IRS/JOE BIDEN/OBAMA: “The I.R.S. subjected both President Donald J. Trump’s predecessor and his successor to annual audits of their tax returns once they took office, spokespeople for Barack Obama and President Biden said on Wednesday, intensifying questions about how Mr. Trump escaped such scrutiny until Democrats in the House started inquiring. Late Tuesday [December 20, […]

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IRS/TRUMP TAXES: “The Internal Revenue Service failed to audit former President Donald J. Trump during his first two years in office despite a program that makes the auditing of sitting presidents mandatory, a House committee revealed on Tuesday after an extraordinary vote to make public six years of his tax returns… Starting in 2018, the […]

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IRS/CONGRESS/SUPREME COURT/TRUMP TAXES: “Former President Donald Trump asked the full bench of the DC US Circuit Court of Appeals to review a recent appellate panel ruling okaying the Internal Revenue Service’s release of Trump’s tax returns to a House committee… The ruling was not set to go into effect immediately, and under DC’s federal circuit […]

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ANDREW MCCABE/FBI/IRS/JAMES COMEY: “The New York Times… reported Wednesday [July 6, 2022] on James Comey and Andrew McCabe facing unusual IRS audits. It raised the prospect of Donald Trump engaging in Nixonian abuses: Both the former FBI director and his deputy drew the ire of the Republican president, and it seemed like it’d be an […]

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IRS/TRUMP TAXES: “Lawyers for former President Donald Trump urged a federal judge late Tuesday to block the Treasury Department and the IRS from giving his tax returns to the House Ways and Means Committee… The committee sued the Treasury Department when it refused to hand over the returns during the Trump administration. But the Biden […]

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DOJ/IRS/TRUMP TAXES: “The income tax returns of former President Donald Trump must be released by the IRS to Congress, the Department of Justice said Friday. The DOJ’s Office of Legal Counsel said the Democratic-led House Ways and Means Committee had made a request with a legitimate legislative purpose to see Trump’s tax returns, with a […]

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IRS/TRUMP TAXES: “I am under audit. No person in their right mind would release [their taxes], prior to working out the deal with the IRS. And I’ll go a step further. I’m treated very badly by the IRS. They treat me very, very badly. You have people in there from previous administrations that treat me […]

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IRS/TRUMP TAXES: “[T]he IRS treats me just like they used to treat the Tea Party, except worse. And I’m under tax audit. I have been for a long period of time. We made a deal a long time ago. And once I ran for politics, that deal was like — we didn’t make it. So, […]

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BENGHAZI/CORRUPTION/JOE BIDEN/HILLARY CLINTON/IRS/IRAN/MICHAEL FLYNN/OBAMA/OBAMA ADMINISTRATION/RUSSIA INVESTIGATION: “The Obama/Biden Administration is the most CORRUPT in HISTORY! RT @Jim_Jordan Obama/Biden scandals: -Fast & Furious -Solyndra -Benghazi -IRS targeting -Opperation Choke Point -Spying on journalists -VA waiting lists -Cash payments to Iran -Clinton emails -Unmasking of political rivals -Crossfire Hurricane/Russia Hoax -Crossfire Razor/Flynn Don’t forget!“ –Donald Trump, Twitter.com, […]

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HOUSE OF REPS/IRS/LAWSUIT/TREASURY/TRUMP TAXES: “The House sued the Treasury Department and the Internal Revenue Service on Tuesday [7-2-19], demanding access to President Trump’s tax returns and escalating a fight with an administration that has repeatedly dismissed as illegitimate its attempt to obtain the financial records. The lawsuit moves the dispute into the federal courts after […]

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IRS/TRUMP BUSINESS/TRUMP TAXES: “President Trump on Wednesday [5-8-19] defended the more than $1 billion he reported in business losses between 1985 and 1994, a previously undisclosed amount revealed in a New York Times investigation, as a best practice that other real estate developers had also used. Yet even as he tried to explain in a […]

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ATTORNEY GENERAL/DEMS/IRS/TREASURY/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “A Democrat on the House Ways and Means Committee said Tuesday [5-7-19] he does not want to throw Attorney General William Barr in jail but is ‘ready to do so,’…Doggett is one of the more liberal members of the House Ways and Means Committee and the Democratic leadership of that committee […]

