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HISPANICS: “This crisis, we have I think though an enormous opportunity to build back better… You are the core of the American story. You have a potential. You’re already an economic powerhouse, but the potential to lead the country in the 21st century into the direction that we need to go.

You have close to 20% of the population in the United States, 24 out of every 100 kids in grade school through high school are Latino, and it’s ridiculous that we continue to— policies that this administration has moved forward on and not embrace that and see it as our future. I’m not trying to be solicitous with it. I’m not trying to be nice. You are the future of the country. I mean, you really are.”

-Joe Biden via PBS NewsHour, “WATCH: Biden in Nevada for ‘community stop’ on campaign trail,” YouTube.com, Oct. 9, 2020