CORONAVIRUS/TRUMP ADMIN/TRUMP PEOPLE: “Dr. Deborah Birx, the White House coronavirus response coordinator in the Trump administration… said the Trump administration could have prevented hundreds of thousands of Covid-19 deaths had it acted more forcefully to mitigate the pandemic. ‘I look at it this way: The first time, we have an excuse. There were about 100,000 […]

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CORONAVIRUS/COVID-19: “The United States reached a staggering milestone on Monday, surpassing 500,000 known coronavirus-related deaths in a pandemic that has lasted almost a year. The nation’s total virus toll is higher than in any other country in the world. It has far surpassed early predictions of loss by some federal experts. And it means that more […]

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CORONAVIRUS: “The U.S. death toll from the coronavirus eclipsed 400,000 on Tuesday in the waning hours in office for President Donald Trump, whose handling of the crisis has been judged by public health experts a singular failure. The running total of lives lost, as compiled by Johns Hopkins University, is nearly equal to the number […]

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CORONAVIRUS/COVID-19: “On Tuesday [Jan. 19, 2021], the last full day of Donald Trump’s presidency, the official [coronavirus] death count reached 400,000 — a once-unthinkable number. More than 100,000 Americans have perished in the pandemic in just the past five weeks. In the U.S., someone now dies from COVID-19 every 26 seconds.” -Will Stone, “As Death […]

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CORONAVIRUS/COVID-19/CRISIS/ECONOMY/JOE BIDEN/MEDIA/VACCINES: “We’re in the teeth of this crisis, and we need to take immediate action to get the virus under control. That’s why tomorrow, I’ll be laying out my vaccination and economic rescue package to beat COVID-19 and build back better. RT @CNN The US reported its highest daily number of Covid-19 deaths on […]

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CDC/CHINA/CORONAVIRUS/COVID-19/FAKE NEWS/QUOTE: “The number of cases and deaths of the China Virus is far exaggerated in the United States because of @CDCgov’s ridiculous method of determination compared to other countries, many of whom report, purposely, very inaccurately and low. ‘When in doubt, call it Covid.’ Fake News!“ ––Donald Trump, Twitter.com, January 3, 2021 2:14 am […]

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ANGELA MERKEL/CHINA/CORONAVIRUS/COVID-19/GERMANY/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT/VACCINES: “Germany has consistently been used by my obnoxious critics as the country that we should follow on the way to handle the China Virus. So much for that argument. I love Germany – Vaccines on the way!!! RT @Spudnikus [German Chancellor Angela] Merkel pleading with people to cut down on socializing […]

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CORONAVIRUS/COVID-19/JOE BIDEN/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “I am alarmed by the surge in reported COVID-19 infections, hospitalizations, and fatalities. This crisis demands a robust and immediate federal response which has been woefully lacking. I am the president-elect, but will not be president until next year. COVID-19 does not respect dates on the calendar, it is accelerating right […]

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COVID-19/JOE BIDEN/KAMALA HARRIS: “Senator Harris and I just completed briefings on both COVID and the economic crisis facing this nation, and we’re reminded again of the severity of this pandemic. Cases are on the rise nationwide and we’re nearing 240,000 deaths due to COVID, and our hearts go out to each and every family that […]

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CORONAVIRUS/COVID-19/JOBS/JOE BIDEN/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “Under President Trump: – Over 230,000 Americans have died from COVID-19 – 30 million people have lost hours, paychecks, or jobs – Nearly one in five small businesses have closed Are you better off than you were four years ago?“ ––Joe Biden, Twitter.com, November 2, 2020 7:30 pm […]

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ANTHONY FAUCI/CORONAVIRUS: “President Donald Trump is suggesting that he will fire Dr. Anthony Fauci after Tuesday’s election, as his rift with the nation’s top infectious disease expert widens while the nation sees its most alarming outbreak of the coronavirus since the spring. Speaking at a campaign rally in Opa-locka, Florida, Trump expressed frustration that the […]

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CORONAVIRUS/COVID-19/JOE BIDEN/RALLY/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “President Trump doesn’t care about you. He doesn’t even care about his own supporters. RT @carlquintanilla New @Stanford study estimates that 18 Trump rallies have led to 30,000 COVID cases and 700 deaths (via @AaronBelkin) https://sebotero.github.io/papers/COVIDra https://twitter.com/carlquintanilla/status/1322527556126605313/photo/1″ ––Joe Biden, Twitter.com, October 31, 2020 2:23 pm […]

