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CHINA/CORONAVIRUS/ECONOMY: “It’s going to be a year of tremendous success. We’re fighting off this horrible thing [coronavirus] that was delivered by China. And it was by China and we’re never going to forget it and I let them know. We’re never going to forget what they did because you know what? We’re going to do great economics… we’re going to do better economically than we did last year.

But we can never forget the 175,000 people [who died from coronavirus], which will go up. Remember this though, we saved millions because if we didn’t move and if I didn’t put the ban on highly heavily infected people coming to our nation from China, that everybody told me not to do. Months later, they were saying we shouldn’t… and then they all either apologized or admitted it was right. And Europe. I did Europe too, very early. If we didn’t do that, our numbers would be at a level like you wouldn’t believe.”

-Donald Trump, “12:36 pm President Trump makes surprise appearance during RNC roll,” c-span.org, Aug. 24, 2020