IMMIGRATION/OBAMA ADMIN: “[W]e’ve ended catch and release. You know what catch and release is? These great men and women catch somebody, maybe a murderer, maybe a rapist, maybe a trafficker, they catch somebody, take his name, take his number and they release them into our country. And they say, ‘Come back in four years, you have a trial.’ No more. We take them out. We bring them out. And nobody said that was possible because I couldn’t have gotten it through the Democrats because they don’t like that…

So we have people coming in to this country, some great people, some really bad people too. And I mean murders and I mean rapist, I mean really bad people and they don’t get in and they don’t get back. When we bring them back to their country, could be Mexico also, they don’t come back. Under the Obama Biden, I call it OBiden, Under the OBiden administration, our agents were ordered to ignore the law and release illegal aliens by the hundreds of thousands.”

-Donald Trump as quoted by Rev, “Donald Trump Immigration Speech Transcript August 18: Yuma, Arizona,” rev.com, Aug. 18, 2020