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CORONAVIRUS/COVID-19/JOE BIDEN/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “More than 9 million cases of COVID-19 have been now confirmed in the United States — and more than 228,000 Americans have lost their lives. It is as severe an indictment of a president’s record as one can possibly imagine, and it is utterly disqualifying.“ ––Joe Biden, Twitter.com, October 30, 2020 […]

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CHINA/CORONAVIRUS: “What China has done to this country, which it’s not the first time either. Oh, they’re paying. They’re paying. But you can never pay for 200,000 more lives [lost to coronavirus]. You can never pay for that. Yeah, we can make them pay plenty, but a 210,000 lives. But it would have been two […]

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CORONAVIRUS/JOE BIDEN/VACCINES: “It’s estimated we lost over 135,000 lives [to coronavirus] so far needlessly because he’s done virtually nothing. But still Donald Trump refuses to listen to science. We shouldn’t be politicizing this race for a vaccine… I said before, I’m not going to shut down the economy. I’m not going to shut down the […]

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2020 ELECTION/CORONAVIRUS/COVID-19: “Voters are judging me on a lot of things, and one of the things we’ve done a really good job on is COVID. We would have millions of people — millions, right now — we would have millions of people —“ [Reporter: “That’s if you did nothing.”] “— dead [from coronavirus]. Two million […]

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CORONAVIRUS/COVID-19/USA: “You know, some countries, they report differently. If somebody’s sick with a heart problem, and they die of COVID, they say, ‘They died of a heart problem.’ If somebody’s terminally ill with cancer, and they have COVID, we report them [as coronavirus deaths]. And you know, doctors get more money and hospitals get more […]

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CORONAVIRUS/COVID-19/JOE BIDEN/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “A slight change of tone from the president for one night doesn’t cover up the lies he told. It doesn’t change the fact that over 220,000 Americans have died from COVID-19 on his watch. We can’t take another four years of Donald Trump’s failed leadership.“ ––Joe Biden, Twitter.com, October 23, 2020 […]

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CORONAVIRUS/DEBATES: “So, as you know, 2.2 million people, modeled out, were expected to die [from coronavirus]. We closed up the greatest economy in the world in order to fight this horrible disease that came from China. It’s a worldwide pandemic. It’s all over the world. You see the spikes in Europe and many other places […]

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CORONAVIRUS/JOE BIDEN/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: [Adrienne Pedersen: “When it comes to the coronavirus here, Wisconsin is unfortunately making national headlines for coronavirus numbers… As president, what would you do on day one?”] “Take responsibility. This president says it’s not his responsibility. The federal government’s role is have a national response to tackle this national pandemic. But […]

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ANTHONY FAUCI/CORONAVIRUS/COVID-19/EDUCATION/JOE BIDEN/QUOTE/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “Yesterday, @realDonaldTrump decided to attack Dr. Fauci once again, calling him a ‘disaster’ and public health experts ‘idiots.’ Meanwhile, he still has no plan to beat this virus. Waving a white flag and saying, ‘it is what it is’ is unacceptable when thousands are dying each week, when businesses are […]

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CORONAVIRUS/COVID-19: “More than 217,000 Americans dead because of COVID-19. Nearly 4,000 here in the state of North Carolina. On Friday, we saw the highest number of new [coronavirus] cases in one day since July. In the last two days, worst day since July. Yet, the other night Trump said in one of his rallies, ‘We’ve […]

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CORONAVIRUS/COVID-19/JOE BIDEN/QUOTE/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “When President Trump was told one thousand Americans were dying every day from COVID-19, he shrugged it off and said, ‘it is what it is.’ It is what it is? This president doesn’t even pretend to care about the Americans he swore to serve. It’s disgraceful.“ ––Joe Biden, Twitter.com, October 11, […]

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CORONAVIRUS/HISPANICS: “And here we are, we’ve gone through so much since I was here last, because of the incompetence of this administration, 210,000 people dead [from coronavirus]… that’s 40,000 Latinos nationwide, 40,000. 30 million people lost their jobs. Three million Latinos lost their jobs. One in three Latino businesses have closed, and the deep racial […]

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CORONAVIRUS/COVID-19/JOE BIDEN: “It’s estimated that nearly another 200,000 Americans could lose their lives by the end of the year because of this virus. Enough. No more. Let’s set the partisanship aside. Let’s end the politics. Let’s follow the science.” ––Joe Biden, Twitter.com, October 9, 2020 10:05 am […]

