IRS/JOE BIDEN/OBAMA: “The I.R.S. subjected both President Donald J. Trump’s predecessor and his successor to annual audits of their tax returns once they took office, spokespeople for Barack Obama and President Biden said on Wednesday, intensifying questions about how Mr. Trump escaped such scrutiny until Democrats in the House started inquiring.

Late Tuesday [December 20, 2022], a House committee revealed that the I.R.S. failed to audit Mr. Trump during his first two years in office despite a rule that states that ‘the individual tax returns for the president and the vice president are subject to mandatory review.’ But its report left unclear whether that lapse reflected general dysfunction or whether Mr. Trump received special treatment.”

-Charlie Savage and Alan Rappeport, “I.R.S. Routinely Audited Obama and Biden, Raising Questions Over Delays for Trump,” nytimes.com, December 21, 2022