2020 ELECTION/CRIME/DEMS/ENDORSEMENT/GOP/JOBS: Be smart Baltimore! You have been ripped off for years by the Democrats, & gotten nothing but poverty & crime. It will only get worse UNLESS YOU ELECT KIMBERLY KLACIK TO CONGRESS. She brings with her the power & ECONOMIC STRENGTH OF THE REPUBLICAN PARTY. She works sooo hard….

….Baltimore will turn around, and I will help. Crime will go way down, money and jobs will pour in. Life will be MUCH better because Kimberly really cares. The Dems have had 100 years and they gave you nothing but heartache. Baltimore is the WORST IN NATION, Kimberly will..
….fix it, and fast. The current recipient has no chance, and won’t even try. As I have often said, Baltimore is last in everything, WHAT THE HELL DO YOU HAVE TO LOSE! Kimberly is fully Endorsed by me, something I do not do lightly. Take advantage of it and MAKE BALTIMORE GREAT!

Donald Trump, Twitter.com, September 6, 2020 12:29 am