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ARIZONA/CORONAVIRUS/COVID-19/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “Look, we’ve paid too high a price already for Donald Trump’s chaotic, divisive leadership. More than 210,000 Americans have lost their lives to this virus. We lose more every single day. Now, these 6,000 Arizonans have been lost. I mean, 6,000 gone, gone. More than 220, 000 Arizonans have been infected with […]

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CORONAVIRUS: “We have paid a high price for allowing the deep divisions in this country to impact how we have dealt with the coronavirus. 210,000 Americans dead and the numbers climbing. It’s estimated that nearly another 210,000 Americans could lose their lives by the end of the year… Let’s set the partisanship aside. Let’s end […]

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CORONAVIRUS/COVID-19/TRUMP’s HEALTH: [Lester Holt: “[W]hen you hear that this president was infected with COVID-19, were you surprised?”] “Quite frankly, I wasn’t surprised… [T]he idea COVID does not spread in proximity. when you don’t have a mask on, when you’re not socially distancing, when there’s a large groups of people, when you’re inside particularly — but […]

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CORONAVIRUS/COVID-19/JOE BIDEN/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “Donald Trump will do everything he can to distract from the fact that because of his failed COVID-19 response: – Over 200,000 Americans have died – 26 million are on unemployment – 1 in 6 small businesses risk permanent closure We can’t let him.“ ––Joe Biden, Twitter.com, October 1, 2020 2:40 […]

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CORONAVIRUS/COVID-19/JOE BIDEN/OBAMA/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “When Ebola hit, President Obama and I took swift action and successfully contained the virus. After COVID-19 hit, President Trump lied to the American people and said it would miraculously ‘disappear.’ Now, over 200,000 lives have been cut short. It’s a national tragedy.“ ––Joe Biden, Twitter.com, September 26, 2020 10:15 am […]

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AFRICAN AMERICANS/CORONAVIRUS/COVID-19/JOE BIDEN: “Over 200,000 Americans have passed away [from coronavirus]. Over 200,000, and the number is still rising. The impact on communities is bad across the board, but particularly bad for African-American communities. Almost four times as likely, three times as likely to catch the disease, COVID, and when it’s caught, twice as likely […]

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CORONAVIRUS/COVID-19: “The U.S. death toll from COVID-19 surpassed 200,000 on Tuesday [Sep. 22, 2020] — reaching what was once the upper limit of some estimates for the pandemic’s impact on Americans… COVID-19 is now one of the leading causes of death in the U.S., which has reported more than 6.8 million coronavirus cases – more […]

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CORONAVIRUS: [Reporter: “Do you think that we could hit another [coronavirus] 200,000-death milestone?”] “Well, I know this: The original numbers were around 200,000, if you do it right, if you did a good job, and if the public worked along. And if you didn’t do it right, you’d be a at two million, two and […]

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CORONAVIRUS/COVID-19: “President Trump was speaking at a rally in Ohio on Monday evening [Sep. 21, 2020] when he said the coronavirus ‘affects virtually nobody.’ On Tuesday, the U.S. reached the grim milestone of 200,000 COVID-19 deaths. The United States has for many months had the highest number of infections and deaths in the world, with […]

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CORONAVIRUS/COVID-19/JOE BIDEN: “200,000 Americans have died from this virus. It’s a staggering number that’s hard to wrap your head around. But behind every COVID-19 death is a family and community that will never again be the same. There’s a devastating human toll to this pandemic — and we can’t forget that.“ ––Joe Biden, Twitter.com, September […]

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CORONAVIRUS/COVID-19/GOLF/JOE BIDEN/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT/TWITTER: “While other nations worked around the clock to get this virus under control, our president was too busy tweeting and golfing. Now, nearly 200,000 Americans have died. It didn’t have to happen this way. https://twitter.com/i/status/1308423054834401281″ ––Joe Biden, Twitter.com, September 22, 2020 5:09 am […]

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CORONAVIRUS/COVID-19/JOE BIDEN: “Today, we’ll pass another grim milestone in this pandemic: 200,000 American lives lost. Jill and I are keeping everyone who’s hurting in our prayers. No words can numb your pain, but know the nation grieves with you. Today is dark, but we will overcome this. Keep the faith.” ––Joe Biden, Twitter.com, September 22, […]

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CORONAVIRUS/JOE BIDEN: “What worries me now is we’ve been living with this pandemic for so long, we’re risking becoming numb to the toll it has taken on us and our country and communities like this. We can’t let that happen. We can’t lose the ability to feel the sorrow and the loss and the anger […]

