ENERGY/MIDDLE EAST/OIL: “We have these massive plants and they are not going to run by wind. And they’re not going to run by solar at this point, and maybe at no point. But we have natural gas, which is really very environmentally friendly. We have all sorts of things. We are the number one in the world now in energy. We’ve done a great job with energy.

And you look at what you are paying, a price per gallon at your car, people are saying it’s unbelievable, they’re paying less than $2 in many cases, and going down, even. And they can’t believe how well we have done. We don’t need to be in the Middle East other than for the protection of Israel. There is no reason to be there from the standpoint of oil.”

-Donald Trump, “Hannity: The latest political smear against President Trump,” foxnews.com, Sep. 9, 2020