CORONAVIRUS: [Savannah Guthrie: “Do you support herd immunity as a strategy [on coronavirus]? Essentially, just let people get sick?”]

“The cure can not be worse than the problem itself. We did the right thing. We were expected to lose 2,200,000 people, and maybe more than that. We’re at 210,000 people. One person is too much, it should have never happened because of China. It happened because of China. And you have to get that and understand that. But it shouldn’t have happened. But we were expected to lose, if you look at the original charts from original doctors who are respected by everybody, 2,200,00 people.”

[Savannah Guthrie: “The 2 million figure is if you did absolutely nothing, it would be 2 million. The question is, should the deaths be better than 200,000, when—“]

“I don’t know, let me tell you what is happening. I left North Carolina, which I love. I left Pennsylvania. We won a big case in Michigan because that governor has a lockdown where nobody but her husband can do anything. He can go boating and do whatever he wants, but nobody else can. The fact is we’re winning all these cases because it’s unconstitutional what they’re doing. And I think they’re doing it for political reasons. But the fact is the cure— you can’t let this continue to go on with the lockdowns.”

-Donald Trump via CNBC Television, “NBC News hosts town hall with President Trump — 10/15/2020,” YouTube.com, Oct. 15, 2020