VETS: “Secretary David Shulkin on Wednesday [5-31-17] briefed reporters about changes at the Department of Veterans Affairs, putting a different face behind the White House podium as top aides consider reshaping the way the Trump administration briefs the press daily. Sean Spicer, the aide usually tasked with going camera before reporters, also stepped behind the […]

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VETS: “We are making tremendous progress with the V. A. There has never been so much done so quickly, and we have just started. We love our VETS!” -Donald Trump, Twitter.com, April 28, 2017 07:15am […]

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TRUMP EXEC ORDERS/VA/VETS: ” ‘Improving Accountability and Whistleblower Protection’ The order is aimed at improving accountability within the Department of Veterans Affairs, which found itself at the center of a 2014 controversy in which dozens of veterans reportedly died while on the wait list for medical care. The order directs Veterans Affairs Secretary David Shulkin […]

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VETS: “Getting ready to visit Walter Reed Medical Center with Melania. Looking forward to seeing our bravest and greatest Americans!” -Donald Trump, Twitter.com, April 22, 2017 11:05am […]

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TRUMP AS PRESIDENT/VETS: “President Donald Trump signed an extension of a Department of Veterans Affairs law on Wednesday to continue a program that helps veterans seek health care outside the VA system. The original legislation, commonly known as the Veterans Choice Act, was slated to expire in August. The measure signed Wednesday by Mr. Trump […]

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VETS: “It was an honor to host our American heroes from the @WWP #SoldierRideDC at the @WhiteHouse today with @FLOTUS, @VP… https://t.co/u5AI1pupVV” -Donald Trump, Twitter.com, April 6, 2017 01:30pm […]

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VETS: “Looking forward to hosting our heroes from the Wounded Warrior Project (@WWP) Soldier Ride to the @WhiteHouse on Thursday!” -Donald Trump, Twitter.com, April 3, 2017 12:56pm […]

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DONALD ON DONALD/VA/VETS: “Our great VETERANS are being treated very badly because of corruption and incompetence at the V.A. That will stop, I will fix this quickly!”  – 12/25/2015, Donald Trump, Twitter.com, 12/25/2015 […]

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DONALD ON DONALD/VA/VETS: “Our great veterans are being treated very badly because of corruption and incompetence at the VA. That will stop. I will fix this quickly!”  – “The Promises of President-Elect Donald Trump, in His Own Words,” Bloomberg.com, Nov. 10, 2016, Josh Eidelson and Dimitra Kessenides, 12/25/2015 […]

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BORDER/DONALD ON DONALD/VETS: “Vets mistreated, NO border security? I’m with @V4SA this Tuesday 9/15 to #MakeAmericasMilitaryGreatAgain! Join us! http://t.co/oiPQsJt7fh”  – Sept. 14, 2015, Donald Trump, Twitter.com, 9/14/2015 […]

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POLITICAL FIGURES/VETS: “The Veterans Administration is in shambles and our veterans are suffering greatly. John McCain has done nothing to help them but talk.”  – 7/19/2015, Donald Trump, Twitter.com, 7/19/2015 […]

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DONALD ON DONALD/VA/VETS: “I have a proven track record supporting our Veterans. Veterans deserve universal access to care. VA scandal proves politicians are inept.”  – 7/18/2015, Donald Trump, Twitter.com, 7/18/2015 […]

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IMMIGRATION/VA/VETS: “It’s a national embarrassment that an illegal immigrant can walk across the border and receive free health care and one of our Veterans…. ….that has served our country is put on a waiting list and gets no care.”  – 7/18/2015, Donald Trump, Twitter.com, 7/18/2015 […]

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POLITICAL FIGURES/VETS: “The Veterans of our country have been treated like third class citizens for many years… ….John McCain has failed miserably to fix the situation and to make it possible for Veterans to successfully manage their lives.”  – 7/18/2015, Donald Trump, Twitter.com, 7/18/2015 […]

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POLITICAL FIGURES/VA/VETS: “One of the reasons I am no fan of John McCain is that our Vets are being treated so badly by him and the politicians. I will fix VA quickly.”  – 7/18/2015, Donald Trump, Twitter.com, 7/18/2015 […]

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VETS: “Thoughts and prayers to the families of the four great Marines killed today.”  – 7/16/2015, Donald Trump, Twitter.com, 7/16/2015 […]

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MILITARY/PARTIES/VETS: “Obama and Republicans are hollowing out our military. Now want to cut troop levels. Lowest level in over 20 years.”  – 7/9/2015, Donald Trump, Twitter.com, 7/9/2015 […]

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BORDER/VETS: “My message, MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN, is beginning to take hold. Bring back our jobs, strengthen our military and borders, help our VETS!”  – 6/24/2015, Donald Trump, Twitter.com, 6/24/2015 […]