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CORONAVIRUS/JOE BIDEN: “200,000 deaths recorded as of today because of the coronavirus. 200,000 deaths all across this nation. And it means there are empty chairs and dining room tables and kitchen tables that weeks and months ago were filled with a loved one, a mom, a dad, a brother, a sister. And in many cases, […]

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CORONAVIRUS: “As the coronavirus pandemic began bearing down on the United States in March, President Donald Trump set out his expectations. If the U.S. could keep the death toll between 100,000 to 200,000 people, Trump said, it would indicate that his administration had ‘done a very good job.’ In the coming days, the number of […]

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CORONAVIRUS/COVID-19: [Reporter: “You’ve been saying, sir, and you just said now that we’re turning the corner [on coronavirus]. How do you say that, given that 200,000 people have died?”] “‘Have died.’ And projected — if you look at the initial projections, it was up to 240, 250 thousand if everybody did their job. If they […]

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CORONAVIRUS: “President Donald Trump blamed ‘blue states’ for increasing the nation’s death rate from coronavirus, suggesting that if ‘you take the blue states out’ of the equation the United States would be far more competitive with other countries… New York, California, and New Jersey – all widely considered blue states in the presidential election – […]

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CORONAVIRUS: “If you look at what we’ve done and all of the lives that we’ve saved — and I’m going to ask that a graph be put up, and now it’s up. This was right at the beginning. This was our prediction that if we do a really good job, we’ll be at about a […]

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CORONAVIRUS/COVID-19/INDIA: “Actually falling very steadily and fast. Deaths and hospitalizations way down, and even cases down despite far more Testing than any other country in the World, by far. India second! RT @ScottGottliebMD Overall U.S. Covid cases and hospitalizations continue to fall, driven by sharp declines in the sunbelt states. Key question: Is this the […]

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9/11/CORONAVIRUS/COVID-19/JOE BIDEN: “This year, we mark the anniversary of 9/11 in the midst of another crisis that compels us to summon the best of the American people in the face of unconscionable, inconceivable loss — a crisis that has already taken nearly 200,000 Americans. Now, as then, our heroes are ordinary people doing extraordinary things: […]

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CORONAVIRUS: “And if you look at — we have had flu years where we lost 70,000, 80,000, and 90,000 people. People don’t realize that. But if you look that, and multiply that times five, it’s actually more than we lost. Now, we could have lost two million, 2.5 million [to coronavirus], as Matt said, if […]

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CORONAVIRUS: “Nobody had any idea it [coronavirus] would be as violent as it turned out to be. And we studied it. We understand it. Now we’re opening up. But we could have lost two million, 2.5 million, maybe even more than that, if we did it a different way. And we have done a really […]

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CORONAVIRUS/JOE BIDEN/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “I mean, look, you saw what Columbia Medical School pointed out in March. Had he [Donald Trump] acted one week earlier [on the coronavirus], there’d be over 31,000 more people alive, two weeks earlier, would have been 50,000-some still alive. This caused people to die. What did he do the whole […]

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COVID-19/JOE BIDEN: “America has been knocked down by this pandemic. Over 190,000 Americans are dead. 6.2 million are infected with COVID. 30 million unemployed and nearly one in six small businesses have been shut down. Worst of all it didn’t have to be this way. No other country in the world let COVID spiral so […]

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COVID-19/JOE BIDEN: “This pandemic has crushed our country. The sad thing is it didn’t have to be this bad. It’s not this bad in other countries. More than six million COVID cases in the United States, almost 200,000 deaths, projected to go much higher, and nearly 30 million on unemployment. That doesn’t count the seven […]

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CORONAVIRUS/JOE BIDEN/KAMALA HARRIS/VACCINES: “The United States has experienced among the lowest [coronavirus] case fatality rates of any major country in the world. And we are an absolute leader in every way. Under my leadership, we’ll produce a vaccine in record time. Biden and his very liberal running mate [Kamala Harris] — the most liberal person […]

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CHINA/CORONAVIRUS: “Now, a lot of countries don’t report their [coronavirus] deaths. Obviously, China is not reporting because they had far more than we did. China had far more deaths than we did, in my opinion. It’s just my opinion. But they don’t report their deaths or they don’t report them accurately. And I could — […]

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CORONAVIRUS: “So, on the China virus front, the nations of Europe have experienced a 38 percent greater excess mortality than the United States — 38 percent more greater excess mortality than the United States. A lot of you don’t want to report that. And if we took New York out of the equation, there’s nobody […]

