ARIZONA/CORONAVIRUS/COVID-19/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “Look, we’ve paid too high a price already for Donald Trump’s chaotic, divisive leadership. More than 210,000 Americans have lost their lives to this virus. We lose more every single day.

Now, these 6,000 Arizonans have been lost. I mean, 6,000 gone, gone. More than 220, 000 Arizonans have been infected with COVID. 122,000 jobs in Arizona still haven’t come back. Nine times more Arizonans are on unemployment each week than before this crisis hit…

When the House passed the so-called Heroes Act, that’s that second big package they passed to get people on their feet again some time ago, but the President and Mitch McConnell did nothing to move the legislation.”

-Joe Biden, “Joe Biden and Kamala Harris Kick-off the “Soul of the Nation” Bus Tour in Phoenix, AZ,” YouTube.com, Oct. 8, 2020