CHINA/CORONAVIRUS/COVID-19/DEMS/JOE BIDEN: “The Democrats would not have BANNED travel from heavily infected China, especially so early, therefore, far more people would have died. Corrupt Joe Biden now admits this!!!“ ––Donald Trump, Twitter.com, July 6, 2020 8:44 am   […]

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2A/GOP/MILITARY/POLLS/SUPREME COURT/VETS: “95% Approval Rating of President Trump in the Republican Party. I would imagine the 5% are the RINOS’ and stupid people who don’t want to see great Judges & Supreme Court Justice’s, a new & powerful Military, Choice for Vets, 2A Protection, big RegulationCuts, Life, & much more!“ –Donald Trump, Twitter.com, June 29, […]

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JOHN BOLTON/HILLARY CLINTON: “Washed up Creepster John Bolton is a lowlife who should be in jail, money seized, for disseminating, for profit, highly Classified information. Remember what they did to the young submarine sailor, but did nothing to Crooked Hillary. I ended up pardoning him – It wasn’t fair!“ –Donald Trump, Twitter.com, June 23, 2020 […]

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JOHN BOLTON/TRUMP PEOPLE: “I gave John Bolton, who was incapable of being Senate confirmed because he was considered a wacko, and was not liked, a chance. I always like hearing differing points of view. He turned out to be grossly incompetent, and a liar. See judge’s opinion. CLASSIFIED INFORMATION!!!“ –Donald Trump, Twitter.com, June 22, 2020 […]

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NEW YORK/PROTESTS: “Yesterday was a bad day for the Cuomo Brothers. New York was lost to the looters, thugs, Radical Left, and all others forms of Lowlife & Scum. The Governor refuses to accept my offer of a dominating National Guard. NYC was ripped to pieces. Likewise, Fredo’s ratings are down 50%!”   –Donald Trump, […]

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