IMMIGRATION: “We implemented three historic agreements with the Northern Triangle; that’s Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador. Under these critical asylum cooperation agreements, the burden of illegal immigration is now shared all across the region. Now, when an illegal immigrant is arrested at our border, they can be sent to a neighboring country instead of into a U.S. community…

They came. They may be murderers. They may be cartel heads. They may be some really vicious people. The countries didn’t want them back. And I stopped all payments to those countries. I stopped everything going to those countries. And after it was stopped for about a month — you remember? — after it was stopped for about a month, they called. They said, ‘We’d love to have them back.’ And I never gave them as much money as they were getting, by the way, but they got some. It was amazing.”

-Donald Trump, “Remarks by President Trump at the 45th Mile of New Border Wall | Reynosa-McAllen, TX,” whitehouse.gov, Jan. 12, 2021