NFL/PROTESTS: “I’m not into football so much anymore if you want to know the truth… love people that honor our anthem and honor our flag and honor our country… We want people that love our country. We don’t want this part. If a player’s making $25 million a year doing something he’d be doing anyway […]

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CHILDREN/EDUCATION/NFL: “We will stop the radical indoctrination of our students and restore patriotic education to our schools. We will teach our children to love our country, honor our history, and always respect our great American flag. Are you listening NFL? Are you listening NFL? And we will live by the timeless words of our national […]

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TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “We are deeply moved to be joined this afternoon by World War Two veterans… Our task today is to pass on to the next generation the blessings of liberty that you fought for and that you bled for — all for security. You wanted to secure our future, you wanted to praise […]

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NFL/SPORTS: “I want to say that I want college football to come back. These are strong, healthy, incredible people… And, you know, I just want to say — it’s sort of sad because I’d been fighting for football to come back. We’re trying to help the NFL, as long as they stand for our National […]

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NFL/SPORTS: “But I won’t watch [football], I won’t watch if people don’t stand for the National Anthem. If they kneel, I don’t watch, including the Super Bowl. With that being said, we’re helping the NFL greatly on getting going, etc., etc. But I won’t care and I won’t watch if they don’t stand for the […]

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NBA/NFL/SPORTS: “You look at the NBA and what’s happening with the NBA and their poor ratings. I don’t know; can’t imagine why. But they didn’t stand, they didn’t show respect to our flag… The NFL had its problems, two years ago, when that happened. They went way down in their ratings and their fans, and […]

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NFL/PROTESTS/SPORTS: “I think when you have people kneeling, there are plenty of places you can protest, you don’t have to protest when they’re raising the flag and playing the national anthem. And when they’re kneeling during the national anthem, I’m not a watcher.” -Donald Trump as quoted by Factbase, “Interview: Geraldo Rivera Interviews Donald Trump […]

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SPORTS: “[W]hen I see people kneeling during the playing and disrespecting our flag and disrespecting our national anthem, what I do personally is turn off the game. And the ratings for the basketball are way down, if you know. And I hear some others are way down, too, including baseball because all of a sudden […]

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SPORTS: [Reporter: “A couple years ago you were very vocal about kneeling for the national anthem. Now, it seems that standing is the new kneeling in that only three players in the NBA… are actually standing for our nation’s anthem.”] “I think it’s disgraceful. We work with them. We work with them very hard trying […]

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