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VETS: “Our nation has a duty to care for our vets & their families. It’s time to do it! Let’s Make America Great Again! https://t.co/u25yI5T7E8”  – 6/5/2015, Donald Trump, Twitter.com, 6/5/2015 […]

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VETS: “On this Memorial Day holiday, we honor our fallen soldiers who have made the greatest sacrifice for freedom. They are our country’s finest.”  – 5/22/2015, Donald Trump, Twitter.com, 5/22/2015 […]

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HEALTHCARE/VETS: “We have a sacred duty to care for our vets and their families. Our Vets are owed full access to healthcare anytime & anywhere!”  – 4/16/2015, Donald Trump, Twitter.com, 4/16/2015 […]

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VETS: “We have a sacred duty to care for our vets and their families. Veterans deserve universal access to care anywhere and anytime!”  – 3/30/2015, Donald Trump, Twitter.com, 3/30/2015 […]

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BUDGET/MILITARY/VETS: “The new Congress must restore military spending & stop Obama budget cuts. Also, hold Obama accountable on the VA.”  – 11/6/2014, Donald Trump, Twitter.com, trumptwitterarchive.com, 11/6/2014 […]

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GOVERNMENT/IMMIGRATION/VETS: “Why is Washington ready to spend billions on care for illegals while our VA is still in shambles? Vets should be the priority.”  – 7/23/2014, Donald Trump, Twitter.com, trumptwitterarchive.com, 7/23/2014 […]

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SCANDAL/VETS: “The VA scandal will only get worse over the time. Our vets deserve the best care possible. We must be open to private solutions.”  – 6/16/2014, Donald Trump, Twitter.com, trumptwitterarchive.com, 6/16/2014 […]

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IMMIGRATION/VETS: “It would be nice if our commander-in-chief was as concerned for our Veterans health as he is for illegal immigrants becoming citizens.”  – 6/3/2014, Donald Trump, Twitter.com, trumptwitterarchive.com, 6/3/2014 […]

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HATERS/VETS: “Happy Veterans Day to ALL, in particular to the haters and losers who have no idea how lucky they are!!!”  – 11/11/2013, Donald Trump, Twitter.com, trumptwitterarchive.com, 11/11/2013 […]

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IRAN/OBAMA/VETS: “Obama is tougher on WWII vets wanting to visit a DC memorial than Iran. He needs to show respect to our vets and not play games.”  – 10/7/2013, Donald Trump, Twitter.com, trumptwitterarchive.com, 10/7/2013 […]

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VETS: “Memorial Day is a time to honor our nation’s finest who made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom. God bless them all.”  – 5/24/2013, Donald Trump, Twitter.com, trumptwitterarchive.com, 5/24/2013 […]

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VETS: “Are you expanding your business? Interview returning soldiers. Give them strong consideration. Their sacrifices deserve it.”  – 4/1/2013, Donald Trump, Twitter.com, trumptwitterarchive.com, 4/1/2013 […]

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SOCIAL SERVICES/VETS: “SEAL who shot Bin Laden is unemployed & can’t feed his family Everyone can get welfare but this SEAL can’t eat!” http://t.co/hENySoiT  – Twitter.com, Feb 12, 2013, Donald Trump, 2/12/2013 […]

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CONGRESS/VETS: “Glad to see 9 more Iraq and Afghan war veterans joining the next Congress http://t.co/0u2yJbfs They deserve to be there!” [4:24:56 PM]  – 11/26/2012, Donald Trump, Twitter.com, Trumptwitterarchive.com, 11/26/2012 […]

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VETS: “Yesterday was Veterans Day. I hope our armed service members felt appropriately honored. This nation loves and respects all of you.” [3:14:39 PM]  – 11/12/2012, Donald Trump, Twitter.com, Trumptwitterarchive.com, 11/12/2012 […]

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DEMS/RUSSIA/VETS: “No surprise. @DNC displayed Russian ships in tribute to vets http://t.co/Q6BpWj0I Did they mean to honor the Russians?” [3:49:23 PM]  – Sept. 12, 2012, Donald Trump, Twitter.com, Trumptwitterarchive.com, 9/12/2012 […]

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VETS: “NYC should hold a parade for returning Iraq and Afghanistan veterans.” [1:57:29 PM]  – 12/30/2011, Donald Trump, Twitter.com, Trumptwitterarchive.com, Twitlonger.com, 12/30/2011 […]

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MILITARY/VETS: “To the brave men and women, past and present, in our armed services- best wishes on Veterans Day.” [3:48:32 PM]  – 11/11/2011, Donald Trump, Twitter.com, Trumptwitterarchive.com, 11/11/2011 […]

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