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NFL/PROTESTS: “I’m not into football so much anymore if you want to know the truth… love people that honor our anthem and honor our flag and honor our country… We want people that love our country. We don’t want this part. If a player’s making $25 million a year doing something he’d be doing anyway on the weekend, OK, because he loves playing football.

And if somebody’s making $10 million for blocking or $25 million for throwing, and they say what a horrible country you are living, we can’t do that. We can’t do it and you know what, I want them to protest. I think if they want to protest, they can. And there’s reason, there’s always reason to protest. They can, but not then and not sitting on a knee instead of standing proudly with your hand on your heart.”

-Donald Trump via NBC News, “Trump Holds Campaign Rally In Nevada | NBC News,” YouTube.com, Oct. 18, 2020