IMMIGRATION/JOE BIDEN: “Look, a lot of… look, I can only imagine what it’s like, someone in your family deported… And I… to me, it’s all about family. Beginning, middle and end. It’s about family. That’s not gonna happen in my administration. It’s simply not can happen. We are going to abide by the law. We are going to abide by the law. We’re not going to… We’re not going to continue this relentless assault on ‘they’re coming up across the border, they’re going to invade us. This is… these are all people… are bad people.’ I mean, come on! It’s just terrible what’s happening. The idea you can’t even seek asylum on American soil? Can’t take asylum on American soil? When did that happen? Trump. It’s wrong.”

-Joe Biden in an interview with José Díaz-Balart, “WATCH: Joe Biden says he will stop deportations in the first 100 days of his presidency,” telemundo.com, Sep. 15, 2020