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CRIME/GOP/IRS/TRUMP PEOPLE: “The Trump campaign is distancing itself from one of its highest-profile supporters, David Bossie, two days after the president’s longtime friend was accused of using his political group to scam elderly Republican voters for his own financial gain…The statement did not mention Bossie by name but appeared to be a clear rebuke of […]

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IRS/TRUMP TAXES: “By the time his master-of-the-universe memoir ‘Trump: The Art of the Deal’ hit bookstores in 1987, Donald J. Trump was already in deep financial distress, losing tens of millions of dollars on troubled business deals, according to previously unrevealed figures from his federal income tax returns. Mr. Trump was propelled to the presidency, […]

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IRS/STEVE MNUCHIN/TREASURY/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT/TRUMP TAXES: “Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin left little doubt Tuesday [4-23-19] that the administration will reject a congressional request for President Donald Trump’s tax returns by a self-imposed May 6 target for a ‘final decision,’ setting the stage for a legal battle that will test the limits of congressional oversight. In a […]

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DEMS/HOUSE OF REPS/IRS/TRUMP TAXES: “President Trump’s personal lawyer on Monday [4-15-19] urged the Treasury Department not to hand over Mr. Trump’s tax returns to House Democrats, warning that releasing the documents to lawmakers he accused of having a ‘radical view of unchecked congressional power’ would turn the Internal Revenue Service into a political weapon. It […]

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IRS/NOMINATION/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT/TRUMP PEOPLE: “President Trump earlier this year asked Senator Mitch McConnell, the majority leader, to prioritize a confirmation vote for his nominee to be the chief counsel of the Internal Revenue Service, indicating that it was a higher priority than voting on the nomination of William P. Barr as attorney general, a person […]

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DEMS/HOUSE OF REPS/IRS/SPENDING/TREASURY/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “The House passed a financial services spending bill on Wednesday [1-9-19], the first of four appropriations bills the House will vote on this week in an attempt to reopen shuttered parts of government, despite the fact that the measures are not expected to go anywhere in the Senate and face […]

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GOVERNMENT/IRS/TAXES/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “Americans can still expect to get their tax refunds even though the Internal Revenue Service has been swept up in the federal government shutdown. ‘Tax refunds will go out,’ acting director of the Office of Management and Budget Russell Vought told reporters on Monday. He added that the Trump administration is working […]

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DEMS/IRS/SENATE/TREASURY/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “The Senate passed legislation Wednesday [12-12-18] to reverse a Trump administration policy limiting donor disclosure requirements for political nonprofits in a rare rebuke to the White House. In a 50-49 vote, the Senate approved a resolution from Sens. Jon Tester (D-Mont.) and Ron Wyden (D-Ore.) that would block the recent Treasury Department […]

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ATTORNEY GENERAL/IRS/LEGAL/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT/TRUMP BUSINESS: “The attorneys general of the District of Columbia and Maryland plan to file subpoenas Tuesday [12-4-18] seeking records from the Trump Organization, the Internal Revenue Service and dozens of other entities as part of a lawsuit accusing Donald Trump of profiting off the presidency. The flurry of subpoenas came a […]

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IRS/NOMINATIONS/SENATE/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT/TRUMP PEOPLE: “The U.S. Senate on Wednesday [9-12-18] confirmed President Donald Trump’s choice of Beverly Hills, California, tax lawyer Charles Rettig to be commissioner of the Internal Revenue Service, the federal agency that implements tax laws. The Senate voted 64-33 to install Rettig, who will replace Acting Commissioner David Kautter. Kautter has been […]

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IRS/LEGAL/PAUL MANAFORT/ROBERT MUELLER/TRUMP PEOPLE: “Paul Manafort, the former Trump campaign chairman being tried on federal tax and bank fraud charges, didn’t declare more than $16 million in income to the U.S. Treasury over a five-year span, an IRS revenue agent testified Wednesday [8-8-18]. The IRS revenue agent, Michael Welch, told jurors that a large chunk […]

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DEMS/IRS/TREASURY/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “Gov. Steve Bullock of Montana, a Democrat who has crusaded against the loosening of campaign finance rules, is suing the Trump administration to block it from eliminating a mandate that politically active nonprofit groups disclose the identities of their major donors to the government. The Treasury Department announced last week that the […]

