HEALTHCARE/IMMIGRATION: “[W]e’re going to be discussing, very shortly, a immigration bill, which covers this and many other things…

It’ll be based on merit. It will be — it’ll cover territory that nobody would have thought could have ever been agreed to. And I think it’ll be bipartisan, in the sense that people are going to like a lot of the things that are in there. And probably some people won’t; we’re going to have that. And we’ll probably do it maybe a little bit after our convention. We’ll sign it after the convention.

Likewise, we’re going to be doing a healthcare bill — act — and it’ll be extremely comprehensive. It will cover a lot of things that nobody thought you would be able to get, and — I mean, in a positive way. And I think it’ll be very popular. And it will be a great thing for our country.”

-Donald Trump, “Remarks by President Trump in a Meeting with U.S. Tech Workers and Signing of an Executive Order on Hiring American,” whitehouse.gov, Aug. 3, 2020