ASIA/CHINA/TARIFFS/TRADE WAR/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT/VIETNAM: “President Donald Trump’s tariffs are driving some manufacturing out of China, but much of it remains outside of the United States. Instead, a number of other countries are benefiting from Trump’s trade war, according to data released by the Census Bureau on Thursday [6-6-19]. US imports from Vietnam are up 38% during the first four months of 2019, compared to last year — suggesting that US importers are finding ways to buy from suppliers there. Imports have also increased by 22% from Taiwan, 17% from South Korea, and 13% from Bangladesh, the government data shows. Americans are importing about 12% less from China, a shift that comes after a year of inconclusive trade negotiations. Trump has lately expanded his trade war to include Mexico, which he’s threatened with 5% tariffs starting on Monday. Tariffs are paid by importers, who can choose to eat the costs or pass them on to consumers, though in some cases overseas manufacturers cut their prices, too. The President has repeatedly claimed that his tariffs will prompt manufacturers to bring production back to the US, a core campaign promise.”

Katie Lobosco, “US imports from Vietnam and other countries rise amid China trade war,” CNN Politics, CNN.com, June 6, 2019 6:35 pm