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GOP/IRS/SUPREME COURT/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “The Trump administration will end a longstanding requirement that certain nonprofit organizations disclose the names of large donors to the Internal Revenue Service, a move that will allow some political groups to shield their sources of funding from government scrutiny. The change, which has long been sought by conservatives and Republicans […]

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IRS/NOMINATIONS/TRUMP PEOPLE: “President Donald Trump’s nominee to head the IRS owns a stake in two rental units at a Trump-branded hotel in Hawaii. Charles Rettig was questioned by members of the Senate Finance Committee Thursday [6-28-18] on topics ranging from his experience as a tax attorney to his management style. He was also asked to […]

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BUDGET/GOP/IRS/TAXES/TREASURY: “A turf battle is breaking out in the Republican Party over which agencies should have a say in writing new regulations stemming from last year’s landmark tax legislation. Some Republican senators are pressuring the Office of Management and Budget to get involved in reviewing tax regulations, breaking a 35-year-old practice where tax regulatory work […]

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CONFLICT OF INTERESTS/ETHICS/IRS/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT/TRUMP FAMILY/MELANIA: “President Trump’s inaugural committee paid nearly $26 million to an event planning firm started by an adviser to the first lady, Melania Trump, while donating $5 million — less than expected — to charity, according to tax filings released on Thursday [2-15-18]. The nonprofit group that oversaw Mr. Trump’s […]

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HEALTHCARE/IRS/OBAMACARE(ACA): “Businesses are pushing back on the Internal Revenue Service’s decision to begin enforcing the Affordable Care Act’s employer insurance mandate, challenging penalties that run into the millions and asserting the agency is wrong to impose the fines. The ACA imposes a penalty on employers with more than 50 workers who don’t provide qualifying coverage […]

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IRS/NOMINATIONS/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “The White House announced Thursday [2-8-18] that President Donald Trump will nominate Charles Rettig, a California tax lawyer, to run the Internal Revenue Service, which is implementing the GOP tax overhaul this year. Mr. Rettig, if confirmed by the Senate, will face a number of challenges at the agency. With the new […]

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BUDGET/IRS/TREASURY: “The Congressional Budget Office said Wednesday [1-31-18] the government will most likely run out of cash to pay its bills in the first half of March unless Congress raises the federal borrowing limit. CBO previously had projected Treasury would run out of cash in ‘late March or early April,’ but said the effects of […]

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IRS/TAXES/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “President Donald Trump will nominate tax lawyer Charles ‘Chuck’ Rettig to head the IRS, multiple sources with knowledge of the White House selection process told POLITICO on Tuesday night. If confirmed by the Senate, Rettig would join the agency at one of its most challenging times, as it implements a sweeping new […]

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IRS/STATE/TAXES: “A law that would deny or revoke passports for U.S. citizens with seriously delinquent tax debt is set to take effect later this month. Under the law, the Internal Revenue Service is required to notify the State Department after it has certified that an individual has unpaid federal taxes, including penalties and interest, of […]

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GOP/IRS/STEVE MNUCHIN/TREASURY: “Republican lawmakers have said they intend to pass a technical corrections bill, but any new law is likely to need 60 votes in the Senate, a difficult hurdle. Lawmakers have already started to re-examine one change that would give some farmers and cooperatives a significant tax advantage over their competitors. Mr. Mnuchin also […]

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BUDGET/IRS/STEVEN MNUCHIN/TREASURY: “When Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin was asked at his confirmation hearing what he thought about using private companies to collect money owed to the government, he replied that it ‘seems like a very obvious thing to do.’ It may have been obvious, but it certainly was not economical. Private debt collectors cost the […]

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BUDGET/IRS/TAXES: “The Internal Revenue Service, after years of budget cuts, will have its hands full implementing the new tax law, according to the agency’s in-house public advocate. The tax agency needs to update forms, create new definitions, write regulations and field questions from taxpayers, which tend to increase when Congress passes new laws. That will […]

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GOP/IRS/TAXES/TREASURY/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “The most sweeping tax code overhaul in a generation will soon head to President Donald Trump’s desk — and Republicans are enjoying a victory dance. Now comes the real-world turmoil. America’s new tax system will go into effect in just 12 days, and payroll companies are bracing for confusion as they figure […]

