2024 ELECTION: “On Truth Social, Trump referenced a tweet published July 2 that shows results from two separate polls of potential 2024 GOP candidates. One poll conducted on May 18 showed Trump with a 41 percent to 12 percent lead over potential GOP candidate, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis in a hypothetical matchup. ‘With all the […]

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2022 MIDTERM/2024 ELECTION/FLORIDA: “Donald Trump in recent months has been telling confidants that he may launch his 2024 presidential campaign early — and that he’s considering launching it in Florida to stick it to Gov. Ron DeSantis. Trump has kicked around staging a large, flashy launch rally (with fireworks, of course) that would announce his […]

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2024 ELECTION/POLITICAL FIGURES: “Donald Trump is trashing Ron DeSantis in private as an ingrate with a ‘dull personality’ and no realistic chance of beating him in a potential 2024 showdown, according to sources who’ve recently talked to the former president about the Florida governor. Why it matters: The two are among the most popular Republicans […]

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2024 ELECTION/FLORIDA/POLITICAL FIGURES: “Former President Trump on Thursday [Apr. 29, 2021] said he would consider tapping Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) as his running mate should he make a comeback presidential bid in 2024… Trump has not yet definitively said if he will run for president again, keeping a slew of possible GOP presidential hopefuls […]

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CORONAVIRUS/COVID-19/DEMS: “So, what’s happening is the Democrats have come to us… They want to help the states. They want help — bailouts. And, you know, bailouts are very tough. And they happen to be Democrat states. It’s California. It’s New York. It’s Illinois. You start with those three. And the Republican states are in strong […]

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EDUCATION/FLORIDA/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “Gov. Ron DeSantis wants to leverage a tax incentive championed by President Donald Trump to launch a five-fold expansion of charter schools in the state. Some 250 Florida communities could be candidates for the new charter schools under the DeSantis plan. The DeSantis budget proposed linking the state‘s Schools of Hope program […]

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