FAKE NEWS/MEDIA/TECHNOLOGY/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “Who is [former government official] Miles Taylor? Said he was ‘anonymous’, but I don’t know him – never even heard of him. Just another @nytimes SCAM – he worked in conjunction with them. Also worked for Big Tech’s @Google. Now works for Fake News @CNN. They should fire, shame, and punish […]

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MEDIA/TECHNOLOGY: “So, we just sued Google yesterday, the government, in a big, big deal. And nobody’s ever seen it like they have over the last week, because we have a situation where they’re trying to protect… Whether you call them or not call them a corrupt family, the whole Biden thing, where they wouldn’t put […]

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DOJ/TECHNOLOGY/TRUMP ADMIN: “The Justice Department accused Google of maintaining an illegal monopoly over search and search advertising in a lawsuit filed on Tuesday [Oct. 20, 2020], the government’s most significant legal challenge to a tech company’s market power in a generation… The Trump administration has attacked Google, which owns YouTube, and other online platform companies, […]

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MISC: “.@NBCNews is facing considerable backlash for pushing @Google to remove Conservative sites from its ad platform.“ –Donald Trump, Twitter.com, June 18, 2020 2:48 am […]

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EXECUTIVE ORDER/SOCIAL MEDIA/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT/TWITTER: “A small handful of powerful social media monopolies controls a vast portion of all public and private communications in the United States… They’ve had unchecked power to censor, restrict, edit, shape, hide, alter virtually any form of communication between private citizens and large public audiences… The choices that Twitter makes […]

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FACEBOOK/SOCIAL MEDIA/TWITTER: “So something is happening with those groups of folks that are running Facebook and Google and Twitter. And I do think we have to get to the bottom of it. It’s very fair — it’s collusive, and it’s very, very fair to say that we have to do something about it. And if […]

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