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IRS: “For years, conservative activists have clamored for the ouster of John A. Koskinen, the Internal Revenue Service commissioner, who became a boogeyman for the right amid accusations that the agency was unfairly targeting Republicans. This week, their wish for his departure will finally be fulfilled. Mr. Koskinen’s term in office ends on Thursday [11-9-17], […]

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IRS: “The U.S. is on pace to see a record number of Americans shed their citizenship for the fifth year in a row, as the Internal Revenue Service expands its reach overseas. More than 4,400 Americans renounced their citizenship in the first three quarters of 2017, including about 1,370 in the quarter that ended on […]

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IRS/JUSTICE DEPARTMENT/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “The Trump administration on Thursday [10-26-17] said it has agreed to pay between $1 million and $10 million to settle lawsuits against the Internal Revenue Service for targeting tea-party groups in the Obama era, saying in court documents that the IRS ‘admits that its treatment…was wrong.’ The Justice Department entered into […]

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IRS/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “President Donald Trump will name David Kautter as acting commissioner of the U.S. Internal Revenue Service, the White House said in a statement on Thursday [10-26-17]. Kautter, who is assistant secretary of the Treasury for tax policy, would become the acting head of the federal government’s revenue collection service effective Nov. 13, […]

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FOREIGN POLICY/IRS/TAXES/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “President Trump and congressional lawmakers are not the only ones interested in collecting taxes on global profits that American corporations are hoarding overseas. European regulators, knee deep in their own campaign to stamp out tax avoidance, have their own plans for that money. Last week, for instance, the European Commission billed […]

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CYBERWAR/IRS: “The IRS will pay Equifax $7.25 million to verify taxpayer identities and help prevent fraud under a no-bid contract issued last week, even as lawmakers lash the embattled company about a massive security breach that exposed personal information of as many as 145.5 million Americans. A contract award for Equifax’s data services was posted […]

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HEALTHCARE/IRS/OBAMACARE(ACA)/RELIGION/TRUMP EXEC ORDERS: ” ‘Promoting Free Speech and Religious Liberty’ The order eases IRS enforcement of the Johnson Amendment, which bans churches from engaging in political speech. It also gives relief to companies that disagree with the Affordable Care Act mandate on contraception in health care coverage. Although the order shows Trump delivering on a […]

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IRS/TAXES/TREASURY/TRUMP EXECUTIVE ORDERS: “By the authority vested in me as President by the Constitution and the laws of the United States of America, it is hereby ordered as follows: Section 1. Policy. The Federal tax system should be simple, fair, efficient, and pro-growth. The purposes of tax regulations should be to bring clarity to the […]

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IRS/TEA PARTY: “What a surprise! Newly released audit proves that the IRS only targeted Tea Party groups http://t.co/ASIzGZlaWT”  – 6/27/2013, Donald Trump, Twitter.com, trumptwitterarchive.com, 6/27/2013 […]

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IRS/MEDIA: “Stephanie Cutter Attended WH Meetings With IRS Chief http://t.co/lhUdSYPjLc Great investigative work by Jim Hoft @gatewaypundit”  – 6/5/2013, Donald Trump, Twitter.com, trumptwitterarchive.com, 6/5/2013 […]

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IRS: “Serious stuff-IRS Commissioner visited White House 157 times, far more than Sec. of State or Defense. What a big story this is!”  – 5/30/2013, Donald Trump, Twitter.com, trumptwitterarchive.com, 5/30/2013 […]

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IRS/OBAMA: “WH counsel met with IRS lawyer 3x in 2012, once in September http://t.co/ZPg14zTjv5 But Obama just learned through news reports?”  – 5/24/2013, Donald Trump, Twitter.com, trumptwitterarchive.com, 5/24/2013 […]

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GOP/IRS/OBAMA: “Isn’t it amazing that Obama ‘never knew’ about the IRS scandals until he saw it in the news?! [2:44:28 PM] Very sad that Republican donors were targeted by Obama’s IRS. [3:15:54 PM]“  – 5/21/2013, Donald Trump, Twitter.com, trumptwitterarchive.com, 5/21/2013 […]

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IRS/OBAMA/TEA PARTY: “He @BarackObama is using the IRS to sabotage the Tea Party http://t.co/VN7SsY4t What about the Occupy Wall Street groups?” [2:55:37 PM]  – 3/6/2012, Donald Trump, Twitter.com, Trumptwitterarchive.com, 3/6/2012 […]

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