MEDIA/TECHNOLOGY: “So, we just sued Google yesterday, the government, in a big, big deal. And nobody’s ever seen it like they have over the last week, because we have a situation where they’re trying to protect… Whether you call them or not call them a corrupt family, the whole Biden thing, where they wouldn’t put it on…

Nobody’s ever seen anything like it because it’s the exact opposite of freedom of the press. I mean, it, it really is. It’s the exact opposite. And I think they’ve hurt themselves unbelievably, and we have a section 230, you know that. That’s gives them a tremendous power, a power given to them by the government. But it’s a power that can’t be abused, and they’ve abused it. So, we’ll see what happens.”

-Donald Trump, “Video: Jason Whitlock Sits down with President Trump,” outkick.com, Oct. 21, 2020