GOP/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “A vote for Republicans is a vote for safe communities and a vote for the American dream. A vote for the American dream. And always remember, Abraham Lincoln, the great Abraham Lincoln, was a Republican. We have to bring that up, because most people don’t know that. And I can be more […]

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GOP: “A vote for Republicans is a vote for the American dream. That’s what it is. Abraham Lincoln. Abraham Lincoln was a Republican.” -Donald Trump, “LIVE: President Donald Trump in Lansing, MI #Michigan,” YouTube.com, Oct. 27, 2020 […]

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AFRICAN AMERICANS: “And I’d say this, I say it loudly and clearly, no president has done what I’ve done in the most positive sense for the African American community other than Abraham Lincoln, and it’s true… And people maybe don’t like to talk about it, but nobody’s done what I’ve done, except — with the […]

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2020 ELECTION/ANTIFA/CIVIL UNREST/FBI/JOE BIDEN/PROTESTS/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “These are Biden fools. ANTIFA RADICALS. Get them FBI, and get them now! RT @KittyLists Archive, Abraham Lincoln Statue – Portland https://twitter.com/i/status/1315530755989147654“ ––Donald Trump, Twitter.com, October 12, 2020 1:41 am […]

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AFRICAN AMERICANS: “And I say the fact is that I’ve done more for the black community than any president since Abraham Lincoln. I say it. Nobody can dispute it. Nobody can dispute it. It’s true. Nobody can dispute it.” -Donald Trump, “Remarks by President Trump at a Peaceful Protest for Law and Order,” whitehouse.gov, Oct. […]

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AFRICAN AMERICANS: “We have tremendous Black community support, men and women, by the way, because I’ve done more for the Black community than any president except Abraham Lincoln. And it’s true. What I’ve done for criminal justice reform, opportunity zones, historically black colleges and universities, nobody’s ever done what I’ve done, prison reform, nobody’s ever […]

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AFRICAN AMERICANS/POLITICAL FIGURES: “Nobody has done more for the Black community than any president, I would say, with the exception of Abraham Lincoln. And people sort of say, ‘I guess he’s right about that.’” -Donald Trump, “Trump discusses expected female Supreme Court nominee, civil unrest in exclusive FOX TV Stations interview,” fox2detroit.com, Sep. 22, 2020 […]

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TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “I’m doing things that nobody thought were possible and I’m getting them done. They can’t believe that I’m getting them done. Do you know who they say had the worst press of any president ever to serve, the Great Abraham Lincoln. They say that Abraham Lincoln got the worst press. I said, […]

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2016 ELECTION/POLITICAL FIGURES/STATUES: “You know, I came to Washington [after winning the 2016 election]… And all of a sudden I’m riding down Pennsylvania Avenue and I’m with a beautiful woman on my right named Melania. Think of this. And I had about 400 motorcycles in front of me. And we’re in a cavalcade of about […]

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GOP/POLITICAL FIGURES: “It’s a beautiful thing to see what’s happening with the Republican Party. And remember it’s the party of Abraham Lincoln. A lot of people forget that. Abraham Lincoln was a Republican. The other side likes to try and claim him, big disinformation, but they can’t get away with that one.” -Donald Trump via […]

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GOP: “Remember this, we’re the party of Abraham Lincoln. A lot of people forget that. Honestly. Remember when they used to say, ‘he doesn’t act presidential’? And I used to say, ‘It’s so easy to be presidential.’ I’d only have about 10 or 15 people here. You’d be bored. But remember I used to do […]

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POLITICAL FIGURES/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “And nobody has been through what I’ve been through as president of the United States, nobody. They used to say Abraham Lincoln got the worst press. I said, ‘There’s no way he got worse than me.’ But Lincoln was very, very badly treated by the fake news. Maybe in his case, […]

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AFRICAN AMERICANS/OBAMA/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “Obama didn’t give them criminal justice reform. I did. Obama didn’t give them opportunity zones. I did. Obama didn’t do all of the things – didn’t say – Obama could have saved the historically black colleges and universities. He didn’t do anything for them. He didn’t do anything for them. I’ve […]

