CHINA/TECHNOLOGY/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “United States chip makers are still selling millions of dollars of products to Huawei despite a Trump administration ban on the sale of American technology to the Chinese telecommunications giant, according to four people with knowledge of the sales. Industry leaders including Intel and Micron have found ways to avoid labeling goods […]

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BUSINESS/CHINA/TECHNOLOGY/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “Huawei, the embattled Chinese technology giant, is slashing its sales expectations for this year by around $25 billion as the Trump administration’s clampdown on the firm takes a bite out of its business. At an event on Monday [6-17-19] at Huawei’s headquarters in Shenzhen, the company’s chief executive, Ren Zhengfei, said he […]

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BUSINESS/TARIFFS/TECHNOLOGY/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “President Donald Trump told reporters he met with Apple CEO Tim Cook at the White House today, though it was not immediately clear what the pair discussed. Cook’s visit comes as Trump is threatening to impose tariffs on roughly $300 billion worth of goods imported from China, including Apple’s flagship iPhone. The […]

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BUSINESS/CHINA/TECHNOLOGY/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “President Trump has finally succeeded in building his wall: not the one he keeps demanding on the southwestern border, but a far more complex barrier meant to block China’s national telecommunications champion, Huawei, from operating in the United States and starve it of American technology as it builds networks around the globe. […]

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CHINA/EU/TECHNOLOGY/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “Donald Trump’s plan to isolate Huawei on the world stage is going down like a lead balloon. While a series of measures announced this week aimed to ramp up pressure on U.S. allies to shun the Chinese telecom giant, none of them are so far rushing to follow Washington’s lead. Instead, two […]

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CHINA/CRIME/TECHNOLOGY/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “The Trump administration has filed criminal charges against Huawei for stealing technology. It has all but snuffed out the Chinese tech giant’s sales in the United States, calling the firm an espionage threat. And it has tried to persuade other governments to do similarly. But Washington had not taken a straight shot at […]

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CHINA/NATIONAL SECURITY/TECHNOLOGY/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “President Trump moved on Wednesday [5-15-19] to ban American telecommunications firms from installing foreign-made equipment that could pose a threat to national security, White House officials said, stepping up a battle against China by effectively barring sales by Huawei, the country’s leading networking company. Mr. Trump issued an executive order instructing […]

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ATTORNEY GENERAL/COMMERCE/DEFENSE/DHS/DNI/ECONOMY/FCC/INFRASTRUCTURE/NATIONAL SECURITY/SECRETARY OF STATE/TECHNOLOGY/TREASURY/TRUMP EXECUTIVE ORDERS: “I, DONALD J. TRUMP, President of the United States of America, find that foreign adversaries are increasingly creating and exploiting vulnerabilities in information and communications technology and services, which store and communicate vast amounts of sensitive information, facilitate the digital economy, and support critical infrastructure and vital emergency services, […]

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DEFENSE/INTELLIGENCE/TECHNOLOGY/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “More space technologies that were long only available in the defense and intelligence communities are beginning to break into the commercial market — in part because of the Trump administration’s willingness to consider such transfers, according to Melanie Corcoran-Freelander, the chief technology officer at Ursa Space Systems, which uses synthetic aperture radar […]

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TECHNOLOGY/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “President Donald Trump finally took sides Friday [4-12-19] in a fight among his advisers about the best way to advance super-fast 5G wireless networks in the U.S., backing administration officials who want to keep the federal government from grabbing a bigger role from industry…The comments offered a sign that Trump is siding, […]

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ECONOMY/TECHNOLOGY/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “President Donald Trump said Friday [4-12-19] the United States should not nationalize its 5G network and said private companies should move quickly to deploy the faster next-generation network. ‘In the United States our approach is private-sector driven and private-sector led. The government doesn’t have to spend lots of money,’ Trump said. ‘Leading […]

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TECHNOLOGY/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “President Donald Trump on Wednesday [4-3-19] ordered a crackdown on counterfeit products on third-party online marketplaces, asking for more information on how the United States can better track and curb such sales. The memo signed by Trump said that the value of global trade in counterfeit and pirated goods may rise to […]

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COMMERCE/TECHNOLOGY/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT/TRUMP PEOPLE: “The Trump administration is feuding internally over the fate of airwaves critical to 5G networks, threatening to undermine the country’s push to speed development of the super-fast wireless service and set the global standards around the technology. The clash pits FCC Chairman Ajit Pai against Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross and NASA […]

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TECHNOLOGY/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “Just met with @SundarPichai, President of @Google, who is obviously doing quite well. He stated strongly that he is totally committed to the U.S. Military, not the Chinese Military….” –Donald Trump, Twitter.com, March 27, 2019 2:38 pm […]

