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IMMIGRATION/MELANIA/TRUMP FAMILY: “Donald Trump announced Tuesday evening that his wife will hold a news conference ‘;over the next couple of weeks’ to address reports that she violated immigration laws when she first came to the U.S…

‘They said my wife, Melania, might have come in illegally. Can you believe that one?’ Donald Trump told his supporters Tuesday. ‘Let me tell you one thing. She has got it so documented, so she’s going to have a little news conference over the next couple of weeks. That’s good. I love it. I love it.’…

On the stump Tuesday in North Carolina, Donald Trump added that he advised his wife to “let it simmer for a little while” before holding a news conference to correct the record.

‘Let them go wild. Let it simmer, and then let’s have a little news conference and have some fun,’ Trump said.”

-Jeremy Diamond, “Melania Trump will address immigration controversy, Donald Trump says,” cnn.com, Aug. 9, 2016