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AFRICAN AMERICANS/JOE BIDEN: “Joe Biden spent the last 47 years betraying the African American community. I’ve spent the last four years delivering for the African American community like nobody, with the exception possibly of Abraham Lincoln, has delivered before. It’s true.” -Donald Trump as quoted by Rev, “Donald Trump New Hampshire Rally Speech Transcript August […]

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GOP/NOMINATIONS: “My fellow Americans, tonight, with a heart full of gratitude and boundless optimism, I profoundly accept this nomination for president of the United States. The Republican Party, the party of Abraham Lincoln, goes forward united, determined and ready to welcome millions of Democrats, independents and anyone who believes in the greatness of America and […]

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AFRICAN AMERICANS/POLITICAL FIGURES: “I say very modestly that I have done more for the African-American community than any president since Abraham Lincoln, our first Republican president. And I have done more in three years for the Black community than Joe Biden has done in 47 years.” -Donald Trump in an Aug. 27, 2020 speech, “Full […]

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AFRICAN AMERICANS/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “I think I’ve done more for the black community than any other president other president other than perhaps Abraham Lincoln. I think it’s true with criminal justice reform and opportunity zones and all of the things I’ve done, prison reform. I mean, what I’ve done is more than anybody else. I don’t […]

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AFRICAN AMERICANS/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “I did criminal justice reform, I was able to get funding for the historically black colleges and universities, longterm financing. I have done more for the black community than any other president, except for maybe Abraham Lincoln. It’s true. And nobody ever says anything differently. Opportunities, I did all of it.” […]

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AFRICAN AMERICANS/OBAMA/CIVIL RIGHTS: “If you look at what I’ve done for colleges, for Black colleges and universities, I got them funding, Obama never did it. I did more for the Black community than anybody with the possible exception of Abraham Lincoln, whether you like it or not. People say, ‘Oh, that’s interesting.’” [Jonathan Swan: “You really […]

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AFRICAN AMERICANS/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “Nobody has done more for African-Americans than I have. Criminal justice reform, opportunities zones, historically black [colleges] – if you look at the size of the university, big or small, the size of the college, big or small, I did things that nobody else has ever done for them. And frankly, […]

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GOP: “Republicans are the party of LIBERTY, EQUALITY and JUSTICE for ALL. We are the Party of Abraham Lincoln and the party of LAW AND ORDER!“ –Donald Trump, Twitter.com, June 20, 2020 4:59 pm […]

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AFRICAN AMERICANS/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “I think I’ve done more for the black community than any other president. And let’s take a pass on Abraham Lincoln, because he did good. Although it’s always questionable, you know, in other words, the end result.” [Harris Faulkner: “Well, we are free, Mr. President. He did pretty well.”] “We are […]

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AGRICULTURE/CHINA/CORONAVIRUS/COVID-19/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “[M]y administration is launching a sweeping new initiative: the Coronavirus Food Assistance Program. Through this effort, we are providing $19 billion to support our nation’s agricultural producers, maintain the health of our critical food supply chains, and provide food assistance to American families. Nineteen billion dollars… I’ll tell you, you can go […]

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2016 ELECTION/2A/GOP/JOHN MCCAIN/KELLYANNE CONWAY/MILITARY/MITT ROMNEY/REAGAN/SUPREME COURT/TAXES: “A group of RINO Republicans who failed badly 12 years ago, then again 8 years ago, and then got BADLY beaten by me, a political first timer, 4 years ago, have copied (no imagination) the concept of an ad from Ronald Reagan, ‘Morning in America’, doing everything possible to…. […]

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MEDIA: “Look, I am greeted with a hostile press the likes of which no president has ever seen. The closest would be that gentleman right up there. They always said Lincoln — nobody got treated worse than Lincoln. I believe I am treated worse. You’re there. You see those press conferences. They come at me […]

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AFRICAN AMERICANS/POLITICAL FIGURES: “People don’t realize, you know, if you go back to the Civil War, it was the Republicans that really did the thing. Lincoln was a Republican. I mean, somehow it changed over the years, and I will say I really believe it’s changing back. Remember, I was going to get no black […]

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