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CHINA/MILITARY/TECHNOLOGY/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “Amid growing concern about the risks of Google and other U.S. companies doing business in China, President Donald Trump said Wednesday that the CEO of Google has “strongly stated” that he is ‘totally committed’ to the American, not Chinese, military. Earlier this month, Trump accused Google in a tweet of ‘helping China […]

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INFRASTRUCTURE/INTELLIGENCE/TECHNOLOGY/TRUMP EXECUTIVE ORDERS: “By the authority vested in me as President by the Constitution and the laws of the United States of America, it is hereby ordered as follows… An electromagnetic pulse (EMP) has the potential to disrupt, degrade, and damage technology and critical infrastructure systems. Human-made or naturally occurring EMPs can affect large geographic […]

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AIRLINE INDUSTRY/TECHNOLOGY/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “President Donald Trump and Boeing CEO Dennis Muilenburg spoke by telephone Tuesday [3-12-19], following Trump’s tweet about how flying has become too complicated, according to two sources familiar with the conversation. Muilenburg has talked to Trump frequently and appeared alongside him several times during the first two years of his presidency…Trump’s […]

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MEDIA/TECHNOLOGY/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “At a recent round table meeting of business executives, & long after formally introducing Tim Cook of Apple, I quickly referred to Tim + Apple as Tim/Apple as an easy way to save time & words. The Fake News was disparagingly all over this, & it became yet another bad Trump story!”  […]

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DEMS/JUSTICE DEPARTMENT/TECHNOLOGY/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “President Trump reportedly tried to block the AT&T-Time Warner merger. Now Democrats on Capitol Hill want answers. In letters sent Thursday [3-7-19] to White House counsel Pat Cipollone and Department of Justice antitrust chief Makan Delrahim, House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler (D-NY) and Rep. David Cicilline have requested ‘relevant documents […]

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TECHNOLOGY/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “U.S. President Donald Trump on Thursday [2-21-19] called on U.S. telecommunications companies to boost their work to build faster 5G wireless communications networks, saying they were lagging and at risk of being left behind other countries’ efforts…The Trump administration has been seeking ways to speed the deployment of faster wireless communications systems […]

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NATIONAL SECURITY/TECHNOLOGY/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “President Donald Trump today argued U.S. companies must take the lead in the global race to build next-generation wireless networks — and made a cryptic warning against blocking certain technology from being used in their development…In a followup, he added, ‘I want the United States to win through competition, not by […]

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TECHNOLOGY/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “….something that is so obviously the future. I want the United States to win through competition, not by blocking out currently more advanced technologies. We must always be the leader in everything we do, especially when it comes to the very exciting world of technology!” -Donald Trump, Twitter.com, February 21, 2019 8:59 […]

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TECHNOLOGY/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “I want 5G, and even 6G, technology in the United States as soon as possible. It is far more powerful, faster, and smarter than the current standard. American companies must step up their efforts, or get left behind. There is no reason that we should be lagging behind on………” –Donald Trump, Twitter.com, […]

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NATIONAL SECURITY/TECHNOLOGY/TRUMP EXECUTIVE ORDERS: “By the authority vested in me as President by the Constitution and the laws of the United States of America, it is hereby ordered as follows: Section 1.  Policy and Principles.  Artificial Intelligence (AI) promises to drive growth of the United States economy, enhance our economic and national security, and improve […]

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2016 ELECTION/LAWSUIT/RUSSIA/TECHNOLOGY/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “A federal judge ruled in favor of BuzzFeed on Wednesday [12-19-18], bringing to a close a defamation lawsuit filed by a Russian technology executive over the website’s publication of a dossier containing unverified reports of connections between Donald J. Trump’s presidential campaign and the Russian government. In her ruling, Judge Ursula […]

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CANADA/CHINA/SANCTIONS/TECHNOLOGY/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “Canada’s foreign minister warned top Trump administration officials on Friday [12-14-18] not to politicize the pending extradition of Chinese technology executive Meng Wanzhou. ‘Canada understands the rule of law and extradition ought not ever to be politicized or used as tools to resolve other issues,’ Chrystia Freeland, Canada’s foreign affairs minister, told […]

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CANADA/CHINA/TECHNOLOGY/TRADE DEALS/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “Top law enforcement officials on Wednesday [12-12-18] pushed back on comments from President Donald Trump suggesting the prosecution of a Chinese telecommunications executive could be used as leverage in trade negotiations…Demers said Wednesday that if Huawei CFO Meng Wanzhou is extradited from Canada, as the US has requested, ‘our criminal case […]

