise of the previous administration that never came to fruition.
‘Well, I have not favored that,’ Sessions said on conservative radio host Hugh Hewitt’s show Thursday. ‘I’ve been there a number of times as a senator, and it’s just a very fine place for holding these kind of dangerous criminals. We’ve spent a lot of money fixing it up. And I’m inclined to the view that it remains a perfectly acceptable place. And I think the fact that a lot of the criticisms have been totally exaggerated.’ “

-Terence Cullen, “AG Jeff Sessions calls Guantanamo Bay a ‘very fine place’ to send captured terrorists,” New York Daily News online, March 10, 2017