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CORONAVIRUS/JOE BIDEN: “I’ve been doing this a long time, but I’ve never seen a president lack as much leadership, unwilling, an inability to make a deal… Look at other countries. They’re doing one hell of a lot better. Yet, we still have over, what’s it up to, 186,000 people dead [from coronavirus].” -Joe Biden as […]

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CORONAVIRUS/JOE BIDEN: “Mr. President, Americans are canceling weddings and holding funerals without family. They’re sacrificing so more Americans don’t have to die [from coronavirus]. But instead of leading by example, you hosted a super spreader event on the South Lawn. When will you take the presidency seriously?” -Joe Biden, Twitter.com, Aug. 28, 2020 2:14 pm […]

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COVID-19/JOE BIDEN/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “I am sure Donald Trump will stand before America and say the same things his vice president said last night [at the Republican National Convention]. And when he does, remember: every example of violence he decries has happened on his watch. Under his leadership. During his presidency. And of course, as […]

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CHINA/CORONAVIRUS/ECONOMY: “It’s going to be a year of tremendous success. We’re fighting off this horrible thing [coronavirus] that was delivered by China. And it was by China and we’re never going to forget it and I let them know. We’re never going to forget what they did because you know what? We’re going to do […]

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CORONAVIRUS/NEW ZEALAND: “While the novel coronavirus continues to surge through the United States, President Trump noted on Monday that other countries have also seen recent rises. Case in point, he told supporters at a Minnesota airport: New Zealand… New Zealand has seen the virus return this month — but on Monday, it recorded just nine […]

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CHILDREN/CORONAVIRUS/EDUCATION: “Children often have only mild symptoms, and medical complications are incredibly rare — very, very, very rare. Those that do face complications often have underlying medical conditions. In each of the last five years, the flu resulted in more deaths of those under 18 in the United States than have been lost thus far […]

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CHINA/CORONAVIRUS/COVID-19: “I think our attitude on China has changed greatly since the China virus [coronavirus] hit us. I think it changed greatly. It hit the world, and it shouldn’t have. They should have been able to stop it. So, we feel differently. I just don’t know. When you lose so many thousands of people, and […]

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CORONAVIRUS/COVID-19/FLORIDA: [Holly Gregory: “We are on our fourth day of record deaths here in this state… What should Floridians be doing to get a handle on this?”] “Well, the good news is I spoke to your governor. It’s [coronavirus deaths] heading down. It’s going to be heading down… But, you’re on their way down. The […]

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CORONAVIRUS/COVID-19: “And I have to say, America grieves for all of the 150,000 Americans who had their lives taken by this horrible, invisible enemy. We mourn their loss, as a nation; we mourn their loss, as people — as people that love one another. And we’re working very hard to not only contain this horrible […]

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CORONAVIRUS/COVID-19: “Under the circumstances right now, I think it’s [coronavirus] under control. [Jonathan Swan: “How? 1,000 Americans are dying a day.”] “They are dying. That’s true. And it is what it is. But that doesn’t mean we aren’t doing everything we can. It’s under control as much as you can control it. This is a […]

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CORONAVIRUS/COVID-19/JOE BIDEN: “Tonight, Jill and I are thinking about the 150,000 families left emptier by this virus. To anyone who’s struggling, sick, or wondering how they’ll get through the day: know that I will not abandon you. We’ll fight through this crisis together, and emerge stronger than ever.” -Joe Biden, Twitter.com, July 27, 2020 8:30 […]

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CORONAVIRUS/COVID-19/SENIORS: “As discussed yesterday, the China virus poses the greatest threat to our senior citizens, as we all know. The median age for those who die from the virus is 78 years old, and nearly half of the deaths have occurred among those living in nursing homes or long-term care facilities. That’s really something. In […]

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CHILDREN/CORONAVIRUS/COVID-19/JOE BIDEN: “I know that the case of childcare facilities across the nation is dire. People are looking for help desperately, and they’ve had to close their doors and lay off staff. And they’re not getting the protective equipment they need to reopen. The virus hotspots where they exist, and they exist all over the […]

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CORONAVIRUS/COVID-19: “The median age of those who succumb to the China virus is 78 years old. Roughly half of all deaths have been individuals in nursing homes or in long-term care… Young adults may often have mild or even no symptoms. They won’t even know they’re sick. They won’t have any idea that they have […]

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BRAZIL/CORONAVIRUS/COVID-19/RUSSIA: “I see that over the weekend — I guess on Friday — there was a worldwide number of death [over 600,000 coronavirus deaths] worldwide. Because when you watch the news — the local news — and you see it, and it’s, like, all about the United States. They never like to talk about what’s […]

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