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GOP/HEALTHCARE/OBAMACARE(ACA)/PRE-EXISTING CONDITIONS/TEXAS: [Speaker 24: “Your administration is backing a lawsuit to invalidate the Affordable Care Act. So given that people are losing their jobs now and need healthcare more than ever, would you consider rethinking your position on that?”] “Well, that’s a lawsuit coming out of Texas again, that was headed up by Texas, and what we want to do is get rid of the bad healthcare and put in a great healthcare, and we will always, I will say this, I can make this commitment to you, the Republican party is fully backing preexisting conditions. Now, if we could get a great healthcare plan, which would need the House to do, but if we can get a great healthcare plan, we will only do it if we have preexisting conditions totally backed. So we’re back in preexisting, but we’d like to get rid of bad health healthcare. Now, we are running the bad healthcare much better than it was ever run and we’re making it better. But it could be much better than it is. And so what we want to do is terminate it, have a great healthcare, but we will only do it with preexisting. We will back preexisting conditions.”

-Donald Trump as quoted by Rev, “Donald Trump Coronavirus Task Force Briefing Transcript March 22: National Guard Activated in New York, California and Washington state,” rev.com, March 22, 2020