DEFENSE/INTELLIGENCE/TECHNOLOGY/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “More space technologies that were long only available in the defense and intelligence communities are beginning to break into the commercial market — in part because of the Trump administration’s willingness to consider such transfers, according to Melanie Corcoran-Freelander, the chief technology officer at Ursa Space Systems, which uses synthetic aperture radar to provide companies intelligence on things like ship movements or oil pipelines…Ursa gets its images in part from foreign synthetic aperture radar satellites because the U.S. has no commercial satellites with this capability. That, however, is about to change. Corcoran-Freelander said there are at least five domestic companies preparing to launch SAR satellites.”

Jacqueline Klimas, “How the Trump administration is helping some space spy tech go commercial,” Politico, May 10, 2019 6:45 am