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CHINA/CYBERWAR/TECHNOLOGY/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “Looming indictments against Chinese government hackers are part of a Trump administration push coming this week to highlight Beijing’s rampant theft of intellectual property and campaign of cyber intrusions, according to The Washington Post. In addition to the indictments over digital breaches, which The Wall Street Journal and POLITICO reported last week, […]

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BUSINESS/TECHNOLOGY/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “Amazon’s move to establish a new headquarters in the Washington area will have one immediate political impact: putting CEO Jeff Bezos more in President Donald Trump’s face than ever. Bezos’ ownership of The Washington Post, which he bought back in 2013, has enraged Trump, sparking Twitter-fueled allegations from the president that Amazon […]

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DEMS/REGULATIONS/SOCIAL MEDIA/TECHNOLOGY/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “U.S. President Donald Trump said he would consider working with Democrats to regulate social media companies, after he and other conservatives accused companies such as Twitter Inc, Facebook Inc and Alphabet Inc’s Google of allegedly stifling right wing views. In an extended news conference on Wednesday [11-7-18], Trump, however, urged caution […]

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CHINA/TARIFFS/TECHNOLOGY/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “Apple prices may increase because of the massive Tariffs we may be imposing on China – but there is an easy solution where there would be ZERO tax, and indeed a tax incentive. Make your products in the United States instead of China. Start building new plants now. Exciting! #MAGA” –Donald Trump, […]

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CHINA/TARIFFS/TECHNOLOGY/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “Four major tech companies have sent a last minute letter to the Office of the US Trade Representative asking to be exempted from a possible new round of tariffs on $200 billion worth of Chinese imports. The companies, Dell, (DVMT) Cisco (CSCO), Juniper Networks (JNPR)and Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE), are worried the […]

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DEFENSE/ICE/TECHNOLOGY/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “Alex Karp grew up in a liberal household and considers himself a progressive. He voted for Hillary Clinton, and he lives and works in Silicon Valley. Yet Mr. Karp, the chief executive of Palantir, has found himself increasingly at odds with his peers in the technology industry as it publicly distances itself […]

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OBAMA/SOCIAL MEDIA/TECHNOLOGY/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “U.S. President Donald Trump on Wednesday [8-29-18] renewed his attacks on technology companies and platforms including Twitter Inc, Facebook Inc and Alphabet Inc’s Google, saying they were ‘trying to silence’ people. Speaking to reporters at the White House, Trump suggested, without evidence, that the companies’ activities may be illegal. He later […]

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SOCIAL MEDIA/TECHNOLOGY/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT/TRUMP PEOPLE: “President Trump, in a series of early morning Twitter posts on Tuesday [8-28-18], attacked Google for what he claimed was an effort to intentionally suppress conservative news outlets supportive of his administration. Mr. Trump’s remarks — and an additional warning later in the day that Google, Facebook and Twitter ‘have […]

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MEDIA/REGULATIONS/TECHNOLOGY/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “White House economic adviser Larry Kudlow said Tuesday [8-28-18] that the administration is ‘taking a look’ at imposing regulations on Google following President Donald Trump’s tweet Tuesday accusing the search giant of favoring news outlets critical of him in search results. Trump tweeted early Tuesday morning that Google’s search results show only […]

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CHINA/CONGRESS/MILITARY/RUSSIA/TECHNOLOGY/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “The U.S. Congress is sending President Donald Trump legislation that would force technology companies to disclose if they allowed countries like China and Russia to examine the inner workings of software sold to the U.S. military. The legislation, part of the Pentagon’s spending bill, was drafted after a Reuters investigation last year […]

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BUSINESS/CHINA/GOP/SANCTION/TECHNOLOGY/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “Republican lawmakers backed away from a plan to reinstate stiff penalties on Chinese telecom firm ZTE, handing a win to President Trump, who had personally intervened to save the Beijing company. Congressional leaders removed a provision, tucked into a military policy bill, that would have stopped the Trump administration from lifting penalties […]

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CHINA/CONGRESS/SANCTIONS/TECHNOLOGY/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “Senate and House negotiators removed from a must-pass defense bill a legislative attempt to undo President’s Donald Trump’s deal with Beijing to save Chinese telecommunications giant ZTE Corp. , which has been deemed a sanctions violator and a threat to national security by U.S. officials, according to people familiar with the matter. […]

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CHINA/SANCTIONS/TECHNOLOGY/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “U.S. lawmakers who reached an agreement on a must-pass defense bill cut from the legislation a measure that would have made it harder for the president to undo sanctions slapped on China’s ZTE Corp (0763.HK), a top Democrat in the Senate said on Friday [7-20-18]. Lawmakers from both parties have been at […]

