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DHS/PROTESTS: “Portland has been burning for many years. For decades, it’s been burning…

Now, we sent in Homeland Security. The reason we sent them in was to protect our courthouse. We have a $300 million courthouse, and they wanted to blow up our courthouse or burn it down. Take your choice, blow it up or burn it down, they said. And I said, no, no, that’s not happening. So they wouldn’t protect it because the Mayor said – he doesn’t care. So we sent in our Homeland people. They did a great job. Immediately – Homeland Security. Immediately, it was protected. And that’s the only reason they were there.

I’ve offered to send in the National Guard. I’ve offered to send in anybody they want. I could put that out in 45 minutes and it would stop.”

-Donald Trump, “President Trump joins Laura Ingraham to discuss violence in Democrat-run cities, planned visit to Kenosha,” foxnews.com, Aug. 31, 2020