CORONAVIRUS/ECONOMY/JOBS/JOE BIDEN: “Our [coronavirus] rescue plan also includes immediate relief for Americans hardest hit and most in need.

We will finish the job of getting a total of $2,000 in direct relief to people who need it the most.

$600 is simply not enough if you still have to choose between paying rent and putting food on the table…

We will also provide more peace of mind for struggling families by extending unemployment insurance benefits for millions of workers.

That means that the 18 million Americans currently relying on unemployment benefits
while they look for work can count on these checks continuing to be there. Plus, there will be a $400 per week supplement to help make ends meet.”

-Joe Biden, “Remarks as Prepared for Delivery by President-elect Joe Biden on the American Rescue Plan and Build Back Better Recovery Plan in Wilmington, Delaware,” buildbackbetter.gov, Jan. 14, 2021