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COMMERCE/CRISIS/ECONOMY/EDUCATION/JOBS/LABOR/TECHNOLOGY/TRUMP EXECUTIVE ORDERS/UNION: “By the authority vested in me as President by the Constitution and the laws of the United States of America, and in order to provide a coordinated process for developing a national strategy to ensure that America’s students and workers have access to affordable, relevant, and innovative education and job training that will equip them […]

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BUSINESS/CHINA/TARIFFS/TECHNOLOGY/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “President Donald Trump backed away from plans to create tough new restrictions on Chinese investments in the U.S. and U.S. technology exports to China, defusing one fight with Beijing as American business officials try to head off a looming battle over tariffs. The White House opted for a less confrontational approach with […]

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BUSINESS/CHINA/TARIFFS/TECHNOLOGY/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “President Donald Trump suggested Tuesday [6-26-18] that he will ease off his demands for tough new restrictions on Chinese investment in technology industries and will rely instead on a 1988 law being updated by Congress that authorizes the government to review foreign investments for national security problems. He called a recent article […]

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BUSINESS/CHINA/SENATE/TECHNOLOGY/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “The White House moved to protect its deal with Beijing to rescue ZTE Corp, taking steps to head off a bipartisan effort to use a must-pass defense bill to reinstate a ban on sales of U.S. components to the Chinese telecommunication company. A senior White House official said Wednesday [6-13-18] that the […]

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BUSINESS/CHINA/TECHNOLOGY/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “The Senate is on the verge of directly undercutting a key piece of President Donald Trump’s trade negotiations with China, as a bipartisan group of lawmakers successfully pushed for the inclusion of a bill to undo a deal to save Chinese telecom ZTE. Lawmakers are on track to attach an amendment to […]

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CHINA/TECHNOLOGY/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “Once derided as a technology backwater and copycat, China is justifiably proud of its technology boom. Its people zip around the country on high-speed trains. They can buy, and pay for, just about anything with their smartphones. For Chinese traveling abroad, the rest of the world can seem slow and antiquated. Now, […]

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CHINA/NORTH KOREA/TECHNOLOGY/TRADE DEALS/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “Chinese negotiators are preparing to offer the United States a mammoth package of promises to buy more American goods, in a bid to pare down the trade deficit between the two countries and to defuse President Trump’s aggressive moves against China’s trade practices. The package, which officials said could approach […]

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BUSINESS/CHINA/SANCTIONS/TECHNOLOGY/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “The House Appropriations Committee on Thursday [5-17-18] quietly rejected the Trump administration’s efforts to help restore the U.S. operations of the controversial Chinese tech megafirm, ZTE. Lawmakers from both parties unanimously agreed to include in an appropriations bill a provision that would uphold sanctions against the Chinese phone-maker, just days after President […]

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BUSINESS/CHINA/TECHNOLOGY/TRADE DEALS/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “As the United States and China spar over trade, both sides are using a beleagured Chinese telecom company as a pawn in a geopolitical game, a strategy that could yield concessions in talks this week in Washington. Mr. Trump’s offer to throw a lifeline to the company, ZTE, found a receptive […]

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BUSINESS/CHINA/SANCTIONS/TECHNOLOGY/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “The White House on Monday [5-14-18] said President Donald Trump asked his commerce secretary to look into lifting or easing sanctions against a Chinese telecommunications company as part of a ‘give and take’ with China…In a surprising overture to China, Trump tweeted Sunday [5-13-18] that he would help ZTE Corp., a major […]

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CHINA/TECHNOLOGY/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “White House officials promised to keep the U.S. in the lead on emerging artificial-intelligence technologies, despite growing competition from China and worries about potential impacts on American workers. At a White House conference on artificial intelligence, Trump technology adviser Michael Kratsios pledged that the administration would make a priority of advancing artificial-intelligence […]

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TECHNOLOGY/TRUMP EXECUTIVE ORDERS: “By the authority vested in me as President by the Constitution and the laws of the United States of America, it is hereby ordered as follows: Section 1. Policy. It is the policy of the United States to promote the secure, efficient, and economical use of information technology to achieve its missions. […]

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FCC/INTERNET PRIVACY/POLITICS: “Now that Republicans are in charge, the federal government is poised to roll back regulations limiting access to consumers’ online data. States have other ideas. As on climate change, immigration and a host of other issues, some state legislatures may prove to be a counterweight to Washington by enacting new regulations to increase […]

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