CORONAVIRUS: [Savannah Guthrie: “Do you support herd immunity as a strategy [on coronavirus]? Essentially, just let people get sick?”] “The cure can not be worse than the problem itself. We did the right thing. We were expected to lose 2,200,000 people, and maybe more than that. We’re at 210,000 people. One person is too much, […]

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CORONAVIRUS/VACCINES: [George Stephanopoulos: “You were saying it [coronavirus] was going to disappear.”] “It is going to disappear. It’s going to disappear, I still say it.” [George Stephanopoulos: “But not if we don’t take action, correct?”] “No, I still say it. It’s going to disappear, George… It would go away without the vaccine, George, but it’s […]

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CORONAVIRUS/TRUMP ADMIN: “One of President Trump’s top medical advisers is urging the White House to embrace a controversial ‘herd immunity’ strategy to combat the pandemic, which would entail allowing the coronavirus to spread through most of the population to quickly build resistance to the virus, while taking steps to protect those in nursing homes and […]

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CORONAVIRUS/COVID-19/RALLY: [Michael C. Bender: “So it’s okay if your supporters wear masks at the rally?”] “Absolutely. They can wear them or not. I want them to be happy. We’re gonna have a good time. Yeah, I want them to be happy.” [Michael C. Bender: “What happens if your supporters get sick at one of these […]

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