MILITARY/SCANDAL: [Sean Hannity: “You got Soleimani, Baghdadi, and associates. You got the al Qaeda leader in Yemen. And you’re pulling America out of long, protracted wars by the use of military technology. But the story [in The Atlantic] is claiming that you disparaged fallen soldiers.”]

“Yeah, it’s a total lie. It’s total disinformation. They put it out, then they do commercials on it. And to think that — nobody that I know could have said those things, looked down at soldiers that have been dead for decades and decades and decades, real heroes. And they made it up. They made up the story.

We have 21 people — I think you probably saw, much more than that if we wanted to, because there were many people there, and the Secret Service wouldn’t let me take the trip because of the dangers of going through very crowded parts of — certain part of Europe, as you know, we’re in Paris, and they wouldn’t let — they said, we can’t do it, because the helicopter couldn’t fly.

It was raining as hard as I’ve ever seen it rain. And it was foggy, so foggy you couldn’t see anything. It was serious Paris fog. And like you couldn’t see anything. So I knew immediately you couldn’t take the helicopter…

There were no sources. They made it up. It’s a bad guy. It’s a bad, failing magazine called ‘The Atlantic,’ and, of course, the media picks it up.”

-Donald Trump, “Hannity: The latest political smear against President Trump,” foxnews.com, Sep. 9, 2020