2016 ELECTION/QUOTE/RUSSIA INVESTIGATION/SENATE: ” ‘Senate Intelligence Panel found absolutely no evidence of collusion. There was no evidence that the Trump campaign conspired with the Russian government to influence 2016, affirming the findings of other investigations.’ Daily Caller“ ––Donald Trump, Twitter.com, August 18, 2020 6:40 pm […]

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MICHAEL FLYNN/ROBERT MUELLER/NANCY PELOSI/RUSSIA/CHUCK SCHUMER/JEFF SESSIONS/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT/TRUMP PEOPLE: “[W]e have Schumer and Pelosi and people that are bad people that I honestly believe don’t love our country. What they do to our country and what they’ve done with this scam — the whole scam. Flynn is a piece of it. The Mueller scam. Now […]

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DEMS/IMPEACHMENT/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “There is no basis whatsoever for impeachment. None. There was no collusion. There was no obstruction. There was no crime. The crime was by the Democrats. The crime was by the Democrats. There is no legal basis for impeachment. It’s a big witch hunt. Everybody knows it, including the Democrats.” -Donald Trump, […]

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2016 ELECTION/RUSSIA: “Russia did not help me get elected… You know who got me elected? You know who got me elected? I got me elected. Russia didn’t help me at all. Russia, if anything, I think, helped the other side.” -Donald Trump, “Remarks by President Trump Before Marine One Departure,” whitehouse.gov, May 30, 2019 […]

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ROBERT MUELLER/RUSSIA INVESTIGATION: “I have not seen the Mueller report. I have not read the Mueller report. I won. No collusion. No obstruction. I won. Everybody knows I won. And the pros knew it was illegally started. The whole thing was illegal. I have not read the Mueller report. I haven’t seen the Mueller report. […]

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RUSSIA INVESTIGATION: “So, after a long look, after a long investigation, after so many people have been so badly hurt, after not looking at the other side where a lot of bad things happened, a lot of horrible things happened, a lot of very bad things happened for our country — it was just announced […]

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INVESTIGATIONS/ROBERT MUELLER: [Reporter: “Do you know when the Mueller report will be released, Mr. President?”] “I have no idea. No collusion. No collusion. I have no idea when it’s going to be released. It’s interesting that a man gets appointed by a deputy; he writes a report. You know — never figured that one out. […]

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DEVIN NUNES/PAUL MANAFORT/RUSSIA: “I feel very badly for Paul Manafort. I think it’s been a very, very tough time for him. But if you notice, both his lawyer — a highly respected man and a very highly respected judge — the judge said there was no collusion with Russia. It’s had nothing to do with […]

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RUSSIA/JOE BIDEN/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “I mean, here we are, we’re talking about Russian interference in the United States, whether there was collusion between the Trump administration and Russia. That’s obscured a much larger discussion that should be taking place about whether or not what Russia is doing in the rest of the world right now […]

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